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Characters: TEAM 'POKE STUFF WITH A STICK AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS' (which is still open to anyone topside!)
Setting: starting at Floor 56, extending to the other terribad floors (16, 26, 43, 44, 59)
Format: starting in prose, either is fine in comments!
Summary: The exhaustion effects are worse on certain floors, so time to get our investigating on.
Warnings: Standard Tower warnings apply (psychological horror, possible physical horror, I'll edit this if worse comes up)

It wasn't a bad plan. 'Look for something that doesn't belong and see if it's on the other bad floors, and if it's there, we'll figure it out'. It was simple.

That, of course, meant things couldn't possibly go easily, Feferi thought as she made her way down the stairs. Still, she remained optimistic as she approached the entrance to floor 56.

"All right. Let's do this."

She tightened the grip on her trident. The monsters might have been gone, but who knew what else might be lurking? Better to be ready for anything.

[OOC: Now with shiny chip searching and EMP team threads!]
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Floor 56

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[He hates this floor anyway.

Almost as much as Sephiroth feels the too-noticeable way his energy feels being drawn out of him by a straw the moment he steps out from the stairwell into the hospital ward. He's one of the group of them that has already had their reserves depleted by checking out another floor before coming up to the Hidden one in the first place.

Almost within a minute the floor sways beneath Sephiroth as the first prickling of hallucination threatens to break into reality for him; he's keenly aware that he can't let it and for one moment questions whether it's a good idea for him to be here. What if they are being watched?

He pauses and rests his forearm against a nearby wall, peering after Feferi.]

If it's anything like -what I saw on another floor- Electronic chips.
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Looked like-

[Sephiroth lurches into the wall he'd been resting against, face pressed against it, as to him the room tilts that way. He grunts audibly and then manages to reset his focus and stand back up straight. He eyes Feferi as she clings to the trident; at least it's not only him this time. Makes a change.

He knows of the chips-that-broke-the-Glamour only from a third party but knows enough about it to at least make a comment-]

-wouldn't that be ironic.

[Daring to take steps away from the wall, Sephiroth peers around from his position for any thing that looks like what he's seen before on the jail floor. He keeps having to blink double vision back though, and each time he does it pulls a little more at his energy- not helpful.]

We shouldn't linger on this floor for too long.
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[He's not quite hearing voices himself, this time. Just as well, though it seems the hallucination is just this double vision to him this time around. He squints at Feferi as she continues to brace herself.

And then like that she manages to focus beyond it. Sephiroth forces his gaze away over to the nearest hospital gurney so that she doesn't accuse him of staring when he had been. He leans his back against the wall some more under the newest sway of the room but for the time being seems to be able to ride it.

He's just going to have to not pay any attention to that draining feeling, in order to get this done.]

-we need to find these chips.

[He's not turning to leave, torn between having his focus pulled at and needing to focus on getting the job done.]

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on floor 15 searching floor 16

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Fervor mei sanguis.

[He was careful not to enter the floor yet; better to save that for when it was necessary and the energy drain couldn't be avoided. When whatever was down there needed to be dealt with directly, then he could risk his life like an idiot.]

[From the workshop floor, Waver poured out a vial of liquid mercury that immediately began to move; it came to life and slipped downstairs, forming a tall serpentine figure as it stopped on floor sixteen.]

Automatoportum quaerere. [In response to Waver's invocation, the liquid rooted itself to the stairs and immediately split into multiple thin tendrils to reach out through the air to begin searching.]
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[Ken watches Waver, leaning on his spear a bit.]

One day you're going to have to teach me what that stuff means.

[Yes, teach the tiny Japanese boy Latin when his English is still terrible, this cannot possibly go badly.]
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All I learned were basic incantations, along with a handful I developed later. I certainly can't speak the language itself. [Shrugging, Waver lit a cigarette and watched the flowing mercury.]

The initial invocation could probably be roughly translated to 'let my blood boil' or something similar. 'Automatoportum quaerere' is just 'automated search', which is exactly what it sounds like.
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That's... Latin, right? Or Spanish. One of those kinds of languages.

[The hell if he knows.]
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Latin. If I were to guess, I would say my predecessor likely thought making it answer to plain fucking English wasn't sufficiently dramatic. So I was stuck inheriting a weapon with a nigh-unpronounceable name that only took orders in a dead goddamned language.
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... I keep forgetting that you're speaking English.

