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1. Wisdom

[Characters]: Jade Curtiss, OPEN
[Setting]: Room 1-06, Floor 5, 19, 45, Cafeteria.
[Format]: Prose to begin, but I'll follow your lead if there's something else you prefer.
[Summary]: Jade's arrival in the Tower and what he finds there.
[Warnings]: Mild creepiness on Floor 45 but nothing more than that. Yet.
[Edit]: I had Jade looking up information on the Tower on Floor 19. Someone gave me a head's up that there aren't any texts about the Tower itself in the libraries, which is mentioned in the desc for Floor 3 but not 19, which is what I focused on. That's my bad, and it's been fixed. Sorry!

- Room 1-06 -

When he had gone to bed, the night over Grand Chokmah had been still and warm and calm. Could the world really have ended on so peaceful a night?

The note that greets Jade Curtiss when he awakens in a room with an unfamiliar ceiling says so, at least. He pulls himself upright, frowning at any of his new roommates should any of them be present--and if not, simply frowning at the clearly lived-in room simply for being--and then reads the note carefully.

His expression does not change for a moment. Then the fingertips of his left hand rest on the bridge of his spectacles while he sighs.

He is out of bed, ignoring for the moment the suitcase that is set up at the foot of it, and examining himself and the blue-liquid collar around the top of his neck, just above the collar of his usual military uniform, in the first mirror he's able to locate.

Then he is out, only briefly in the corridor outside his dorm room before he heads to the most logical first destination.


- Floor 5 -

Jade silently observes the state of the world on the other side of the viewing station screen: everything dead and dust, from the humans to the planet to the stars. He rests a hand on his chin as he watches, a troubled look on his face. He spends a long time in front of the viewscreen, changing angles and locations and so forth. The vision of destruction never changes despite his efforts. In time, Jade turns his back on it, one hand in his pocket, one holding his spectacles in place as the glare from the overhead lights obscures his eyes, and walks away.


- Floor 19 -

It had started in the more general library, which Jade had lingered in for no more than a minute until he was informed of where the actual research texts could be found. Then he brought himself here, and considers the many, many blank spots on the shelves, including and especially the entirely empty history section.

He sighs for the second time that day. "One would think that these 'benefactors' would go to more effort to hide the fact that they're hiding something," he laments out loud, despite being in a library.

Nonetheless, he flips through a few of the remaining astral projection books, then returns them to their correct spots and finds himself a relatively comprehensive text on magical theory; something on the Tower itself would have been ideal, but he hasn't been able to find anything on the topic. At least he can compare and contrast "magic" with the fonic artes he knows. He removes the text and takes it with him to a suitably squishy chair, where he begins to peruse it. However intense his concentration, though, he's not so absorbed that he'd be unable to notice anyone approaching.

That would just be foolish.


- Floor 45 -

After familiarizing himself with the nature of his new "home," the man known as the Necromancer brings himself to one of the observatory levels. He strolls up to the glass walls, peering through the cracks in the clouds at the empty sky. He's about to turn to leave when motion in his peripheral vision catches his attention, and he turns his head to regard something that might be human if if it weren't clinging upside-down to the outside of a glass wall on cloud level.

And, of course, it didn't have waxy corpse-gray skin stretched all over where its face should be.

Like a lizard, it creeps slowly down, then across, before coming to a halt in front of the long-haired man. Jade watches it without moving. It watches--for a relative value of "watches" given that it has no eyes--him back. When he steps to one side, it follows; when he steps back, it skitters around on himself and winds that way too. As the skies gradually begin to redden, a couple more of the faceless things crawl in, and he amuses himself for a time by walking slowly back and forth across the room and watching as he gradually leads a chain around the circumference of the floor like the Pied Piper of faceless horrors.


- Cafeteria -

Jade is tempted, once night falls, to go hunting for monsters. For the nonce, he opts instead to get his first meal, having not bothered to eat all day. He heeds the warning and takes a bowl of hot, plain oatmeal as his first meal, then carries it to the first empty seat he finds and eats with all the resigned resolution of a soldier. His expression is somewhat distant as he eats, but the moment anyone speaks to him, it transforms into a pleasant smile.

This may be a trap.
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Cafeteria (Although they are neighbors!)

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Ever since that day at the carnival, Sheena had been trying to piece together what exactly it was she had seen in her vision. The meeting she had attended hadn't really helped--only served to confuse her.

Had she been the one in charge of what happened to the children?

