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Not as planned

Characters: Anybody on Floor 101
Setting: Floor 101, in the immediate aftermath of event start
Format: Any you like
Summary: A general reaction log for the immediate aftermath of this for those characters who didn't get trapped in the dorm rooms. The post will start with a prompt for Dani herself, but if anybody wants to make use of this log as well rather than spam the comm, feel free. Also a reminder that powers do not work on floor 101 since a lot of us forgot orz
Warnings: Nothing yet, I'll change it if this does

[In all the chaos, it was easy for Dani to slip downstairs to try to change into ghost form without being really noticed. Except... she can't. The telltale rings never appear. That's right - she realizes - this floor doesn't allow her to use powers. Frustratedly, she hops back to the glowing stair going up. By the time she gets there, though, it's already blocked. She tries, in a last ditch effort, to phase through even without going ghost, but it's still no use. Besides, she feels a strange pressure on her hands as she tries - almost like something's pushing back]

I can't get through!

[At last she gives it up, staring up at the ceiling frustratedly. This was the first time something real had happened since she arrived, something she could actually do something about, and now she was trapped down here?]
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[You'd think that, after having spent a considerable amount of time in the Tower, David would remember which floors have Power Suppression and which don't.]

[Well, he forgot in the heat of the moment. He was down checking the game room when it happened; it's taken him quite a bit of time to fly all the way back up here, but given the cave-in he's forced to fly off the stairwell as he enters this floor.]

[Which causes his flight system to immediately cut out. Inertia lobs him into the air, then drops him back down to the floor with a shout of surprise. At least this time he doesn't go falling off the side of the tower. Instead, he collapses onto the floor into a tumbling roll, stopping in a kneeling position nearby someone else here.]

[He doesn't get up right away. Rather, he's looking over his shoulder at ruined way to the dorms.]

Great. We gonna have more of dose creepy shadow kids after us again?!
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[Well that's an entrance that Kain hadn't expected. He jumps (quite mundanely) to the side to give David a little more room to skid and land, quite startled.]

I would hope not!

[There's some evidence around the dragoon of rubble being shifted about. It's pretty subtle. There is a whole hell of a lot of rubble.]
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[David takes a moment to get back on his feet, looking no worse for the wear. He glances about the entirety of the floor before looking at Kain.]

Da heck happened? Are da people up in da dorms okay?!

[His immediate worry is that the top floors may actually be gone from ... whatever it was that's sealed off access above.]
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There was an explosion, and the dorms began to collapse. Not everyone made it out. I've not heard if anyone knows the condition of those still in there.

[It's Kain's immediate worry, too. The man looks entirely unnerved, and he's pacing anxiously, not sure where they should even start.]
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[David's looking up at the ceiling while Kain responds, gritting his teeth out of frustrated concern.]

If dis were back home, I'd try usin' my targetin' gear to see if anyone's alive up dere. Dollars to doughnuts it ain't gonna work with all dis simulated goop we've got.
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I'd try it anyhow. Better to attempt and fail than not attempt and wonder.

[He stops his pacing for a moment, instead looking about. Who else was around? No one that he could immediately recognize, which implied things he didn't care for.]

Damn it, that idiot...!

[He's not elaborating on who the idiot is, however. Having a burning need to do something, he surges forward and starts to try and move some of the rubble.]
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[Kain's got a point. David goes to reach up to the side of his helmet to try and "con" survivors, but he stops at Kain's outburst, looking over at him sharply.]

What, you gotta hunch on who did dis?
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[Kain groans, and tosses a large clump of rubble aside.]

No, no... There's a... friend of mine likely stuck up there. Just... never mind. Forget I mentioned it.