[He scrunches up his face while he tries to think.]

Mai E... Engrish iz notto... notto goodo.

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w e l p 1/2

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Floor 26

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[Grainne is getting tired just from standing on the staircase, but she rubs her forehead and forces herself to go on. She's a Servant, she can last longer than this.

Taking a deep breath, she summons her cup in preparation for her search, but pauses when just summoning it takes too much energy.

All she wants to do is sit down... but that would be a death sentence at the rate this drain is.

With a wave of her hand, she sends the first of her water orbs inside the morgue.]
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[Diarmuid is suppose to be resting--he had promised Waver--but after sitting still for so long and not really feeling any stronger, he just can't sit still anymore. There is just too much to do and as long as he can still move at all, he wants to be helping. That is why he has made his way--much more slowly than usual--to the 26th floor. He was thinking of checking out the 16th floor, which is the lowest affected floor, but he can sense Waver on that floor and running into him is just going to mean a trip back up to the hidden floor.

He is surprised, though, to find that Floor 26 isn't empty. Grainne looks so tired, though, that he can't just pass by. Perhaps if they work together, they can get through the floor a little faster? It's not exactly an easy one to check, after all. It might not be a bottomless pit like Floor 16, but it does have a lot of places to look.]

Mind if I lend a hand?

[They might not be getting along that well, but he trusts her to know this isn't the time to deal with those things just like he knows it isn't the time. That can come later when they aren't being drained of their very life forces.]
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[Grainne starts slightly, not expecting his voice of all of the ones that stayed above. She almost has half a mind to send him down to Sixteen to help with Waver, but with the drain being so strong...

She nods.]

I can do it on my own, but it takes more effort than I thought... You... haven't seen it yet, have you?

[She points to the glowing up in front of her, and it's obvious where she got the drawings on the note she sent him weeks ago.]

If you could place some of my orbs before I start the search, that might help. Don't get any on your face by accident.
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[Diarmuid shakes his head once his attention is drawn to the cup, but doesn't speak. He's too busy trying to keep himself from reaching out to touch it and the familiar faces on it. It's a reaction similar to the one he had when he saw the drawings, but in this case, touching would be a big mistake. It's part of her soul as her Noble Phantasm and he has no right to touch that.

After a few moments, he finally draws his eyes away from it and nods, moving toward the room. He stops, though, just before entering the floor.]

Don't let it touch my face?

[It seems like an odd request.]

It is safe to let it touch other parts of my body though?

[How else will he place them?]
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[Giving him an annoyed look, she pulls the cup closer to her as if she knows what he was thinking, and pushes the water orb she has hovering over to gently bump him in the chest.]

No, it will make you grow dragonfly wings and shrink you to the size of a mushroom unless you're very unlucky, where it will give you pointed ears and a strange fascination with red clothing.

[Being this tired, it's not unusual for Grainne to be cranky and easily annoyed. At least she's limiting it to a few bad jokes...]

Why would I say only your face if it wasn't safe to touch otherwise? Don't you recognize it? It will not harm you as long as I am not attacking and even if you do get it in your face it will not harm you, but I do not think you will like the effect.

[Rubbing her cheek with a finger, she shakes her head and pours several more orbs out of the cup.]

We have no time to be talking about this now anyway, I do not want to spend more time here than I have to.
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[Diarmuid pokes the orb with a finger.]

Well, then I'm doomed. The ears wouldn't be so bad, but I look terrible in red...

[A small smile curls the corner of Diarmuid's mouth and then vanishes as he becomes more serious. It is her Noble Phantasm, so of course he doesn't know the details of how it works even if the cup itself is familiar, but now isn't the time to ask. It's the time to get things done.

He moves the the orbs to the door, ushering them inside. Before entering himself, he pauses to look back at her.]

I will position them in the first half of the floor. The second half I should be able to search myself.

[Since time is of the essence, Diarmuid doesn't wait for a reply. Instead, he is off in a flash to get the orbs set.]
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Stairwell - Floor 44

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[It's been hard going to get down to this floor. The exhaustion pulls unrelentingly at all of them and for those that had already started at a lesser-level of energy than others it's starting to take it's toll.