For someone who liked kids, that was a disturbing thought, and one that made her stomach churn. She knew, however, that she had to eat, and after a long day of not doing so, finally made her way to the cafeteria. The smells were somewhat overwhelming to her empty stomach, but she opted for the lightest thing she could find and headed for a table, stopping when the aroma of oatmeal hit her.

Turning toward the source, and seeing the man's expression, she gave him an understanding look.

"You just arrived, didn't you?"


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Floor 45

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The peace, if it can be called that, is easily broken by frantic, scrambling footsteps coming up from below. Zuko explodes up the stairs into the observatory, literally throwing a couple fireballs back behind him for good measure and slumping down on the floor once everything appears to make sense again, trying to catch his breath. Well, makes as much sense as it can.

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hits cafeteria before it gets crowded

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That smile isn't going to work on this one, he already knows better. The long red hair is probably hard to miss, even across the cafeteria, the rest of him swathed in a cloak that's seen better days and a bit of blood.

Asch, for his part, is doing the best he can with almost-too-salted meat and nutrition bars, and spots the familiar shape from a ways away. The sigh can be seen across the distance even if not heard, in the way his shoulders slump just a bit, his posture going loosely "god, why me."

And so in surprisingly few steps, there's a plate full of nutrition bars and a few scraps of meat dropped across from Jade's oatmeal, followed by Asch himself. His hair is loose and a little longer than Jade might remember; he looks tired.

"Jade." That's it for greetings, evidently. "You're late as usual."

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Of all the times Jade Curtiss might want company, 'now' is probably not one of those times. Contemplating the destruction of all one has ever known really isn't condusive to pleasant social interactions. Lorelei considers saying nothing because of it, and doing nothing. He passes by this floor often and deliberately avoids it; thinking about some things got even him depressed.

But he doesn't interrupt. He just observes. What was the difference to a human, seeing such loss? To someone like this man, who had trouble understanding death nearly as much as Lorelei himself did?

It's only readily apparent that Jade does have company when the Necromancer turns and walks away. Lorelei still lingers in the doorway, expression a little troubled. He could be any of the redheads Jade knew - or none of them at all. Different clothing, that's for sure. "It's best to not spend a lot of time in this location." An odd piece of advice for certain! He doesn't... sound exactly right either, but it's close enough.

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45 (I hope this is okay, I know it is ridiculous)

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[Having been temporarily bewitched and turned into a cat, the usually oversized Gilles is rather tiny at the moment. He sits quietly in the shadows, watching the walls intently, his stump of a tail twitching. He's quite aware of Jade's presence, but those skittering creatures outside are intriguing. So intriguing that Gilles eventually loses control, launching himself at one of the faceless things with a superfeline leap at top speed and striking the glass with a hefty thud several paces away from Jade.

Dazed by the collision, Gilles shudders and blinks. He could have thought that through better. It was not the wisest use of his enhanced speed and strength, as he hit the wall with much more force than an ordinary cat could have. Having a cat brain has not been kind to him. Reeling from the blow, he stumbles into Jade. At least he did land on his feet.

(good, good, I do what I can)

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floor 45

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Waver watched the display with mild interest; usually people reacted with a little more horror than that. And most that he knew of didn't default to a one-sided game of keep-away with unearthly horrors. Either this person had been here for a while, or they were just mildly crazy.

"You'd be in quite a lot of trouble if they could get through, you realize." the lecturer finally remarked. Out of habit he raised a hand to adjust sunglasses that usually rested on his head, only to very quickly lower it when he remembered they weren't there today.
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Floor 5 (Have another Fate/ cast member in not quite 'normal' mode. X.x)

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It's the hair that catches Diarmuid's eye. On a high speed pass by the floor like he usually does when on patrol, it is just enough like his master's when down that it gives Diarmuid pause, especially since his bond to Waver tells him his friend is not on the floor. Of course, as soon as he stops and takes a good look at the man peering so intently at his dead world, it is obvious from the uniform it is not who he thinks it is or, more accurately, not a new version of someone he already knows well.

Diarmuid almost returns to his patrol without saying a word, but he can't help but find himself wondering why the man is so very interested in something so completely dead. That curiosity really is going to get him into trouble someday.

"You either hate your world and find no pain in its destruction or are just that used to death. Something tells me..." Could it be the uniform, or the posture, or maybe just the aura Jade puts off as he so intently studies the view in front of him? Perhaps, it is all three, "...that it is the latter." Diarmuid's dark-brown puppy ears shift forward into a more alert position, "Would I be correct?"
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"That's what I said."

