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Interaction 001 ☣ Dear diary, I'm here to stay

Character(s): Asagi & OPEN
Format: Action to start, but I'll go with whatever.
Setting: Dorms, Cafeteria, Nighttime monster-hunting.
Summary: Asagi takes to the tower with minimal fuss- because complaining more than she needs to is way too much effort.
Warnings: Language, violence in the monster-hunting thread, will add more if necessary. Also, monster-hunting might make her a bit... excitable, approach at your own risk.

[Room 1-11/Dorms]

[Asagi jerks awake with a reflexive twitch, hands reaching as if to grasp something as it hits her- or before, before full awareness kicks in and she lets her arms drop, eyes narrowing and immediately scanning the room. The note is read and discarded with a roll of the eyes, and the trunk is rummaged through for a change of clothes before she bothers taking further note of her surroundings. The sterility of the place is somewhat familiar- most of the facility she'd lived in wasn't much better after all- but the lack of anyone telling her to hurry to be somewhere is... creepy, at best.

Once she's dressed though, she's ready to head out- so stopping her before she leaves might be someone's best bet of catching her. Otherwise, she'll head out to the hallway and start looking around, and maybe mess around on a terminal if she can find one.]


Tch. Collars and arbitrary rules. Well, at least the food can't be worse than the crap back at the labs.

[Asagi prods at her oatmeal with a spoon idly for a moment before spooning some into her mouth. As soon as she swallows, she shudders and makes a face, then continues, forcing herself to take the rest of the bowl down before washing it down with as much water as she can manage. Despite being an experiment, she's actually somewhat spoiled, so really her food wasn't ever all that terrible- just boring. But this? This is definitely high on the disgust-o-meter for her.]

...okay, so I was wrong. Definitely worse. Gross.

[Starting in the Dorm area, heading elsewhere]

[Asagi's seen and read enough to know that the tower is supposedly more dangerous at night than during the day- so nighttime finds her heading toward the stairs away from the dormitory levels in order to find something to entertain herself with. If anyone else is out and about, it's probably best not to startle her- being suddenly impaled by living blades probably isn't how someone wants to end their day.]
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[Given it's a Jason month—although he doesn't yet know that what form the food takes depends on the admin in control—David's floating in mid-air and leaning against a wall, contenting himself with a nutrition bar.]

[Asagi voicing her opinions about the oatmeal catches his attention, and he looks over at the new arrival. He speaks up so his voice carries across the distance between them, with a thick Rhode Islander's accent.]

Wish I could say it'll get easier after dat, but dese bars're 'bout da same. Just less messy.

[David gives Asagi a crooked grin of sympathy.]
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[David doesn't say something in response immediately. Despite that armor and helmet he's wearing, he gives the impression that he's studying this woman for a moment, wondering how to approach this subject.]

Yeah, dey change da menu up. Seems like about once a month. Da first month I was here, all da food had dis flower theme to it. Like vegan pancake things with lavender syrup.