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the sixth - we'll work it all out together

Characters: Ion and you!
Setting: Dorm room 1-16 in the morning and then the graveyard, floor 48, for most of the rest of the day up until evening, and then the library on floor 3.
Format: Starting with action but I'm perfectly happy with either!
Summary: Ion notices some people have disappeared and reacts accordingly.
Warnings: None for now, just general sadness.

Dorm 1-16, morning

[Ion wasn't expecting it to be anything other than a normal day. True, most of the days in the Tower weren't anything particularly pleasant os special, but he could hope that it would at least appear to start as any other, uneventful day. When he woke up and found one of the beds empty, he would have simply assumed that Raven had left early. Ion, unfortunately, didn't get much farther before he stopped on his way out. A name was most definitely missing from the list of the room inhabitants.

As if to be sure he simply wasn't overlooking it, Ion read the list of names two, three times before it really started to register that Raven had left the Tower. A knot formed in his throat, and he put a hand to a forehead. Perhaps he didn't ineract with the stoic man as much as he would have liked, or as much as he should have, but he had become somewhat fond of his roommate.]

Floor 48, mid-day

[Perhaps it was discovering that Raven had disappeared from the Tower that had inspired Ion to take a trip to the graveyard. But it was ultimately the cluster of names from Auldrant that the Fon Master was drawn to. Because, honestly, he wasn't sure he could ever pay his respects to his friends enough. Ion didn't like to advertise when he was feeling down, or feeling out of hope, but the longer he stayed in the Tower the more melancholy he feared he was becoming.

He resolved not to linger. To simply find them, maybe pray for them, and go back to his day. Maybe he could find someone to help. Ion hadn't been expecting to find another gravestone--let alone one that had his own name. For a long few minutes, it was all he could do to stand and stare at it. It wasn't his own name, of course it wasn't. It was the other Ion. The real Ion, his original. And yet there was something so ominous about seeing your name, whether or not it actually referred to your or not, staring you in the face.

Maybe it was simply unavoidable. Where he came from, it was simply a fact that his Original was dead. And the idea of being dead, himself, shouldn't scare him when he knew he was nothing more than a frail replica. Somehow, even mulling these logical ideas over in his head, Ion couldn't tear his eyes away.

And more than that, he couldn't stop himself from feeling so strangely upset at the loss of his Original.]

Floor 3, evening

[Eventually, Ion had to leave the graveyard. It was getting late, dark, colder, and harder to stand. People had come and gone, and starting to feel tired, Ion didn't want to risk running into a monster. At the same time, however, he wasn't so sure he was ready to go back to his dorm. Maybe it was the idea of sleeping. He knew when he woke up, it wouldn't erase the problems. The people who had left would still be gone.

Or maybe it was simply the idea of withering away. Maybe it was the knowledge that somebody knew would fill Raven's bed as if Raven had never been there to begin with.

None of that would be the fault of any of his roommates, new or otherwise. It wasn't fair to them for Ion to treat them with any smaller measure of consideration due to his own insecurities.

So, without having any real aim, Ion began to walk. He made his way to the nearest elevator, took it down to the bottom of the Tower, and eventually found his way into the library on the third floor. It was with heavy legs and an even heavier heart that Ion sunk into one of the many cushioned chairs located in some abstract corner of the tangle of shelves.

He sighs where he sits, and can be found with his eyes closed. His face would almost appear peaceful if his brow wasn't knit so tightly. Ion could easily be mistaken for asleep, though if he hears you coming, lost in his thoughts or not, he'll kindly correct that assumption.]
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[floor 48]

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[Having only recently awakened in the Tower, there was still much of it that Jade had left to explore. His morning was spent largely in the research library, and when he decided he was done, he elected to travel by foot to some of the floors that has caught his interest during his studies.

Being a morbidly curious fellow, the graveyard was of course one of them. He walked slowly amongst the headstones, hands in his pockets, blood-red eyes skating across names he didn't recognize, but his gait came to a halt when he recognized a familiar face. When he moved again, it was at that same unhurried pace, but Jade picked a path towards Ion.

He reached him in just a moment or two. Ion hadn't moved in that time; it was somewhat concerning. Stepping up next to him, remaining respectfully silent, Jade let his gaze fall where Ion's was.

The name there told him everything he needed to know. Not just there, but on the other gravestones in the area. It was an unpleasant feeling, seeing the names of people he grew to actually care about on testaments to the death. For the moment, he stood with Ion in companionable silence, mulling over the oddity of looking at markers for the dead with a boy he had watched pass on.]
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((Much appreciated~ P.S. If I need to make any adjustments, please let me know; I'm making an assumption re: who all has grave markers, based on the list you had on your tag in the other post.))

