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Glamour Failure

Characters: any
Setting: all around the Tower
Format: any/party-style
Summary: A general mingle log for the reaction to the beginning of the Idealism event.
Warnings: PG-13; please include any more detailed warnings in your threads if necessary
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Open | Warning: Potential violence with body horror beings

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[He'd been awake when it happened. David was busy sifting through his trunk and examining his disassembled assault rifle, seeing if all the parts were there and what he'd need to put it back together. The PA announcement, with its list of error codes and failing power systems, spurred him to glance up toward the ceiling. Disconcerting, but ... not as much as the sudden announcement of "glamour systems" failing. In an instant, the assault rifle's pieces turn from metal to film. He gets a good look of himself upon noticing the change—especially after looking up at the nearby mirror.]

[Well, that was enough for him to take a walk.]

[In stark contrast to the way he was flipping out when he first arrived earlier this week, David seems more composed, if angry. He's grumbling to himself as his glowing orange fluid-filled wireframe wanders the floors of the tower, seeing everything for what it truly is, but it seems like this reveal hasn't thrown him for a loop as hard as it might be doing for others. Instead it reminds him a lot of Architect Entertainment. Even everyone's true form here in the Tower is a lot like AE contact holograms to him.]

[But that's also what's got him pissed. Where's his real gear? What did they do with his real body?]

[As much as he'd love to continue pondering that, David's just stumbled upon a problem. The floor he's on, not too far away and possibly about to notice his presence, is a group of Orcs. Not that he'd recognize them as such. They look more like pointy-eared torture victims that barely survived an in-depth tour of a combine harvester.]

[Armed with very real, if low-tech, weapons.]


[So. His suit and all its powered armor is just a bunch of powerless goop, he's little more than a soul in a bendy-wire cage, but these brutish things ... They are still flesh and blood.]

[Not good.]
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*Well, at least weapons made of film are still weapons -or they are if the way this blue man is holding his sling is any indication. He gestures to David from the stairs, hoping the man can sneak back to them without alerting the orcs at all.

But if they do, he's got a stone loaded and ready to throw. None of it is really what it was when he made or gathered it - but if it acts like it, what's the difference?*
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[David's trying to sneak somewhere, anywhere that might be out of sight of these ... pulped things. That's a lot harder to do now that the tower's floors have been mostly reduced to empty spaces dripping with this—stuff. If he were still in his real body and not feeling like a firefly trying to cosplay as a human, and had his real equipment, he could have just activated the cloaking system and snuck right on past them all. And that's if he didn't also have his rifle, blast it—]

[Wait, what's that light?]

[David glances back toward the stairwell and notices the other, blue-filled wireframe armed with ... whatever that bunch of gunk was supposed to be.]

[Is he motioning for him to head over to where he is?]

[David looks back at the orcs, then back to where he is, pressed up against a wall in a pitiful attempt to reduce his visibility—yeah, hiding isn't going to work. He'd better try and get to the stairwell. Still, maybe if he just sidles along the wall toward the stairwell, he can remain out of sight—]

[No such luck. One of the orcs happens to look over in David's general direction ... oh man, now it's seen him for sure. David freezes up for a second, as if staying still would have made him any less conspicuous, but it's too late—the orc points toward him with its sword and lets out a pained roar that sounds more like a war cry, alerting the rest of its pack.]
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*Okay, so much for that. Enoch braces himself on the stairs and swings the sling for momentum before letting the stone fly at the leader orc. Another stone is fumbled out of the film pouch as he looks up, hoping that they aren't mobilizing him too quickly. A single slinger wasn't meant to take on a whole group by himself...*
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[There's no use in trying to be stealthy anymore. While that blue wireframed fellow is providing cover fire with—whatever that thing is, he can't tell in the rush of chaos that's ensuing—David's bolting for the staircase. Maybe they can ditch the pack of orcs—if nothing else, the starcase provides both some high ground and a chokepoint.]

[Meanwhile, Enoch's sling shot smashes the leader of the pack right in the face. While whatever tolerance to pain they might have developed from the mangling they've endured in the past might help them shrug off the pain of injury, it's not going to help them much from the utter ruination brought about by a hefty stone flung like a speeding car. The pack leader is sent flopping backwards onto the film-coated tower floor with a loud CRUNCH, dropping its sword as it does.]

[By now the other orcs are reacting. One of them has a bow and set of arrows of its own, and it's already nocking one in preparation for firing back at Enoch, while the others of the pack have turned just in time to see their leader fall, and David running for the staircase.]
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*Enoch doesn't have time to throw another at that archer - it'll hit him while he's winding up. Not unless...

