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Log 031 | Tower of Jenova Phase #2 & Finale

Characters: Sephiroth, and those that might try to stop/interact with him. Also Open Mingle for reaction purposes. (Tower of Jenova Phase #2)
Setting: Commencing mid-morning 23rd March. Locations: Dormitory 02-06, then on route to Floor 23 post-Killswitch
Format: Prose/Action as necessary 
Summary: Sephiroth's power level reaches a tipping point. He retires to his Dormitory for channeling more of his energy than he has yet thought to attempt. Using Reunion as a tool he flips a Killswitch in all those Tainted and instantly sucks all of the energy accumulated from the Deaths, and the Tower itself, together in one go. Causing a complete failure of the Tower's power; all Glamour and Power systems drop.
The result - finally he manages to break his cage. 
There is only one thing left to do, find an exit from the Tower (Closed NPC Prompt)
Warnings: All the warnings including but not limited to: OP-Sephiroth, out-of-body experiences, glamour breaks, mutations, body horror and character death. 

Prompts as in below: 
-Mid-Morning 23rd March - Dormitory 02-06/Hallways [Open]
-Post-Killswitch Reactionary Mingle [Open]
-Sephiroth post-Killswitch, on route to Floor 23 [Open]
-Floor 23 and Onwards [Closed: NPC Thread]

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[The elevator opens casually--there's no particular security on it beyond what Sephiroth already bypassed. It's lit in eerie red, however; a reminder that everything but the most basic emergency power has been shut down.

The elevator closes once Sephiroth walks in--and then the whole thing shivers and pulses, once--and Zo is there.

Even without glamour, he looks much the same, except for being spectral: he looks rather like the ghost of a child. He appears behind Sephiroth, as if blocking the closed door.]

What are you doing?
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[This elevator is simple enough: there are only two buttons in it. One is labeled RESIDENTIAL and the other ADMINISTRATIVE.

Zo, meanwhile, stares up at Sephiroth with a childish sort of anger.]

Where do you think you'll go?
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[The elevator begins moving, but after an instant is screeches to a halt with the sound of grinding gears.]

You can't leave. You'd die.
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What about everyone else? [Sephiroth can pass right through Zo, as if he weren't there at all. Zo seems to break into mist, but he reforms behind Sephiroth. The doors don't budge.]

You hurt them.
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[The elevator doors themselves open, revealing the barrier shimmering and keeping him locked in.]

They're not yours to play with!

[As Zo shouts, the barrier ripples angrily.]
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[Thousands of spectral hands appear, originating from Zo's form.]

You don't get to make demands.
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[The spectral hands seem to grab at the air before rushing toward Sephiroth's sword--but they bring the air with it as Zo finds the very barrier separating the air from everything else and forces it forward.]
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[The air collides with the barrier--and swallows it up as Zo moves the barrier of the air here. The sword will go next, turning into air as if nothing was there at all.]
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[Zo's entire body glows, shining with sharp light as the hands come forward and rip and tear and push and pull--they pierce Sephiroth in the most literal sense of the word. They pierce Sephiroth's existence as much as they pierce his body, and they begin to rip and tear at it, pulling pulling pulling until the tendrils of energy holding it in place snap with thick, painful sounds.

It is only through Zo's own power of will that Sephiroth's very essence doesn't shatter into a million irreparable pieces. Of course, Sephiroth's sense of awareness is left in his body while Zo leaves with his self, left in unimaginable pain for several minutes until he finally falls unconscious and dies.]