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don't you mess with a little girl's dreams

Characters: Ruana
Setting: the labyrinth
Format: prose
Summary: Ruana finally appears.
Warnings: graphic description of cannibalism, gore, horror

It was a given all along that Jason would die--he stills with his head nearly torn off his body and a sword in his heart. The atmosphere in the labyrinth shudders to a halt, too, as if everything Jason created has paused to make note of his death. But then the stillness grows eerie and uneasy; shadows elongate, and the stillness goes unbroken out of an inability of anyone in the labyrinth to move or speak at all.

The walls of the labyrinth sink into the ground, revealing Jason's corpse to all who might still live within the labyrinth. It also reveals Ruana, who makes her first appearance this month. She steps as if in a dream across the floor, her bare feet on the ground the only sound, until she reaches Jason's corpse. Although Jason cannot hear anything anymore, she speaks to him anyway.

"Do you know why you were killed?" Ruana's voice is high and sleepy, far from her normal lively tones. "I do not approve of traitors. You understood that. You knew that. But you still manipulated my dear Zo. You made him give you one of his rips in space and then you abused it. You were just too cruel."

She crouches down, pats Jason's head and adjusts it like a girl might to a newly broken doll. "I don't know if I would have caught you if everything that happened last time you were in charge didn't happen, so I thought it would be fair if everyone else got to kill you instead of me just doing it myself. That was the prize--maybe I lied to them a little, but never like you did."

Leaning down, her face inches from Jason's, bright, clear eyes staring into dull, dead ones, Ruana smiles. "I don't blame them for hating you--you were always one-dimensional."

And then she begins to eat him. She swallows up his head first, crunching through bone and flesh and brain matter, not pausing once. She works down and swallows him up with a ceaselessly voracious appetite and a stomach that never seems to bulge out or grow full. Eventually, there's nothing left of Jason at all but the blood that leaked out of him earlier, and even that she's licking off her fingers.

Ruana shifts, then--her teenage body seems to melt away, revealing a younger self. A child that some might recognize from various visions of the past appears. It's as if Ruana never aged a day since then. She yawns and blinks at everyone, as if properly seeing for the first time.

"Good morning."

The spell is broken--everyone can move again. But pressure is building up in the labyrinth, centered around Ruana herself. Staying is certainly a bad idea.
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David wasn't anywhere near the fighting with Jason—he'd been focused on trying to rescue as many of the "contestants" as he can find. As much as Jason deserves justice for what David's seen him do (and for who knows what else he's done that David hasn't heard of), that's best left for others to handle. David was certain that if he were to fight Jason in his present condition, he'd maybe get one good swing at the admin before getting killed.

Besides, there was no telling how the other admins would react to the rescuers who have come to evacuate their fellow Tower residents. No, David would best serve the people of the Tower trying to get them out of here.

That's what David was thinking, right at the point when everything seemed to suddenly stand still, including himself.

At first, he's alarmed—did the admins finally notice the rescue party? What're they going to do—use that instant kill switch Zelda had spoken of? Drop monsters on everyone and watch them die helplessly? No—wait, the walls are coming down.

David realizes he's not so far away from where Jason fell. Certainly close enough to recognize the corpse on the ground as Jason's—and who is that girl with him? She looks sort of young—

... oh.

Oh man.

Even after everyone's freed of ... whatever it was that bound them into watching Ruana's method of disposing with Jason, David can't help but rubberneck and gawk Ruana's way for a few moments more. The mounting pressure will motivate him to get moving again, but—not just yet.
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