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[dated from 4/16 on] // ja, ich bin viel stärker, als ich je gedacht hab

Characters: Waver and/or anyone; this is meant to cover throughout the week starting from the 16th, and I'll add in prompts if any are needed!
Setting: Hidden floor: one prompt for Waver specifically and another for talking amongst your fellow potential infiltrators.
Format: Any
Summary: Waver has information to share and the populace has tactical espionage action to plan; this is also meant as an overall information-sharing/strategic planning mingle so have at it!
Warnings: Nothing yet.

[A short and simple post was left on the network, the person that wrote it not having stayed long enough to answer any responses:]

I have an important document of sorts to share with anyone interested. For the foreseeable future, I can be found in the one location secure enough to not have anything overheard.

Of only slightly less urgent importance, I also need to speak with anyone else that was involved in recharging this place's energy.

-Waver Velvet

P.S. If your name is Sephiroth, expect to be forcibly thrown out.

[As soon as he'd punctuated the last sentence, Waver left and headed directly to the hidden floor. That was sure to be straightforward enough; he just hoped it wouldn't draw the wrong sort of attention.]
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[David caught the message late on the 16th, when he was about to post a query to the Network after considering his options. It's a good thing he's gotten to know the secret hideout so well, otherwise he wouldn't have a clue as to what Waver was implying.]

[So it is, David comes floating into the hideout, flight system active. He doesn't speak up right away—rather, he takes note of the ... maid? Is this another Tower resident?]

[... Well, if Waver's got a bodyguard, it pays to be polite. So, David gives the maid a raised hand in greeting.]

Heyas, uh—just goin' to see Waver.

[He'll wait for a moment or two to see if the maid responds to his presence. If not, well ... he'll head on in and look Lord El-Melloi II.]
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[David's head turns to look over to where Waver is.]

—Oh, construct! Arright den.

[To his credit, David doesn't look too weirded out or unsettled. More like he mistook the maid as being more than a minion. Either way, he disregards the maid and floats over to Waver, closing to within a more conversational distance.]

So what's happening?
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[And that news, however blunt it is, makes David's expression darken.]

... So, Aria was right on da money.

[The ambiguity of Riki's actions makes David glad he didn't actually try and speak to him about getting ammunition. He can see why Reno is so distrustful of all the admins in the first place.]

So what are we doin' about dis?
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[David nods in agreement.]

Dere's not a whole lotta people who've got deir real stuff back, right? Not gonna do any good goin' after Riki when dat glamour gunk's under his thumb.

[But that's only something he's come to realize after talking with Enoch during their library spree a few months back.]

What other options we got?
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So—it's either we go an' have a chat with 'em, or we sneak around his part of da Tower an' find out what he's up to.

[David readjusts the cigar in his mouth for a second. Between Waver and himself, David doesn't think taking the diplomatic route would work. Unless somebody like Enoch or Romeo went to go talk to Riki, maybe. But if Riki had lied about the power failure, how can anyone trust what else Riki might say or do?]

Well, if you an' Aria are organizin' some stealth mission, I can help out with dat.
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Organizin' or handin' it off—either way, I'll help out. Had to take da stealthy option plenty of times before.

[David gives Waver a lopsided grin.]

Sometimes you just don't got da time to put down every goon before stoppin' a crisis, yanno?
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[David shrugs his shoulders ever so slightly at Waver's resolve not to take part in this more than he has. Whether Waver won't go down because he feels ill suited to the task, or if the dangers inherent in doing so are too much, Waver's done enough to get the word out about this. If David can't pull this off, surely there are those in the Tower who can.]

[Still, he's got—potentially—one last question for the magus.]

Is dere anything else 'bout dose floors you can tell me?
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[David looks off to the side—to where Reno's been keeping his notes. Even has he continues speaking, he heads on over to the stack of papers, intent on doing some reading.]

I oughta look over dis stuff again, while I'm at it. Reno had me write some stuff down, so maybe ...