19 January 2013 @ 11:22 pm
Characters: AU!Sora/Saki Konishi/AU!Majora
Setting: All around the tower, considering this is a catch-all post for the event
Format: I'll switch to match you, but starting in action
Summary: A catch-all backdated post for the event for all of the above.
Warnings: Uuuuh, I'll change to add if any come up

[Sora can be found in various places around the tower, ten years older and wearing dark armor befitting a knight. He's gained quite a few skills, and he's matured, too. He won't react the same way he used to, and is perhaps a bit more polite.

Saki Konishi is, if caught, also about ten years older. And she holds herself completely different. She's not the shy girl anymore, and is in fact much more confident--if a bit quieter. She's dressed like a ninja you see in TV shows, and there's a ring on a certain finger.

Majora, meanwhile, has matured greatly--from a teenager to a woman. She's not the kind to just curse people willy-nilly anymore, and instead freely gives out advice. Unlike the two above, she has been here for a few thousand years. And she's much more fun to be around, taking the horror in stride and simply being there for others. She especially can be found in places that are open enough for dancing.]

[OOC: Decided to do a catch-all, because it's neater and because it's easier for me to track right now. It also means I'm not spamming with event posts. please, specify where and who they're interacting with!]
24 November 2012 @ 12:06 pm
Who: Majora and YOU!
Where: Meadow floor!
When: Backdated to before the event
What: Majora is miserable since Fierce Deity left, and is currently wallowing in her feelings. But it's left her more depressed than angry.
Warning: None for the moment! Majora may throw a temper tantrum later, tho.

Without you )
19 October 2012 @ 07:31 am
Characters: Majora, Fem!Link and Princess Zelda
Setting: the Meadow
Format: Action
Summary: Majora has died and succumed to her costume after reviving. Now she seeks to spread chaos... And two people are on the unfortunate receiving end.
Warnings: Death, a bit of gore if possible, violence

Let the blood spill )
23 September 2012 @ 11:47 pm
Characters: Majora and Fou-Lu
Setting: Music Room
Format: I'll start in commenspam, then change to match you!
Summary: Majora's trying to distract herself and resist all urges to chase after the Fierce Deity.
Warnings: None!

[Majora is occasionally full of regret. It's a fairly foreign emotion, given her years as a cruel goddess. But right now, that's what she's feeling, and as such, she's trying to distract herself by dancing while the instruments play themselves. Little does she know, she'll meet someone new today.]
11 September 2012 @ 11:13 am
Characters: Majora and Ganondorf
Setting: Meadow Floor
Format: Initial commentspam, I'll change to suit!
Summary: Majora is finally giving Ganondorf his lessons in shapeshifting!
Warnings: Uh, just Majora and Ganondorf being themselves?

Let's play )
25 August 2012 @ 12:41 am
Characters: Majora and YOU
Setting: Cafeteria
Format: I will change to suit
Summary: Majora's not happy with all this. She's tired and most of her clothes are gone. Oops.
Warnings: None as of yet! Given Majora, this might change.

[Majora doesn't like this. Not one bit. She has one set of clothes now, and this has her upset. She may be a shapeshifter, but she still likes having her own actual clothes. So for now she's lounging at a table, pouting and mumbling while she watches her cucco peck at the ground, looking for anything edible for it.]

Looks like I'm gonna have to learn to sew, Krait.
05 July 2012 @ 12:02 am
Characters: Majora and YOU
Setting: All over the Tower for Reasons
Format: I will match you
Summary: Majora returned from the pods to find the mask she had in her trunk missing. After tearing up her room and it finally sinking in it was stolen, she is going on a rampage.
Warnings: Majora is going to likely try to curse or kill people who get in her way. So, uh, that. Also, Cucco.

And it's gonna be big )
29 May 2012 @ 03:08 am
Characters: Marty and EVERYONE ELSE. Start your own threads, mingle, make CR!
Setting: Floor 38, the big lounge floor just under the dorms, BEST STORM VIEW
Format: Your choice
Summary: STORM WATCHING PARTY! So the power is out and there's tons of thunderstorms. But don't let that get you down, WATCH THE THUNDERSTORMS! Also pancakes and coffee.
Warnings: STORM WATCHING ! Lots of thunder

Marty had enough of the darkness in the tower and the creeping monsters, so when he looked at the mass of pancakes the automatic pancake maker had made, he loaded them up along with the coffee maker, coffee, the syrup, and toted them all the way up to Floor 38.

There was no way he was going to let those massive stacks of pancakes go to waste, and this was the closest floor to the dorms that actually had some place to hang out, so he set the pancakes up as a sort of continental breakfast, and sat watching the storm.

What he hadn't expected was the people to start trickling in.
27 April 2012 @ 07:18 pm
Characters: Majora and YOU
Setting: Everywhere!
Format: I will match you!
Summary: Majora's pride got her killed by the monster on Floor 24. And now, she's angry. Very angry. Time to sling a few curses around.
Warnings: Majora being angry and cursing people. (Please fill out her permissions!)

Curses upon curses )
Characters : Open to any and every villain in the tower
Setting: Thirteenth Floor (Cathedral)
Format: Prose for the reunion, but Action for the individual threads
Summary: Ganondorf decided to organize a reunion for all good people in the tower to coordinate and cooperate. He’s not the kind to go and recruit people one by one, so he spread the rumor that a reunion was about to happen on the 13th floor, this way all bad guys could get word of it. Here is the reunion. More details here.
Warnings: EVIL. If a good guy interrupts the reunion he’ll be killed or worst.

And in the Darkness bind them )
20 March 2012 @ 05:43 am
Characters: Majora and YOU!
Setting: Dorm 1-13, the cafeteria and the aquarium
Format: Commentspam preferred, but I'll do prose!
Summary: Majora has woken up in the tower.
Warnings: Majora being Majora

Let's dance! )