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this is beginning to feel good, watching you squirm in your shoes

Characters: Jason, open to characters who are in the labyrinth
Setting: the labyrinth
Format: party-style
Summary: Fighting Jason and other fun labyrinth activities.
Warnings: violence, gore, disturbing content, Animus event
Note: Most of this thread will be used for fighting Jason. Doing things in the labyrinth that are not fighting Jason is perfectly fine, just use the subthread here!

[Jason moves, when he's really running, something like a spider. Arms shift and twist over each other as he does so, though he never seems to get tripped up on them, and he's quick to respond to any sort of movement near him by keeping away with it. This time, it doesn't seem like he's looking for a fight. He's made it to the edge of the labyrinth, and he's feeling about for something, but whatever he's searching for he doesn't seem to be able to find it, and his frustration is obvious. If there's fear, he's hiding it beneath anger.

He still has his abilities, but he doesn't seem to be able to escape the labyrinth. And, considering everyone else in the labyrinth is alive, he doesn't seem to have his kill switch either.

Good luck.]
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To the rescue! Open to anyone who wants to meet him or needs help - or wants to evacuate

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*Enoch is not deliberately looking for Jason. He's never wanted to kill him. Never wanted to kill anyone. So instead, he's looking for injured people. The fatigue from volunteering for that machine is no longer so bad anymore - his endurance levels seem reasonably human. For someone not quite as athletic as he is, unfortunately.

His only weapon is an orcish sword with a bent tip - clearly meant as last resort, it couldn't possibly be very effective the way the blade has been obviously misused. That's tied to his jeans with a bit of gauze - which is what he's carrying in his hands. Two rolls of it. He'll attempt to patch up anyone he finds - anyone who is injured - and will either ask them to follow him or carry them if their injuries are severe.

On the off chance that he does encounter Jason for some reason (he is wandering randomly, after all), he will raise both hands in a gesture of meaning no harm and back away, though if Jason is not clearly threatening he may attempt to talk, as well.

But chances are, he will be encountering others. Hunters will be urged not to kill prey, at least, and he'll tell them he can get them out of there if they follow him. He will try to draw people not interested in fighting Jason towards the center of the maze to facilitate escape.

All that said, would anyone care to have an encounter with someone in a hospital band (reading 011) but not a gown?*
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[Enoch's not alone, or at least, at the moment he's not—David's trudging alongside the heaven-sent warrior-scribe, also armed with an Orcish sword of his own.]

[David's having some difficulty keeping pace, thanks to volunteering to donate power to the Tower earlier last month. Part of it is the fatigue—but, like Enoch, it's been getting a little better. The bigger problem is that the power donation shut down all of his suit's systems—the suit is no longer providing motor assistance, he can't fly, and he can't cloak.]

[Suffice to say, the weight of that armor is much more apparent when it's not pulling more than its own weight.]

[Still, David looks absolutely determined not to let this get to him. He glances up to Enoch.]

'Kay, how're we doin' dis? Split up an' try an' find who we can? Stick together?
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[Arturia seems to have the easiest time of their little party so far. Despite still having some fatigue from last month, she is pleased to find she is able to summon Caliburn once more. The true Caliburn, not the fake the Glamour system allows her. It's unusually heavy in her hand, but she can accept that.

Right now, she's sticking with Enoch, walking on the other side of her blonde friend.]

Perhaps keep to small groups. The biggest danger would come from being caught completely alone, but we would still be able to spread out.
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The best part of waking up is a rescue in your cup!

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[—oh, hey! David didn't see Arturia there!]

[... he's almost as short as she is, give him some credit. David quickens his pace a little and leans forward to look over at Arturia on the other side of Enoch.]

Yeah, good point. An' I ain't in a position to do scoutin' like I normally could.

[David's gaze seems to fixate on Caliburn. That is some serious bling of war she's got there. And yet, strangely familiar ...]
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So Folgers is the SWAT team?

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[It's more meant to be an ornamental sword, but its blade is indeed quite sharp and so long as she doesn't push it too far it should not break.]

None of us are in our top condition and there's no telling how confused some of our allies might be. They may think we are part of some trap in the Labyrinth sent to mess with their minds. I would not put it past Ruana when it comes to one of her games.
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Apparently so!

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Right... *Enoch looks at Ruana's gift to him - had it been her last act of kindness?* ...I didn't think that they might...

*He trails off, trying to think of a way around it. He finds nothing.*

How do we prove we are as we appear?
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And Juan Valdez is the SWAT team leader!

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We're not wearin' dem hospital gowns, for one. You saw how everybody was wearin' one on da screens?

[As for any other means ... David muses on that quietly, but can't seem to think of anything more.]
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We can't. We have to hope they believe us and, if not, knock them out and bring them back to the elevator while unconscious.

[Not the method she approves of, but what choice did they have?]
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I hope we don't need to do that... I wonder if we even have the strength to do so at this point.

*So far, though, no one. Is everyone trying to find Jason rather than staying put?*
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[David holds up the back of his free hand to Enoch and Arturia, as if he were showing them a watch.]

If I had da ammo handy, I coulda tased 'em.

[David drops his hand before looking back toward the passages ahead.]

But no use worryin' about what we can't do. I know I seen some heroes back home use a technique for puttin' people to sleep when dey gotta ...

[But could he replicate it just by what he remembered seeing of it? That's the question ...]
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[They're either trying to find Jason or trying to avoid everyone else, most likely.]

If we can't convince them we might have to do that. Hopefully they'll still be reasonable.
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We can only hope... It may take all three of us, if it comes to that.

*Sure, they haven't had adequate sleep, food, or water, but they have powers and all three of them have...unreliable ones.*
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Two of us to pin 'em down, one of us to put 'em to sleep?

[David idly scratches a cheek with his free hand.]

I think it worked like ... dey'd get deir arm around dier neck an' squeeze lightly. Guess it had somethin' to do with da veins in your neck or somethin'. Think it'll work even with dese collars?

[He tries not to think too hard about the fact that the collars are really just part of the same film-and-wireframe body as everything else.]