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Endgame: Gathered on This Beach of the Tumid River

Characters: open
Setting: all around the Tower from the 25th of May to the 1st of June
Format: any
Summary: A general mingle for all characters throughout the Tower.
Warnings: Standard Animus warnings; please note anything specific in the subject headers of your threads

[The Tower is stagnant, the only signs of activity confined to the second block. There isn't much time left; it might be a good idea to rest and do whatever strikes your fancy before the timer hits zero.]
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[Startled into action by the tearing of metal, David's flight systems flare to life. He leaps about a foot into the air, swiftly unholstering his assault rifle—]

[—before realizing he still doesn't have any ammunition for it. Damn you, muscle memory. He lowers the rifle to put it back on his thigh holster, which causes him to take note of what was written into the ground.]

[David is silent for a moment. Then, he grits his teeth, bursting into action again as he hastily puts the rifle away and draws the Orcish sword from his belt.]

S'go time, huh?
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[Likewise, Veronica had raised her sword to fight, only to remember it was still fake and probably wouldn't do much anyways. Still, she holds it out and takes a defensive stance.]

Seems like it is.
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[David glances around the room at the others. In the commotion caused by Ruana's "announcement" to those hiding away here, he can't quite make out what the others may be planning to do—and he's not sure how good of a fight he can put up against Ruana or those units with just a sword ...]

Somebody come up with a game plan yet? 'Cause I got nothin'.
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Me neither, unfortunately. My weapons are probably useless.
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All's you got is da simulated goopy stuff, right?

[David glances down at what Veronica's got. The sword catches his immediate notice.]

I think dat'll still work. Just ...

[David's voice trails off a minute, as he looks vaguely uncertain.]

Since it's Ruana we're dealin' with, who knows if she'll let us get dat close.
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You think....

[She'd watched one of her swords melt against a wall during the infiltration. She could listen to him, but maybe it wouldn't work.]

If she wont let us, we'll have to find an opening ourselves.
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[David doesn't respond right away, except for a silent nod. He knows very little of Ruana and what she's capable of, being a relative newcomer to the Tower and having missed out on a lot of the sick games Ruana liked to play with the residents. After a moment of silence, he looks back up at Veronica.]

You were dere when she showed us her true form, yeah? After she ate Jason?

[David's thinking back to that now, what he felt at the time: tremendous pressure derived from psychic powers, easily the equal of Sister Psyche's. Nothing good could have come from staying, but what exactly would have happened if someone tried to attack her right then and there?]
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[Veronica blinked. That question wasn't exactly something she'd expected. She nodded slowly of course.]

I was. I was one of the people thrown into the maze.

[In fact, she'd been one of the closest to Jason when the walls came down and he was devoured. And she'd been one of the first to run.]
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[Damn, he didn't notice her there either on the television screens. Maybe he just wasn't watching at the right times—again. Still, that means she saw it firsthand, so she'll know what he's talking about.]

You remember what it felt like back den? Kinda like gettin' dunked underwater but not?

[He readjusts the cigar in his mouth for a moment.]

Whaddya think woulda happened if someone went for her right den an' dere, would dey have had a good shot at it?
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That it is, my homeboy. Best hope you prepared for war in a time of peace.

[He walked past him, gas mask and suit on. While his rifle glowed blue with the power he had end used into it. Making faster and hit harder than before. Seriously, he really hopes that everyone here took a moment to plan and prepare for what was just a very obvious inevitability.]
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[David turns about to face Mitchell, responding as he does.]

You're usin' da term "peace" loosely, right—

[... That voice is vaguely familiar. Vaguely. It's been a whole year, coincidentally, since these two met in person, and since they were wireframes at the time (and will be again soon!), David doesn't quite recognize Mitchell.]

[But that rifle in Mitchell's hands? Yeah, that's getting a look of surprised jealousy.]

Hold up. Ammo? You got ammo for dat thing?