He just throws the stone as it is, hoping it'll be a distraction to the archer, at least, and hoping the orange man can get to the stairs so they can retreat.*
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[It's a small mercy that, with everything about him having been reduced to film and wires, that what should have been his power armor doesn't have much mass to it right now. If they were in their real bodies and David was forced to hustle in the suit without its motor-assist functions, he would be a lot slower than he currently is.]

[He has a pretty good head start on the pack of orcs that's running after him, too. Enough that he makes it to the staircase with seconds to spare. Once he's within a few paces of it, he leaps past the blue wireframed man and onto the stairs. He's trying to keep some momentum while heading up by doing that, so as to minimize the time his rescuer will have to spend exposed to the pack of orcs coming at them both.]

[Meanwhile, Enoch's stone might not have the speed behind it to be truly lethal, but it does do the job in distracting the archer, bouncing off its head and causing it to recoil from the blow, light though it was. It attempts to take a shot anyway—but the arrow goes wide, missing Enoch by a foot.]

[The archer is undeterred and is already teaching for another arrow, but the bigger problem is the group of sword-wielding orcs that are rapidly closing the distance ...]
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*Once David reaches the stairs, Enoch turns to run with him, downstairs, so they'd have gravity on their side.

And then there was the matter of his stalker - the retrieval unit Jason had assigned to watch him - it caught up with him...just in time to cross the path of the swordsmen as the two residents fled them. If the orcs didn't attack it, thus invoking its nigh-unstoppable attack in self-defense, then it would at least slow them for a moment just by inadvertently cutting them off, giving the two men a better head start.*
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[Without looking back, David runs up the stairs, thinking that his rescuer will be doing the same—it's not until he notices something else joining them, another wireframed being, that he turns and looks to see that Mr. Blue has actually gone the other way, down a floor.]

Wait—HEY! Where're you—?!

[That voice might seem familiar to Enoch given the chat they had a while back in the cafeteria. Though, before David can say anything else, the orc swordsmen fall upon the first wireframed body they happen to find in their path, in roaring their gurgling war cries all the way.]

[That would be Jason's retrieval unit.]
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*He'd assumed they would be making the fastest possible retreat... Though this was enough for Enoch to double back around, skirting past the retrieval unit that was making quick work of the orcs (though not without injuries of its own) and dashing up to David.*

I'd thought the faster retreat would be better... Though I suppose now it doesn't matter.

*Retrieval units aren't to be messed with...*
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[Oh yeah. David's watching the carnage unfold as the retrieval unit utterly rips apart the orcs. Not quite horrified, but—perhaps, amazed at what he's seeing.]

Who is dat guy? Ain't he just flimsy wire like us—?!

[The shock of seeing one of the wireframed denizens utterly tearing apart the orcs keeps David from realizing that his cerulean savior sounds rather familiar. At least for the moment.]
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*Note the lack of a soul glowing through its catsuit. Enoch watches as it finishes defending itself and resumes its "patrol".*

That's one of the retrieval units here. They're incredibly strong, I've only seen them killed when attacked by many people.

*And when they're weakened, but. Even though he's sure Jason knows he was one of the ones in his lab by now, it can't hurt to keep that much a secret. After all, everyone needs to "sleep" the same way...*
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Oh, now that David and Enoch traded names, I can tag this back without a time paradox!

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[The retrieval unit's lacking the light of the soul doesn't escape David's notice. That it also appears to be comprised of red fluid makes it all the more creepy, as if it were full of blood. Certainly fitting for what it just wound up doing to the Orcs.]

No kiddin' ...

[So the Tower has something analogous to the PPD's Police Drones, or ... no, in this case, it's definitely more like the Arbiter Drones he's heard of lurking within the Rogue Isles. Sensing that the threat the monsters posed has been adequately dealt with, he cautiously steps back onto the floor, towards the bloody mess the retrieval unit made of the Orc band.]

Look at dis. Dat guy, you, me, everyone else—we're all made of dis goop and bendy wire crap, but dey weren't.

[David kneels down to try and pick up one of the swords. Can he even do that right now? Well, he'll find out, he supposes—but then he freezes just before trying to grasp the hilt. The familiarity of the blue fluid-filled fellow has finally hit him, and David glances to look back at his compatriot.]

Hey wait, don't I know you from somewheres?


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Not too late to tag in?

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[Orange Tang Wireframe Man 1, meet Orange Tang Wireframe Man 2. Who is taller and leaner, and who may seem just a bit nutty because he's striding forward, a length of film grasped in his hands, looking ready to try and fight those things with it.]

Away! Run while you can, if you cannot fight!

[Kain had taken on Orcs before. He could take on Orcs again. Especially if someone was in possible danger. And it was far easier to fight monsters than to sit and ponder what in the hell was going on.]
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Nope! This can always happen more than once, haha.

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[David's glancing back at this similarly orange fellow, then back to the orcs, who seem all too willing to go after the new arrival instead.]