[It didn't bother Jade that Ion didn't outwardly acknowledge his presence. He didn't approach the Fon Master to chit-chat for fun, after all. There was one purpose one comes to a graveyard--well, technically, one can come to a graveyard for quite a few purposes, but for someone like Ion, there would only be one.

And so Jade remained silent as he slowly let his eyes roam over the names on the graves. They stopped when he saw one with his own name, and it startled him less than he felt it ought to. There were some doubles too. It was an unpleasant feeling, one he had no trouble believing was the purpose of these gravestones. If the layout of the floors were the result of glamour, then this too was the work of the administrators.

Ion spoke, and Jade let his gaze rest on the young replica until he was done. Then he returned his gaze, this time to the headstone haunting him.]

It must be strange for you. I'm sorry, but I can't begin to imagine how it must feel.

[To be a replica, someone taught that he was fundamentally replaceable, to be by his nature someone not likely to live very long because of the instability of the Seventh Fonons in a replica's body, to outlive so many of the companions with whom he'd traveled... Not to mention that he might have known a Jade, who was gone, and now here was another Jade who had the same memories and personality save what the previous one would have had as a result of his time in the Tower. In a way, it was worse than replicas. Jade knew it must be upsetting, but the specifics were far beyond him, and he didn't want to press. He never was much good at comforting others.

And on a more selfish level, he was a little relieved that his name was the only one present of his childhood crew. He could handle the concept of his own death far better than he could His Majesty's.]

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[He'll hear someone before long - Asch has taken to stalking these shelves in the later hours with nothing better to do. It's too cold to get much of anything done on the outdoor floors he otherwise favors, and only going to get colder yet, he's sure. The early part of the month is usually the nicest, a little pity taken on the new arrivals.

Ion will hear him on the other side of a shelf, first, heavy footsteps and the rustle of a cloak thrown back over his shoulders but never quite discarded. A mumbled comment of "Someone should sue for new material" follows, and then the sound of a book being pulled off a shelf. With that in hand, Asch makes for the end of the row, the slim volume tucked under his arm as he makes for one of his more usual seats in the back...

...Only to find it occupied by something small and green.]

Little late to be taking a nap.
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At least keep Anise around to watch your back.

[Something happened - they're not quite friends, but Asch knows well enough that even when resting, Ion is usually alert, and that typical smile comes too slow.

Without another word, Asch steps over and turns around to he can sit with his back against the chair at Ion's feet, pulling his cloak closed over his knees. Facing away, at least Ion doesn't have to force a smile for him.]

If you need to rest, I'll keep watch.

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1-16 - here comes the feels train

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[It's been a pretty normal start of the day for Rick, waking up in the quiet hours of morning to a room that seemed slightly emptier than before, but in his bleary waking delirium Rick didn't notice anything immediately off-putting. It wasn't until after his patrol that he realized there was a scent missing from around the border of his room--and if that wasn't a strong enough indicator, his clearly distressed roommate standing in front of the door is more than enough to tip him off that something is wrong.]

[The tabby pauses as he rounds the corner, momentarily hesitant to approach without finding out what the situation is that he's about to get himself into, but as always Ion's well-being is important enough to sway him. The cat disappears and the blonde man that replaces him nears slowly and quietly.]

...I-Ion? S-S-Something wrong?
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[...The others had been distant. As harsh as it sounds, Rick has found that sometimes he can cope with the stress of this place through sheer ignorance, simply refusing to believe or understand what might be troubling others for the sake of his own sanity. It makes it easier to stay upbeat, to give reassurances when otherwise he'd be at a loss.]

[But it makes things so much harder to accept when they strike the people closest to him. Someone who's been living with him for almost half a year now, a quiet, calm presence in his little corner of their room who, despite his reserved nature, managed to stick by Rick's side through his most troubling Tower experiences. He watched him die--thought he'd broken through that hardened exterior so he could get to know Raven as a friend.]

[That was not a chance he's allowed to have, it seems.]

[Stunned into silence, Rick joins Ion in staring at the new nameplate, unmoving for what seems like hours.]


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floor 48

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[Taiki still came to the graveyard at least once a day. To visit Gyousou, and others he had known who were now gone. Today he was arranging flower petals on Keiki's grave. He was glad his fellow Kirin had not been here for long, even though that was awful because it meant he had been wandering his world, with only himself, everyone else dead. But at least he wasn't here where there was so much blood.

He saw Ion and waved shyly, going over though he was ready to back away if Ion did not want company.]
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[Taiki shuffled his feet and nodded] Yes... sorry... I can go if you want...

