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just this once, everybody lives!

Characters: Everyone.
Setting: Anywhere.
Format: Party style.
Summary: Post-Ex Machina catch-all mingle.
Warnings: See individual threads.

[After a long, drawn out battle, the infiltration team returns to the residential portion of the Tower, weary, battered... but victorious. Some catching up is in order.]
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[By this point, Samus has long-dismissed her half-a-power-suit and has taken to walking a bit slowly - even with Yukiko's healing, that strike she took from the electro-whips still smarts. Her slower pace is all she's doing to show it, though. There's a slight air of relaxed relief about her, however.

Truth be told, she was expecting to be walking back with a lot less people - if she got to walk back at all. She's certainly not complaining, however.]
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Is this happening on the Hidden Floor?

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[Samus might be trying to hide that she's still smarting from the way Riki weaponized the Machine Room, but the targeting systems in David's helmet can make out that she's not been completely relieved of her injuries.]

[So here comes a man clearly over the hill and yet wearing his own suit of powered armor, floating through the air as if he were skating on ice.]

Heyas, you still needin' to get patched up?

[Oh, and that thick Rhode Islander's accent, can't forget that.]
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Residential area, going by the OP.

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[Glancing over, Samus blinks for a moment before realizing that this was one of the guys getting up close with the panels.

After that registers, she shakes her head, then waves the idea off.]

I'll live, but thanks.
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Oh, whoops. XD;

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[David looks a little skeptical of that—being in the "hero biz," he's met his fair share of those who will walk off injuries for that extra charismatic or intimidation factor.]

Well, arright.

[David changes the subject, giving Samus a grin as he does so.]

Nice work back dere in da machine room, by da way, with da panels. You made it look easy.
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No worries!

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[Samus' is more stubborn personal pride, and being picky about who she shows vulnerability to.

Samus half-chuckles, looking a little sheepish.]

Just doing my job. Not my first outing with nasty situations like that, for better or worse. I'm just glad it didn't live up to the reputation I've heard about.
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Sorry about the delay! Disk imaging went OK and chkdsk fixed my hard drive, I'm good to tag now.

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[David nods a few times. That's certainly true of most everyone who was down there, but what Samus says at the end piques his curiosity. He tilts his head a few degrees inquisitively.]

Riki had a rep for dat kinda thing? Before all dis, I thought he was one of da better admins. Ya know, maybe not completely one of da good guys, but better dan Jason.

[Or, Ruana.]
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[ Loken has returneed a bit faster, and put his armor back on so he reeks of burned flesh less, and smiles a bit as he sees Samus. ]

Victory. It has been a while since I've said that word.
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[Garviel gets a thumbs-up and a small, but genuine grin.]

Yeah. I can't say I share the accomplishment as much as you all that've been here longer, but I understand it.

Good work getting in the thick of it back there.
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I'd hardly be Astartes if I didn't. STill, good to fight with you again. Our comrades are all we have here, with so little connection to our own worlds left over.