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Hurting [Open]

Characters: Romeo and passers by
Setting: Dormitory level
Format: whatever
Summary: Romeo doesn't like his job too much, and he doesn't feel too well

Romeo was sat outside one of the bathrooms leaning against the wall, hugging his legs curled up to his chest. He didn't feel very well, he had been doing his job all morning, cleaning the bathrooms just like he had been told but he had been getting more and more tired and dizzy.

His left wrist was all blistered where he had spillt some of the cleaning liquid on himself and it hurt a lot. Romeo was no stranger to hard work, but he had never got this tired cleaning chimneys.

Piccolo wasn't with him, after the first time when Piccolo had tried to sniff at the foul smelling cleaning stuff Romeo had left him in his room when he went to do his job. So Romeo was sat alone. He scrunched his face up, because he couldn't cry. He didn't cry, not even when things went wrong, he had to keep his spirits up. He punched the air a few times before leaning back. "I hope all the Black Brother's found you in heaven Alfredo," he said quietly, "And I hope you don't forget all about me!"

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