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Characters: Lillet and YOU.
Setting: Dormitory level, Room 1-03 to start.
Format: Whichever you like. ♥
Summary: A little witch wakes up in yet another creepy tower. Panic ensues.
Warnings: A few GG spoilers possibly?

If the unfamiliar ceiling she woke to didn't panic Lillet, the oppressive weight keeping her from moving a muscle certainly did. Without her hands, she couldn't draw a rune, without the ability to speak, she couldn't call for help. By the time the paralysis had worn off, she was ready to scream. Luckily, she suppressed the urge and worked on keeping her breathing steady instead.

Where am I? She thought, as she managed to sit up and get a better look at the room through her dizziness. It isn't the Tower, that's for sure... Maybe it's a trick. I don't hear any bells, so it can't be the Stone--

Oh, there was a letter. She stopped swaying, and leaned over to retrieve it. Maybe the written word would succeed where frantic thought had failed; she opened it with a sense of relief. Here was an explanat-- No, wait. That wasn't an explanation, that was a nightmare.

"The entire world? No way!"

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Oichi has wandered, and wandered, and wandered. She does not return to her dorm room besides to check the contents of her trunk, and sleeps wherever she falls, generally during the day. As such, she has not run into many people yet; she has yet to sleep, the morning sun trickling through like drowning, and she continues to wander.

She's in the dormitories, just having changed her clothing from a yukata to her armor, and she steps unevenly through the hallways. And then she hears the chirp of a bird. And oh, how she missed that sound-- that song. How beautiful it is. She sways and goes towards the sound, realizing halfway that it wasn't a bird at all but the voice of a woman.

Standing in the doorway, Oichi looks Lillet over with near tangible contempt.

"The birdsong is gone," she says. "But, because of you, it stopped... you killed that little creature, that sweet little bird... ohhhh, how could you do such a thing, such a terrible thing..."

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"Ichi has not heard a song for... ever so long..." She steps forwards, tilting her head till it touched her shoulder. "However... you say that you're sorry... you wouldn't lie, would you? Maybe Ichi can forgive you, maybe, maybe..."

She comes closer, an arm's reach from Lillet, and sits on the floor. "But Ichi knows the people here, she's seen them all... going about their merry little ways, their pretty little dances... Ichi has never seen you before."

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Oichi looks her over curiously, her golden hair and foreign features, her delicate hands and the white jumpsuit. She's beautiful, Oichi thinks.

"Lillet, Lillet... you are a beautiful lily, how wonderful... You know, Ichi likes flowers... the delicate stems, the gorgeous petals, their green leaves... so, Ichi thinks, perhaps we could be friends... friends are good, this tower is so lonely... Ichi won't pick you, not yet..."

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Canada woke to voices, speaking lowly enough that the rest of the room seemed to still be sleeping. She watched the two girls speak for a moment before chiming in.

"Oh, you must have arrived while we were asleep," she started, but then clapped her hand over her mouth at interrupting and gestured the other two girls on.

"I'm sorry, continue."

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Ah. A warmth fills her heart. How long has it been since she had a friend? She cannot remember. So she nearly smiles, this odd quirking of her lips the closest thing she can do, and her eyes light up. Yes, she can be useful... She slowly comes to her feet, and is startled when Canada speaks. Oichi looks her over curiously for a moment before returning to Lillet.

"Ichi knows the hallways, the layout of this place... Ichi has seen every inch, so go ahead, by all means, ask away..."

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Canada stayed silent as they spoke, waiting for a question to be directed her way or to fill empty space. She couldn't recall seeing Ichi before but that did not mean she was new, but Lillet obviously was.

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"We've been taken away," Ichi informs them both, slowly looking from Lillet to Canada, "to an enchanted tower... it will not bend, it will not break. We are perfectly cocooned, wrapped in the spider's fine silk..."

If it wasn't obvious before, Oichi's probably not the best person to ask serious questions to unless you want weird answers.

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Canada hesitantly butted into the conversation, chiding herself over and over again for being so rude.

"We've only met 4 men, who seem to have divided duties among them. The spider...the leader I suppose? Our kidnapper? I'm not sure they exists."

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"Yes, the one who took us here," she answers, hiding her smile behind her hands. "Such a crafty creature... let us tire ourselves out struggling, struggling, struggling... then, you see, it will eat us whole..."

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She shrugged, waiting to hear what Ichi had to say on the matter.

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"Ichi doesn't know what they are," she says. Oichi had never actually read the note, so looks Lillet over curiously.

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She finally sat up properly, resisting the urge to reach out and hug the girl.

"We don't really know. No one tells us."

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Oichi doesn't say anything. She just reaches out for Lillet and instead of her flesh and blood fingers, the darkness that seemed to creep around her feet rises up and gently tucks a lock of her long blonde hair behind her ears, smoothing the rest of it down. It's meant to be soothing, but Lillet could easily find it the opposite-- after all, hands made out of darkness are petting her head.

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Canada remained silent, unnerved a little by the display of supernatural powers, but it seemed kind. She didn't know what to say or how it would help anyways. The temptation to just leave the two girls alone was rising and she reached back for Kumariie.