Despite all of his persistent pausing to get over this-or-that hallucination, or simply refocus himself into staying awake, at somewhere passed Floor 50 Sephiroth misses his first step on the way down. An uttered obscenity is hissed as he lands hard, half-way up a stairwell, with steps jarring his back on account of his height; well, that certainly woke him up more.

Though adding the dull throbbing of regenerating bruised flesh to the sensation of having ones life being sucked out only proves more of an encumbrance and Sephiroth falls behind by the time the group reaches Floor 44. His collar is lighter than before and he's using the wall to carefully guide himself down each set of stairs.

He sits on the bottom step leading onto the landing of Floor 44, with his head rested against the wall. Watching the others through heavy-lidded eyes as they split into two, three-

He just needs to rest, if only for a little while.]
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/slides in here

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Well now.

[Chidori's feet come into view, having witnessed the fall and paused before turning back. Her tone is light and neutral, as is her expression- though her arms are crossed and her posture is, for all intents and purposes, somewhat smug. Being used to being sapped of energy by things she cannot control, Chidori is an expert in pushing herself well past her limits without letting on.

Watching him falter is... satisfying.]

I didn't think it had gotten quite that bad just yet.
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[Two dark blobs on the floor directly in front of Sephiroth pass in and out of focus between heavy-lidded squint-blinks of his eyes. He's very nearly asleep with his head against the wall like that. He doesn't think they are feet at all.

He thinks he hears something mumbled above-down at him though and though he didn't register what was said it does prompt Sephiroth to roughly set his jaw and make the all-too difficult motion to turn his head up at her. White face within a bright red mass of hair is all he really sees. Though somewhere in his half-awake state he knows he's being talked to, and then catches up with the dialog after a delay. Stubbornly he blinks a few more times and shakes his head -narrowly missing bashing it on the side of the wall- as if to dispel this recent almost-undeniable wave of tiredness.

He is better than this. Everyone else is holding it together and he's the one that's flaking. Never mind the weeks he's had before this, never mind that he's already exposed himself to these more-affected floors before, Sephiroth should be better than this. Yet, his ego is still bruised even if it is coming together again- so that thought is second guessed as he narrows dark-rimmed eyes up at the face he assume is there but can't make out the details.]

Speak for yourself.
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I am so sorry about her right now

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I am still on my own two feet.

[The reply is smooth and cold, arms adjusting as she shifts on her feet slightly. Granted, she isn't sure how much longer she will stay on her feet- but she's more than glad to lord the fact that she's managing over him. Her mouth twitches upward, the expression it forms on her face mild but nonetheless mocking, and there is the faint rattling of chains in her hands as she begins to pace slowly in front of him.]

Were I in your position... well. People in glass houses, and all that.

[Her movement forward is sudden, sliding into his space with little pretense for caring about his comfort with her closeness, bending at the waist to peer into mako green with pale gold.]

But since I have you here- a chat, if you would be so kind.

[It is very obviously not a request.]
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hahaha excellent /chinhands

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[People in glass houses.

He hears the chain rattling more clearly than the words Chidori speaks at this point, though he's sure that's supposed to be some kind of back-handed insult. Forcing himself to sit upright and somewhat against the step above him Sephiroth blinks in surprise at the sudden invasion of his personal space. So close, too close, and all too quickly. He flinches visibly but fortunately for Chidori the reaction doesn't extend into physical movement where before he would have pushed away in a reaction like a taut spring being released.

However his eyes want to just close at being glared at, Sephiroth keeps, for the most part his eyes focused on Chidori's. Eventually, pupils focus properly into his distinguishing slits set within dimly luminescent green.]

What do you want?

[For the time being at least Chidori has managed to give Sephiroth something to focus on and so it's easier for him to push-aside his near overwhelming urge to sleep.]
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/face in hands Chidori no

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Your... stunt, before. The... infection, of sorts, that you spread among those in the tower.

[Her tone is surprisingly even for someone talking about an event that hurt and killed so many, even as she tilts herself a bit closer, hands slipping to clasp almost nonchalantly behind her back.]

My brother was one of those.

[The tonal shift is sudden- but immediate and nearly palpable.

Or maybe that's just the fire that ignites up one sleeve.]

I feel I must ask if their suffering- his suffering- was well worth it. After all, you hardly had friends before- I can't imagine the situation endeared you to anyone.

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