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[dated from 4/16 on] // ja, ich bin viel stärker, als ich je gedacht hab

Characters: Waver and/or anyone; this is meant to cover throughout the week starting from the 16th, and I'll add in prompts if any are needed!
Setting: Hidden floor: one prompt for Waver specifically and another for talking amongst your fellow potential infiltrators.
Format: Any
Summary: Waver has information to share and the populace has tactical espionage action to plan; this is also meant as an overall information-sharing/strategic planning mingle so have at it!
Warnings: Nothing yet.

[A short and simple post was left on the network, the person that wrote it not having stayed long enough to answer any responses:]

I have an important document of sorts to share with anyone interested. For the foreseeable future, I can be found in the one location secure enough to not have anything overheard.

Of only slightly less urgent importance, I also need to speak with anyone else that was involved in recharging this place's energy.

-Waver Velvet

P.S. If your name is Sephiroth, expect to be forcibly thrown out.

[As soon as he'd punctuated the last sentence, Waver left and headed directly to the hidden floor. That was sure to be straightforward enough; he just hoped it wouldn't draw the wrong sort of attention.]
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[After his meeting with Waver late on the 16th, David's going to be spending a lot of time in Aria's secret hideout reviewing the notes and papers that Reno has kept there for perusal. Anything he can find on the administrative towers, or past incidents that might give him a better idea of what to expect.]

[He's available for anyone who wants to talk to him, though. Especially anyone wondering just what a short old guy in a suit of bulky olive-drab-and-gold armor expects to do on a mission like this!]
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[Sheena's also searching for information they can use to get into the towers, and when she hears they might have what she's looking for, she heads to where the man on the green and gold armor, her expression curious.]

Have you found anything interesting that we can use?
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[David looks up at the unfamiliar voice. He glances back at the loose collection of papers before him, and then back to her. ... Yeah, he's pretty sure he's never seen her before. Even with as quiet as the Tower's been as its energy reserves draw nearer to depletion, there's still so many people he doesn't know.]

Not much. But dere's a lot here, so I might've overlooked somethin'. Found dese, though—

[He holds up two papers in specific—one, Reno's dossier on Riki and a report on psychoradiation, particularly notable since the report mentions that at psychoradiation becomes more intense as one heads toward the lower floors.]
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[No, they've never met before. The Tower's been pretty good at keeping people apart--like throwing them outside unexpectedly. She knows it was an accident, but it still bothers her that such a thing could have happened; however, if it hadn't happened, she never would have seen what was hidden at the base of the Tower.]

Wow. There is a lot here, isn't there? [She chuckles.] Sometimes, though, you get lucky and find something without even realizing it.

[She points to the report on Riki.]

Is it okay if I look at that? I'd like to know more about the person we're going up against.
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Haha, wow, I just now caught where I'd written "administrative towers" than "floors." I'm a dork. XD

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Yeah, sure—

[David holds up Riki's dossier for Sheena to take before glancing back over at the rest of the pile, setting the other report on psychoradiation down before him.]

Reno's one of dem government agent types, far as I get. If dere's anybody who's been down dere before, he's gotta have a report on it here. ... Somewheres.

[David frowns a little, readjusting the cigar in his mouth as he does so.]

Dis thing on psychoradiation—[Here, he taps the relevant document with a finger]—dis might be a problem. An' prolly explains what it was I was feelin' when Ruana made a snack of Jason.
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I didn't even notice! And you're not a dork!

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[Taking the dossier, Sheena sits in a nearby chair but doesn't start reading.]

I haven't met him yet, but I think I know who you're talking about. There was a party when I arrived and there was a red-head named Reno there. [She looks at all the information gathered and nods in acknowledgement.] That's impressive.

[Sheena glances at the other report, her brows furrowing.] I, uh, wasn't here when that happened. [She had been the "prey" and gone by that time.] But what were you feeling?
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[David looks back over to Sheena, nodding once. He didn't notice her on the on the monitors when Ruana was broadcasting her "game" to the rest of the Tower, before the residents went down to rescue everyone with Aria's help. So he's assuming she hadn't been part of it at all.]