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[This floor, Lorelei avoided.

He'd never been there, beyond a quick glance. He knew what was within, that much was easy to pick up on a brief look, and that's all he needed to know. The human view of death was one he didn't quite understand, but the seemingly endless little gravestones with their carved names was not particularly interesting.

Normally he'd pass by this floor again, except for a glimpse of green amidst the solemn garden of stone.

It's just enough to make him divert, and pick his way carefully among the occasional open graves and toppled headstones. Ion was a recognizable form, be he the original or one of the replicas. But why is he here, alone? No place in this tower was really safe for anyone to be roaming by themselves. Lorelei doesn't announce himself, it probably would be better if he did, he simply stops a little behind and to one side, just out of peripheral vision, and reaches to touch one shoulder gently.]

Are you alright?

[It's a strange question in a place like this, with that gravestone right there.]
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[Well that much isn't quite honest. If Ion were 'fine', then he wouldn't be quite as obviously not-fine as he was. How easy shock and grief can dull the senses, make a normally sharp child easier to creep up on. Lorelei was good at being quiet when he wanted, so perhaps it isn't Ion's fault.]

You have friends here?

[His tone is soft; it seemed wrong to be overtly loud in this place. The names present are measured, one by one. Empty graves, open graves. Was anything here at all but a reminder? But finding one's own name might be a little unpleasant.

The other Ion had been present, and is now gone. That bitter, cruel, vicious child, a product of necessity.. And all that remains now, the gentler of the two.]

I admit.. I'm surprised. Of all the things I'd have expected, a friendship with him is not one of them. I'm sorry for your loss.

[He didn't understand it. There was nothing there but a stone with a name, it shouldn't matter. But it clearly did to Ion, so that ... at the least, can be respected. There's a moment of rummaging, and then Lorelei produces what looks suspiciously like a candy cane.

He has a lot of them.]

Would you like one? It might help a little.

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[Ion is not the only replica to haunt the graveyard mourning his original. Dark Pit crouches in front of Pit's tombstone, head bowed a bit. It's stupid to think that he can hear him even in this place, but he can't help it. If he can't trust their connection, then what else can he trust?]

[It's dumb to think that telling Pit what's been going on, even just in his head, helps. But it lets him think things over, and try to see things from his original's point of view. Not that he wants to be him, or even claim that he's the only 'real' one anymore, but it helps.]

[Besides, someone has to be stupidly optimistic, and playing the perky protagonist has never been his role. He stands a little stiffly, and looks around, spotting Ion.]

[... He's quiet as he heads over, standing near the small boy. He's no good at comforting, but at least he can let the other know he's not alone.]
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Nah. I was done.

[He looks down at the marker, at the name, and then looks back at Ion. He's puzzled for a moment, but then it clicks. Right. He wants to ask if the other is okay, but he knows too well what it's like to lose someone you're connected to.]

... Wanna get out of here?

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[This floor is strange. He knows some of the names engraved on stones here... two Terras, his brother Xemnas, two instances of Aqua as well... when he'd been looking for candy there had been candy flowers left for him on another set of graves as well, for someone named Ventus. That name didn't mean anything to him, and the two graves for that young man were simply that.

It was frustrating in a way, as though part of a greater puzzle. The loss of memories was utterly frustrating in some ways, and today was no exception as he scowled, stalking the rows of tombstones in irritation, not expecting to see someone else there, let alone a familiar face. He stops, a bit sheepish at his noisy sulking.]

My apologies. I hope I didn't interrupt.
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Spectres of the past, mostly.

[He isn't really too keen to launch into another ramble about his amnesia and how frustrating it is for the tower to wave bits of his past around in front of his face, though it may be necessary. He steels himself in preparation.]

If you're here, then someone of yours left I assume.

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Floor 48

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[The last time Yotsuba had come to this place, she had helped a lady bury her child. While she wouldn't like it if any of her friends went home, she was a little curious about the child, so she had wandered into the graveyard..but when she saw Ion standing in front of a grave, her attention diverted to him. So she walked towards him, smiling.]

Good morning, Ion! Oh..why is your name on the gravestone? You're still here! Did Zo mess up?
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[At the answer, Yotsuba frowned, both worried about this other Ion and puzzled about why the Ion standing before her was named after the one that was in his destroyed world. While she did sometimes try, Yotsuba wasn't very good at letting a hopeful, happy mask hide the fact that she was upset.]

I hope he's okay's super scary back there, you know! Everyone's dead, and the bodies all look weird and super gross..but why were you named after him?