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Endgame: Gathered on This Beach of the Tumid River

Characters: open
Setting: all around the Tower from the 25th of May to the 1st of June
Format: any
Summary: A general mingle for all characters throughout the Tower.
Warnings: Standard Animus warnings; please note anything specific in the subject headers of your threads

[The Tower is stagnant, the only signs of activity confined to the second block. There isn't much time left; it might be a good idea to rest and do whatever strikes your fancy before the timer hits zero.]
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[David turns to look over at Xion.]

What letter?

[He hasn't thought to check his mailbox—but seeing Xion's expression, and that paper she's holding onto, in addition to what he saw the units doing on the Second Block ... he can only assume that things are hitting the fan in a big way.]
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[Yeah, the rather blunt question earns a withering look in his direction, before holding the piece of paper up.

What did you think.]
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[If David feels rebuffed from Xion's reaction, he isn't showing it. Instead, he leans his head forward subtly to examine the letter. It's not really necessary for him to do so, and it's probably not all that obvious given the visor on his helmet, but he squints in a scrutinizing way as he reads the paper.]

[After a moment, he pulls back, frowning.]

Great, she's up to da haunted house tricks again.

[... Which is downplaying the implications of pissing Ruana off, and he knows it—but maybe displaying some typical superhero bravado might help prevent Ruana from messing with people's minds and their resolve.]
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[Yeah, it doesn't really work on Xion. Sora was always better at keeping up a cheerful front, and making people feel all the more confident from it, for her. Perhaps because what he did was less bravado and more optimism.]

I guess, if you could call it that.