Well, see, Ruana set up some kinda sick game where she had people huntin' each other—an' den she dropped Jason into da middle of it, an' told everyone dey'd "win" if someone could kill 'em.

[He looks back at the report again.]

Someone did, an' well—Ruana ate 'em. Den she wound up turnin' into a little girl—which I guess is related to why Jason looked like some kinda freaky bird guy without his disguise—an' when she saw us, she said "Good mornin'." An' den, well ...

[David grimly readjusts the cigar in his mouth before continuing.]

Started feelin' like bein' underwater, kinda. You know how da deeper you get, da heavier it feels on ya? Like dat. I didn't stick around long, didn't wanna find out what'd happen if I did.
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[Oh dear...She had definitely been a part of the game; she just hadn't survived.]

I know. [Her voice is soft, but it also has a hint of steel. She's not too fond of what Ruana had put the others through.] I was there. False promises and setting friends against each other? That doesn't sit too well with me.

[Then she's looking at him in surprise.] Is that what happened? I had heard he died, but I had no idea Ruana was behind it. I just thought it was a continuation of the last fight we had with him.

[And the eyebrows grow higher.]

She ate people? Wait... I think I heard about that. [Had she? She thinks she had, but now she isn't so sure...] I can't remember, but it sounds familiar. As does the illusions. But which illusion is the real one for Ruana? From what I understand, she had been experimented on as a child, right?

[Her questions stop as he describes what happened.] It was like a pressure? Did it feel like it was from the inside or the outside? [Either way, she has an idea of what would have happened, having seen similar things on her own world.]
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Sorry for the delay!

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[David looks taken aback that the woman says she was there. Maybe he just wasn't paying attention to the cameras at the right time—? He'll probably chalk this up to Sheena's ninja skills later during the infiltration, but for now ...]

[Well, best to answer her last questions first.]

Uh—guess it was a bit of both. Like I could feel it in my head, but I was also gettin' it all over. Way more powerful dan psychic stuff I'm used to fightin', but with less, uh—control.

[David pauses for a moment before continuing to answer Sheena's questions.]

Far as Ruana's past goes, you got me—[He glances at Reno's notes before looking back up to Sheena.]—maybe it's in da reports here, but I ain't aware of dat child experimentation stuff. It'd explain why she turned into a kid suddenly ...

[He trails off, too caught up in the implications of what Sheena's brought up. There's still so much he doesn't know about what's happened in the Tower—such as why Jason even looked like the spindly bird-man thing he did without the glamour, while Ruana looks like a little girl.]
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No problem!

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[Sheena nods when she sees his reaction. She had been there for the game, but hadn't seen Ruana eat Jason because she hadn't survived "playtime" after a few days. She had heard about things after her return.

But, she won't clarify things for him unless he asks because she'll grow angrier--and she's plenty angry right now.]

So, it came from you and around you? Maybe from the others in the room? [It sounds like Ruana had been connecting them somehow.] It may have been unexpected, that's why it was hard to control--like learning magic can be. [Or so she's heard.] And you fight that sort of thing back home?

[She shakes her head.]

Her story could be in his notes, but do we really have time to look? I think it's enough to know that she's acting like a kid... [She pauses a look of wonder on her face.]

I just had the strangest idea....
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[David looks back up to Sheena. He's curious as to what's on her mind, though he first responds to the questions she posed.]

Psychic stuff, yeah, I see dat at home a lot. Lotsa supers with psychic powers out dere, but dey don't all use 'em da same way—an' not all of 'em can do da same stuff in da first place. If Ruana's powers're completely psychic, she's on a whole 'nother level. Might even be stronger dan Sister Psyche ...

[Wait till he hears that Ruana's the likely culprit for the destruction of countless universes—if he ever does. For the time being though, David glances down at the papers for a moment before looking back up at Sheena.]

So—what's dat idea ya got?