Characters: Sir Lancelot, aka the Servant Berserker, and All & Sundry
Setting: All Around the Tower
Format: Prose and Action are Both Welcome
Summary: Having just lately arrived, Sir Lancelot is in search of his Master
Warnings: No Warnings at Present. Unless you are a Monster, then look out.

Your world has been destroyed...

Lancelot, for he knows himself at the moment, is largely unmoved by the strange letters. He destroyed his own world long ago.

At the moment he is more concerned with his immediate surroundings, the mysterious clothing (and the collar) on his body, and the absence of his Master. His last memories before waking are of fire, of wind, and of thwarted rage. But he feels nothing now save a grim wariness. If this is indeed a Reality Marble, it is a mysterious one, and might contain anything. If an event caused by the Grail itself, then he can only meet what will come. If a device of his Master's-- Lancelot finds himself less than pleased with the idea.

Alone in the room where he has woken, he wastes no time in materializing his armor, and, as the situation seems an unusually urgent one, his sword. Both are as black as ever. His helm he leaves, as in carrying his blade he will be known regardless. He does not open the chest.

Reaching out to his Master, Lancelot is gratified to detect a faint pull. He will follow it, wherever it leads.

The Dormitory Hallways )

The Cafeteria )

Floor 10: The Aquarium )

Floor 25: The Meadow )

16 January 2013 @ 04:29 pm
Characters: Mana (replies will come from [personal profile] futurechild ) and you
Setting: Various places in the tower
Format: I’ll match whatever you do
Summary: Mana’s been in the tower for at least 8 years and has learned how to fight from Monster. Though she’s still more interested in books and other supernatural things she’s become more like her mother in quite a few ways.
Warnings: None right now

Dormitory / hallways

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Floor Three

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Floor Nineteen
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Characters: A [personal profile] Shiki here, a [personal profile] Shiki there, everywhere a Shiki! Also probably other people.
Setting: Floor one, the cafeteria.
Format: Quick/Action
Summary: Someone's doppelganger from the moon arrived and so they must do the dance of their people. Which apparently means fighting judging by all of the other Shiki posts.
Warnings: One of them has a nasty aura, but really a whole lot of fightan. Will warn for other stuff it comes up. Also obnoxious text because this post needed another dose of awful to it.

it's like her business, roughing up your friends as the law )
23 December 2012 @ 03:42 am
Characters: Shiki (Tohno), Shiki (Nanaya) and anyone else!
Setting: Floor 4 hallway
Format: Either's fine!
Summary: It's never too big a disaster to take a short murder break.
Warnings: Violence. Just... Yeah.

Everyone has to die, so dying here is no big deal, right? )