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010; to the morning we're cast out

Characters: [AU1] Kanaya Maryam ([personal profile] gloomyapoplectic) and you!
Setting: Room 1-13, cafeteria, floor 3, floor 69
Format: Starting action, will match!
Summary: Kanaya used to think there was nothing worse than waiting alone for the end. Turns out that being alone after it puts it all into perspective.
Warnings: Sad, moodswingy trolls.

room 1-13 closed to 1-13 residents

[She went to sleep expecting to wake, as always, to the dilapidated lab on the meteor. The metal she finds in her line of vision instead is cleaner, sleeker, and undeniably familiar, especially when she accounts for the momentary paralysis in her limbs.

When she can finally move, Kanaya sits bolt upright, already trembling with an awful mix of anguish and relief. She tosses her head this way and that, confirming with her eyes that she is, indeed, once again in a Tower respiteblock.

Red fills her vision as tears prick at her eyes, but at the same time, she can't help but laugh, a hysterical sound still halfway to a sob.

She's back. She's not alone anymore.]

floor 1 - cafeteria open

[Kanaya eats the shitty oat-based breakfast slop greedily, even though it has about as much taste as the sheets on the Tower sleepsquares. She changed out of her white jumpsuit and into the outfit with her favourite coat as soon as she had the presence of mind to, even though she knows that the ensemble is just glamour. Her chainsaw rests on the floor behind the seat she occupies.

She might be the only one so excited to eat such flavorless crap. Made even stranger by the fact that after she's done, she goes to get another bowl and eats that just as enthusiastically.

Trolls are weird.]

floor 3 - library open

[As teenagers tend to do, Kanaya gravitates towards the terminals in the library once she's finished with her meal. She was ejected from the Tower shortly after the glamour failed and Ruana informed everyone that they would die within a year (which she now knows to be about half a sweep), but...well, she didn't exactly keep close track of time while she was gone.

When she catches sight of the countdown, she starts visibly, a hand flying up to cover her mouth. The number was so much higher when she left! It definitely felt like she was gone for a long time...but is this really all the time they have left now?

Kanaya flags down a passerby in the library and asks:]
I do not intend to interrupt any task you may be attending to, but I would like confirmation on the accuracy of this countdown. [She indicates it on the terminal screen with a point of her finger as she speaks.]

floor 69 - clouds open

[So she had missed quite a bit in her absence, it seems. She's...happy to be back, because it means she's no longer alone, even if it means she'll have to endure the whims of the administrators. But it's not going to last, and Kanaya doesn't know the first thing she can do to help.

She comes upon the cloudy floor on the way up to floor 73. Perhaps it's curiosity or perhaps she missed the sight of clouds, one of the warmest and most familiar things she recalls from dreaming on Prospit's moon, but after tentatively making sure she wouldn't immediately fall through, Kanaya steps onto the floor proper.

It's...soothing here. A good balm for her agitated mind.

Kanaya gives herself a bit more space from the stairwell and sets her chainsaw down so that she can seat herself atop the soft clouds. Maybe she'll stay here for a while. Just until she's less stressed.]

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