Aqua's sitting in a comfortable chair nearby, and while she had no wish to disturb the newcomer when he entered, she can't help but pipe up at his observation. He's welcome to ignore her, of course, but she places a finger between the pages she was reading and closes the book, should he choose not to.

"The only point to visually letting us know these sections have been removed could be to further unsettle us."
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Floor 19

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The libraries are peaceful, and though this one doesn't promise as great a measure of safety as the one on the third floor does, the books that can be found there aren't quite as high-level. Ion isn't exactly researching anything, mind you, but the more strange things that the Fon Master saw during his stay within the Tower, the more eager he was to try and see if he could obtain any sort of explanation, however small.

Even though it had been nothing more than a vision, the pain he had registered within it he could still remember too clearly to ignore. Browsing idly through one of the many aisles that can be found on the floor, his small, pale hand traveling against the thick spines of the books as he read their titles absently. In doing so, Ion didn't see Jade so much as he heard him--and the moment the voice spoke from what sounded to be a few aisles over, he recognized it.

Ion immediately stopped what he was doing to search for the colonel, now sitting, and couldn't stop a small smile from finding its way onto his boyish face. No matter how unfortunate their situation may have been, Ion never could quite stop himself from just being happy to see another familiar face.

"I find the more obvious the tyrant, the less there is an appreciation for subtlety." And one couldn't argue that the administrators, or at least Ruana, were anything less than tyrants. That wasn't a label Ion would use lightly, but he had experienced enough now that even he couldn't overlook or excuse their blatant abuse for the residents they claimed to have saved.

His tone turning a bit less ominous, Ion's soft smile widened, and he approached the group of chairs that Jade had claimed. "It's nice to see you again, Jade. Would you mind if I sat with you?"

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Floor 19

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Hachiken has been mostly afraid to venture out in the tower without anyone, but today he seemed to find a bit of courage and he was rewarded with a library. Books are what are familiar with him and he's eagerly moving through the stacks, looking at all the selections.

He may pass by Jade's chair more than once.

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floor 19 (sorry for late tags!)

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[Assassin looks over at the complaining man as she browses another shelf.]

What do you mean, hiding something?

Re: No worries!

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totally okay

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Library 19

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Hauling a rather scrawny deer carcass up thirty floors was still a pretty big job, even for someone used to dragging things up and down the stairs. Reno cursed himself for using the industrial kitchen when he could have just gone downstairs, or even the elevator, but he had a couple of stops to make on the way up, anyway.

The library wasn't really one of them, though. Chill in the air was making him slower, so he stopped here, setting the animal on the staircase and going inside to sit for a while in the quiet. Man, he was getting old.

When the voice speaks, however, it's a bit of a surprise. He'd been zoning out for a few minutes and the complaint from Jade's side of the room started his brain working again.

"Y'would think, except our 'benefactors' got all the social skills of a toddler."

Honestly, he hadn't meant to respond at all, but it sort of slipped out. There was no need to ask if the guy was new; it was easy to tell just from the tone. Regardless, he sat back in his chair and started to relax again, not really prepared for a conversation.

no prob!

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45, late to the party

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Luke doesn't normally hang around on the observatory floor, usually only passing through it on the way up or downstairs, and this time wouldn't be an exception if he hadn't spotted all the creepy things on the windows and stopped to see why there were so many.

"Are you trying to collect those things or something? You're weird."

Don't mind that he says this while draped in some sort of sheet. He can't sew and a lot of the tower is cold, so he stole some fabric from the sewing room to make into a makeshift cloak. It's sort of working.

Hehe c:

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Hi, I still exist!

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Re: Hey there~

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Floor 5; late and latee forever sobs

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"Colonel Curtiss?!"

The sound of a familiar woman's voice broke through the fifth floor as she caught sight of him. Tear had often ventured to many of the floors during her endeavors here, to be informed of her locations and what they were capable of among other things. The fonist had least expected to find Jade Curtiss of all people on the fifth floor. She had seen some of her companions come and go. Jade wasn't one of them, but there was a chance he was here before and was the same as her.

Either way, she still kept her guard when she spoke to him, because she didn't know if it was the Jade she knew from her Auldrant, or an entirely different form spawning from another dimension. It was best to be cautious before making any moves. She was relieved to see Jade, or a variation of him alive and well.
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loll <3333

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