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Start over again

Characters: AU!Repliku/'Ri' and anyone; AU!Luke and anyone
Setting: Luke: Floors 51, 28, and various; Ri: 10, 100, 1
Format: I like action brackets, but I'll match prose
Summary: Luke tries on his new outfit and then decides to show it off, also practices music, Repliku tests his new non-film sword a bit and also tries his hand at drawing some more. Backdated to the first two weeks of January.
Warnings: none so far


Music Room (28), afternoons-evenings

[If anyone's been in the music room for any part of January, they've likely seen or had to deal with Luke. Luke and his fairly terrible piano-playing, since he just started learning it two months prior and just now got into actually stringing notes together to make songs

Well, he's not always playing the piano. Sometimes he's staring at some sheet music he's managed to acquire and trying to make sense of it.]

Sewing Room (51), evenings

[Because even musical instruments can only hold Luke's attention so long, he can be found in the sewing room as well. Attempting to make...something. Lefties and sewing materials don't mix very to laugh at his potential failure?]

Various; anytime during the first week of January

[Wherever you are, you might run into Luke--or at least pass by him on your way somewhere, but for a couple days, he's wearing something a bit fancier than normal. Part of it's for show, part of it's because it's warmer than his usual attire.]


Forest (6), afternoons

[What better to test a new sword on than Tower monsters? Or Tower animals, at least, even though the ones on floor 6 could definitely qualify for 'monster' status. Repliku's magic hasn't come back to him fully--all he can cast currently are weakened versions of the basic spells, Fire, Ice and Thunder--so he's relying on his sword skills lately. With an actual sword this time, no keyblades here right now.]

Floor 100, anytime

[When he's not sparring or in the cafeteria, he's most likely found on floor 100, still appearing to him as Destiny Islands, with a sketchbook in his lap and a small doll resting against his side.]

Cafeteria, during mealtimes

[Food is awesome, even if it's film food. Anything is better than nutrition bars, and Rep isn't missing any meal, just in case. Feel free to bother him wherever he's sitting.]
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[Luke, Music Room]

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[It's as Jade is ascending the stairwell that he happens to glance into this particular floor and recognize a certain mop of bright red hair, sitting at a piano bench and staring at several sheets of paper. Jade can't see them from here, but the serious way in which Luke is peering at them prompts him to step onto the floor here.

Quietly. Very quietly. Which he'll continue to be as he approaches, keeping himself at Luke's back where he won't be spotted in peripheral vision, until he's at the redhead's back and looming peeking over his shoulder at what he's got. And, knowing perfectly well that he's highly likely to scare the living daylights out of Luke:]

Studying hard?
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[See that wide, serene smile? It doesn't budge one bit when you freak out, Luke. Jade doesn't even blink.]

Hmm? Don't do what? Ask questions? How silly of you, Luke; you can't reasonably expect people to stop being curious.
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Luke, sewing room

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*Lucifel will be getting his powers back soon. Who knows if he'll be able to summon real things then, or if simply creating things is beyond the reach of these golem bodies? This is why Enoch is erring on the side of caution before anything else, picking out a length of green fabric to work on in his room later...and he notices a familiar young man. One who seems to be having trouble.*

Do you need any help?
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I've sometimes seen metal clasps in the workshop, but the most common way I make mine is with a loop inside and string to tie to it, or two strings or strips of cloth on each side.

*Enoch takes off his own cloak and shows Luke the strips of fabric on the inside he uses to tie it shut at the top.*

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Gimme a Rep, floor 6

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[Well, after Rep finishes one of those critters, he might hear the sound of a whistling, followed by some light applause. Seems Riku's found him, and he's watching his double with a grin.]

Looks like you're hard at work.
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[For once, Riku's presence isn't even a bad thing. That is, after a quick glance around to make sure there aren't any weird animals in the immediate area, Rep glances back to see who's joined him. And raises an eyebrow before wandering over to join him, sword resting on one shoulder.]

Something like that. How long have you been standing there?
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[He leans towards his copy as he says this, trying and failing to pull off a menacing laugh.

Mostly, he's just messing with him.]

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Luke > Various/Stairway?

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[After a month of having spent practically a month back on his world, part of him was actually kind of glad to be here. Here, where people were still active, and themselves. While it wasn't under normal circumstances, he would take over isolation any day.

Wandering the tower some, seeing what he might has missed; who was here, and who left, Jonouchi stumbled upon Luke by chance. At first he was caught by surprised with unusually formal attire, but quickly regained his composure. Really the blonde was just relieved to see a familiar face.]

Hey, Luke! What's with the get up?
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[The blonde froze for a moment before replying.] Eh, I took a long stroll by accident.

[Jonouchi gave him a second look over.]

Looks weird. [Buuuut if it kept Luke warmer.] But I guess that doesn't really matter here.

Yay! Love! <3

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n_n <3

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and now it's your turn for bother - dorm bathrooms?? sometime that first week idk

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[Luke isn't the only one who got something fancy for the new year - one of the sinks and mirror is currently occupied by his counterpart. Asch is leaning forward intently to fiddle with something in his hair, his hairbrush carefully balanced on the edge of the sink. If Luke looks a little closer, he'll probably recognize the hairpins Asch is adjusting - they were their mother's, after all.

At the sound of someone behind him, he looks up, then promptly looks back at the mirror, grumbling under his breath.]

You actually look like nobility for once.
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[His poking will get a growl and a smack of the investigating hand in response - not too hard, but hard enough to make the point.]

Is there some reason I shouldn't?

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one way, or another~

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is it a paper plane too

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Luke, outside floor fifty-four, friday the third of January?

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[Ion had never been particularly fond of the doll shop floor--at least not since the time he had become a monster who had ripped apart a couple of his friends in its very aisles. Nonetheless, he was taking a moment to linger at the entrance before he moved on down the stairs.

He had to get over it sometime, didn't he?

His gaze tears away from the unsettling display of dolls when a familiar figure approaches. First, the Fon Master smiles. Then he beams when he sees what his friend is wearing.]

Luke! You look great! Did you recover that from home?
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I see! I got this, myself. [Ion gestures toward the staff he carries in one hand. It felt as if it had been so long since he had been afforded it, but the weight of the staff was so familiar in his hand it was as if it had never left.]

But I think clothes are rather useful.

[Especially after his had gotten so uncomfortably bloody.]

Especially when you don't really know how to sew.

[That last bit is added with a bit of bashfulness.]
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[Luke - Sewing Room-Evening] - 51

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[ Tear actually finds him there trying to work on something and walks over to him, and speaking curiously. She wonders why he's hanging out in the sewing room and what he's been focusing on. ]

Do you need some assistance, Luke?
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[ Tear watched curiously as he attempted to do that, but seeing him attempting it was also very diligent of him. She kept her usual expression, even though he seemed to sound a bit demanding when he said that. It was Luke after all. She had deal with this kind of personality before. It shouldn't be too difficult, she hoped. ]

It is quite easy if you look at it carefully and insert it slowly.

[ The fonist replies as she shows him but not after removing her gloves so that she had a better grip on the needle and thread. She then shows him how she threads her needle. The small tiny thing of thread was inserted through one end and out the other. She then lets it roll out a foot or so, before cutting it off and making a knot at the very bottom. ]

Here you are, Luke.

never too late :x

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