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Characters: Spain, open to everyone~
Setting: Fourth Floor.
Format: Action or prose; I'll just follow along.
Summary: Spain's just returned after her window washing chore, resting her nerves.
Warnings: TBA

Window washing. Spain read and reread the letter given to her about her new 'job' and the instructions. Shouldn't be that bad, right?

Apparently it was pretty bad; dangled outside of the tower on a gondola with only a few ropes holding her up and a lot of windows to cover left Spain a little frazzled, and once that's over, she quickly retires to the fourth floor, curled up on one of the couches there.


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Lillet isn't quite at the level of producing words yet. She just staggers after Spain and over to another of the couches. At which point she flops down with a quiet noise of exhaustion and plans to stay there for the next week. Thinking and speaking can wait.

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Romeo was up on the fourth floor staring out of the window, he missed the blue skies of Milano so much and wished there was anything out there that wasn't fog. He turned to see Spain enter and curl up on one of the sofas, "Hello miss Spain!" He smiled from where he was stood at the window, "Are you alright?"

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"Hello miss Spain!" Romeo sat down, "What happened? Why are you scared?"

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Romeo tilted his head, "Is that your job? It's very high though! You have to be careful you don't fall miss!"

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Romeo nodded, "But you have to be extra careful because it's so high! I was always careful when I cleaned chimneys but I fell off a roof and broke my leg still! So make sure you hold on extra tight!"

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Romeo wriggled a bit as Spain hugged him but she had always been nice to him so he let her. Piccolo ran out of his jacket and started to nibble at his ear to get attention before nosing at his coat pocket.

"Oh!" He reached in and brought out some slightly squished bread that he had saved from lunch, "Are you hungry from your window washing?" He held out the bread with a smile.

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Romeo shuffled his feet, "Oh, it's okay miss if you don't want it I guess it's a bit squished, you can probably make better food..."