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ITP: 'Tis only a flesh wound

Characters: Saber Lily; open
Setting: All throughout the tower.
Format: Prose. Will follow what you reply with.
Summary: Arturia is in D Group and being made to do things while screaming in her head the entire time. It's almost like being a Counter Guardian again.
Warnings: Brainwashing, violence character death, and so on.
Note: If you want your character to die please let me know in the subject header of your first comment.

[A: Various ]
Her body ached. Arturia had dealt with worse pain in her life: broken bones, stabbings, near disembowelment, the very surreal experience of Excalibur being stabbed through her own gut, the general exhaustion after a long war. This was different. This was her very skin being tugged on, pulled at, as if it were several sizes too small.

Which was true. She had armor grafted to her skin, black as Lancelot's had been in the war, and a sword sheathed at her side that was not Caliburn. The sensation was like her skin should rip itself off at any moment, but simply did not have the space to thanks to the armor holding it together. Painful, yes, but not the worst pain she had experienced. That part she could deal with. It was the fact she could not control her body at all that unsettled her.

Despite whatever Jason had done to her to make her body walk these halls her mind was still hers. For that she was grateful. At least she could still think, much as she despised the current situation. This hit too close to home, too close to those memories of screaming and ohgodmakeitstop in the back of her mind. If she'd been able to, she would have screamed when the first thing she'd done upon awakening had been to throw the piece of the Round Table she'd been given into the incinerator. Her one reminder, her one clue that she still existed somehow in her world was gone now. Was this why it'd been given to her in the first place? If so, then damn Jason. Damn him to hell.

What would be a true test would be if she came across someone else. If she were made to attack them, if she were once again little more than a killing machine with no will of her own, then this would truly be hell. Hopefully she could hold herself back long enough to keep from hurting anyone.

Spoilers: she won't

[B: Dormitories]
When she next came to, she was at the foot of someone's bed. Arturia started at the realization but found she could not move her feet. It was troubling, bringing up far too many memories of her time before the Tower, but at least she was not being forced to attack. At least she was not being forced to do anything she did not want to do.

Watching over someone at their bedside while they slept was fine. She found she could make tiny shifts in her stance to try to relieve the constant tug and pull of the metal grafted to her. It wasn't much, but at least she had some form of freedom. That might change when the person awoke, but for now she enjoyed the small reprieve she had from what had been done to her.

[Addendum: 4/21/2013. Event fallout to avoid spamming the main comm.]

[C: Dorm Hall, by the terminal]
For once, Arturia wanted to simply sleep, to lay still after being forced to move for so long against her will. Her body ached from the surgery, phantoms of pain lacing through her skin from where it had pulled. She never thought she would feel grateful for the lightness of the dress she'd been forced to wear, but after having that armor grafted to her skin.

But she at least had to check on the state of the Tower after so much chaos. The best way to do that was the Network. So Arturia heaved herself out of bed, did not bother to put on her shoes or do more to her hair than run a comb through it, and headed into the hall. The terminals were located at the end of the hallway. It wouldn't hurt to check.

....naturally, it turned out there was yet more sinister things going on with Jason's experiment. Arturia sighed wearily, her mind tired. Of course nothing would be that easy. Once she had a chance she would need to ask the others if the information they found down below had been compromised. No sense letting the resistance be discovered. She conversed with a few people for a moment, not quite wanting to move yet and enjoying her freedom yet again. When she finished she turned around to find someone a few feet away from her.

"I'm sorry. Do you wish to use the terminal?" Arturia really did enjoy being able to talk again, even if she sounded as weary as she felt.

[D: Dorm 3-17]

And then she spent the day languishing in bed, for once simply wishing to rest. She could check up on the others tomorrow, after she didn't feel ready to fall over. The only time she got up was when someone inevitably knocked on her door and she forced herself up to get it.


[E: Various; Shortest prompts ever.]

And now that she had had her moment of rest, she dressed properly, put her hair in its now-customary tail, and began to walk the Tower to ensure those she cared about were safe.
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Media Room deja-vu

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"Looks like you fell victim to our tormentors Saber..." came the shrill voice of the Tiny Master of Evil. Soon enough, he made his way out of the shadows, his glowing, fiery eyes and maw being the first signs that he was there.

"Of course, this is the kind of thing I was telling you about when we met here last. I, kind of expected a better outcome from you though. Even if this won't last forever as per the usual experiments... Well, for your benefit I do hope it's not permanent."
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Veigar smirked. "Surely even now your insides are SCREAMING at yourself for this hm? And yet... It seems our ullustrious keepers have the upper hand once again. Mayhaps this time around you'll take things more seriously."

Not that she never showed utmost dedication to everything she did, but Veigar was not the best at these 'pep talks'.
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She could join the rather long list of 'need to punch Veigar' people!

For now though, Veigar crossed his arms, eyes narrowing.

"I thought you were stronger than this... But I guess not all Sabers can be... Maybe this will prompt a continued seeking of power. It is clear that whatever strengths you had, were not enough to overcome this... this facade!"

He really disliked this whole ordeal. It was an embarrassment! And he wasn't even amongst them! But people he had shown interest in? People in his 'allies' section of his 'care list'? Some of them had fallen to this pathetic experiment and maybe his words were more out of frustration.
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Veigar's eyes narrowed and the aura around him grew dangerous.

"Will you put the damn things down and fight?! Or are you pleased with being a puppet to these wretched so called 'masters' who do nothing by prey on their 'saved' denizens of the Tower?"

He clenched his gauntleted hand around the Black Torch and huffed.

"If you're anything like the other Sabers... I know you have the fight in you. Don't just succumb to this nonsense! We're not mere experiments to be trifled with!"

Maybe there was more to his frustration than he let on...
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Poor Saber :( He wouldn't want to, not an ally, but if he has to, he'll dispatch her quickly.

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Veigar growled. This was stupid! Someone who was strong should be played with! It was disgusting! Degrading! It felt... familiar. And he hated it... loathed it! His very being felt like it was in flames as he moved the Black Torch in front of him and aimed it at Saber.

"I know this is you Administrators... If you can hear... that's a dumb statement, of COURSE you can hear and see this! Know that your lives will be at my mercy when you stop hiding behind your machines..."

Veigar first called upon the cosmic powers to create an Event Horizon around them, pausing time and space in their enclosed area and making it impossible to move... unless you were him.

"Saber... If you cannot fight this, make a move against me. I shall end your suffering... ally."
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His brow twitched and in an instant, powerful energies formed around his hand and just as quickly they left. The blast was unlike anything seen before, it's as if it held the very essences of creation, the primal energies that created universes. Primordial blast felt as if the entire pressure of Veigar's unlimited power melded with the very power of the target in order to create unimaginable damage.

To say the least, it would end in a blink of an eye, much to the Tiny Master of Evil's frustration.

[[ooc: Oh man, this is the first time since his arrival in the Tower where he's had to off an ally. He'll be livid for a while... Thank you! You are awesome!]]
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Sounds good! I'll make sure to track it then! \o/