[Yeah, better do as he says. Though even as he's backing away briskly until Tang Wireframe Man 2 is squarely in between him and the orcs, he can't help but call out in that thick Rhode Islander's accent of his.]

I hope dat thing you've got ain't just a bunch of jello!
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There are always more orcs!

[personal profile] ajealouswind 2013-06-11 05:46 am (UTC)(link)
It's been solid enough thus far!

[And then Tang Wireframe Man 2 Kain is rushing forwards with the speed of a man who does this kind of thing all the time, spinning that spear-like length of film about as he does so. Before the nearest one with a bow can fire upon him, he has already brought his weapon about to slash its throat open. A sword blow from another of them is deflected by the continuing motion of Kain's spear, though the film does now have a notch in it. In the few moments bought by deflecting that orc's blow, Kain strikes out with a powerful kick. But there are still others moving in to attack, and moving quite rapidly.]
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[David's just watching this other man—it sounded like a man, at least, blast these neon wireframes—tear into the pack of orcs with that mess of film ... whatever it was supposed to be. It's leaving him balking at the fact that his gear, his armor and all its systems, are doing absolutely nothing for him right now while ... whatever that thing is supposed to be that the other guy's holding is readily taking down the orcs as if it were what it was really supposed to be.]

You're makin' me jealous, over here!
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Am I?

[There's a dash of levity and a touch of surprise in Kain's tone, even as he pivots and swings his spear again, slicing at another orc. That's not the sort of statement a defenseless and fearful man makes. Then... who was this, that he was defending?]

Blades are still blades, illusionary as they may seem to be! If you've a... hggn!

[And that's the sound he makes as an orc's cleaving sword finds some purchase in his upper arm. The wireframe bends, and the orange is threatening to leak out. But the orc that did it gets a spear slash across its throat in return. He's hurt but far from finished.]
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Sorry about the delay! Things have been busy this week.

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[Oh jeez. David grits his teeth, biting into the cigar a little as he watches this guy take a hit from the orcs. It's ... rather something, maybe a little unsettling, to see that what should have been blood was actually more of that liquid everybody's collars had. Somehow more disturbing than all the times he'd played around at Architect Entertainment.]

Believe you me, I'd be doin' dat right now if I could! Dose aumbskull admins left my gun as a box of goop!

[He shouldn't be distracting this guy, and yet he can't help but yell back.]
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I come with a delay of my own! Yarr.

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Really?! [That was news. And that was something that he had more-or-less the context to comprehend. A firearm, and it did not function, but a simpler weapon would...?

He ducked and pivoted quickly back, parrying an orc's blow. Information was important, but it was distracting, and he could already tell that this wouldn't end well. He began to retreat, head darting this way and that as he tried to properly orient himself.]

...Which way to the stairs?!

[For the stairs were safe, weren't they?]
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No worries; left a note on the OOC comm, but I should be OK to tag this week!

[personal profile] megazero_to_superhero 2013-07-22 05:05 pm (UTC)(link)
[If they aren't, they at least provide a useful chokepoint!]

Dis way—!

[David turns and runs further back. The stairwell shouldn't be far, especially since the tower's true nature left most of these floors looking like empty parking garages.]
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[And hooray for useful chokepoints! Kain gave one last wide spear-swipe at the orcs, then spun the insubstantial-seeming blade about and out of the way before bolting in David's direction. They had only known each other for mere moments, but he'd rather trust a fellow prisoner than trust the tower's monsters.

Those monsters, to their credit, are in hot pursuit.]
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[personal profile] megazero_to_superhero 2013-07-27 08:21 pm (UTC)(link)
[Hunched over like a quarterback trying to muscle his way past an opposing team, David runs full-tilt where he remembered seeing the stairwell. Hopefully his armed rescuer is keeping tabs; he's not checked back to see how he's doing holding off those monsters.]

[It takes a few seconds of full running to reach the stairwell. Once he's close, David leaps for the foot of the stairs, preferring to get some elevation immediately. He stumbles with a loud THUMP upon slamming into the stairwell, but he manages to scramble up far enough to allow Kain some space once he's reached the stairs himself.]
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[Kain's eyes are forward, and he's not concerning himself overly much with what's behind him. Perhaps he should have, for an arrow had just narrowly grazed him, but there was no time for such regrets. Trailing orange fluid, he too makes it to the stairs, clears several steps, and then leaps over David with astonishing agility.

His landing is not as graceful as it could be, but no ankles were snapped and he doesn't tumble. So.]

...are they still coming?!
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[Oh—wow, that man can jump. David stumbles to a halt seeing the orange glowing body land ahead of him—and then hurriedly turns to look over his shoulder in response to the question posed.]

[—yeah, that's definitely the garbled angrish those things were making, echoing up from the previous floor. Growing louder.]

You bet your sweet bippy dey are!

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