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Characters: Illya and open
Setting:  Cafeteria  -> Floor 73
Format: Action spams
Summary: Illya, eats, becomes giddy regarding recent events and finds a place that reminds her of home
Warnings: Talk of Illya's relationship with Shirou may come up.

[Lunch was as it always was, eating whatever oddities the Tower had cooked up for the month and quietly wishing the kitchen staff would take a few lessons from a certain friend of hers. The main difference between this meal and those prior was fondly mostly in Illya's mind set. No longer burdened with personal issues, she seems a bit more cheerful and flighty then normal. Even smiling and giggling on occasion as memories of the recent past played themselves out in her head. Lost in her own little world, it is unlikely she would notice anyone or anything going on around her.]

[The snowbound reaches of the Tower's 73rd floor was one that Illya had stumbled upon by accident a few weeks ago. She had returned, this time remembering to bring the purple coat she had been given upon leaving for the Grail War so long ago, simply because it reminded her of home. The old castle, be it ever so crumbled , reminded of not only the castle In Fuyuki where she and Berserker had waged their one time war agaisnt the other masters from, but also the Einzbern family castle in Germany, where she had been raised by her mother and father for the first eight years of her life.

As she strolled through the ruins, making sure not to get stuck in a snow drift or slip on any ice, at times she can't help herself but to cry a little. She had lost so many people dear to her both at home and in the tower that she often tried to block the thought from her waking mind. But being in a place had cause it all to flood back, how her mother had held her when she was a child and the carefree days she had spent chasing after her father in the snowfields of her youth. They were all good memories, but ones that mostly severed to remind her of things that would never come again.

Unwilling to wallow in her memories forever, Illya eventually settles on doing something constructive with all the snow around her. Despite being far weaker then a girl her age should be, she begins putting together piles of snow in a haphazard fashion. Her true intent being to make a snow man to chase away the sad thoughts and just spend the afternoon having a little fun.]

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[There's someone else here—after his arrival earlier this week, David's been using the excessive amount of free time he now has by doing a more careful exploration of the tower. He happens to be on this floor right now—or rather, he's in the air, floating through the drifting snow on bright plumes of plasma.]

[He's not yet spotted the girl playing in the snow, but not too far up. The thrusters on his boots and back aren't making a whole lot of noise, but there is a sort of hushed roar coming from them.]

[He's easily within shouting distance ... or snowball-throwing distance, perhaps.]