30 November 2011 @ 02:43 pm
Characters: anyone who got sent "home", anyone going to rescue them
Setting: your world?
Format: any
Summary: Post your nightmare world! Travel to other nightmare worlds! Save people from nightmare worlds!
Warnings: general angst/horror warnings for now

my heart's far far away home is too )
27 October 2011 @ 04:06 pm
Characters: Post!surgery Dean, his roommates, his would-be heroes and killers.
Setting: Room 2-10 | spanning the month, potentially
Format: Starting brackets; flexible.
Summary: Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for Dean. Castiel will be there to put him out of his misery.
Warnings: Results of horrific surgery, angst, character death.

The eyes of God are not upon us. )

( ooc: If you would like to set a thread dating before Dean is killed, for roommate conversations or visitors during the span of the month, that is also acceptable! Just let me know in the subject if that is what you're doing. c: )
17 October 2011 @ 12:08 am
Characters: Castiel and all of you.
Setting: Either of the two libraries: take your pick.
Format: Prose or brackactions, I'm okay with anything!~
Summary: The angel is hearing voices. Good thing or bad thing?
Warnings: TBA.

calling from above... and I know they may seem real, these signals of love )
09 October 2011 @ 03:56 pm
Characters: All those who were expermimented on if they want and everyone else
Setting: Cafeteria, morning
Format: Whatevers easiest
Summary: Those that were taken a week ago are left in the cafeteria, changed and somewhat broken. (I'm starting with Romeo, and then everyone can just make their own threads/reply to each other/tag around. I just thought this would save 8 very similar different threads)
Warnings: Horror, description of body modification horror, trauma, angst, unplesentness. Probably lots of anger

No matter what they had to keep living. )
30 September 2011 @ 06:26 pm
Characters:Taiki and others
Setting: Starting in room 2-18, moving into the coridoors
Format: Take your pick
Summary: Taiki wakes up and goes exploring!

Where was he? )
26 September 2011 @ 12:14 pm
Characters: Keiki and YOU
Setting: Dormitory second floor.
Format: ANY
Summary: oh there's a unicorn kirin in the tower.


wait why is it on a bed. Why did it just summon creepy demons from its trunk.
Warnings: pissy emotionally-atrophied kirin.

huh. )
21 September 2011 @ 01:15 am
Characters: AU Feferi Peixes, anyone else (hopefully signless and crew! <3)
Setting: dorms, room 1-07
Format: i'll match!
Summary: Fefs first encounter with Condesce wasn't exactly the most fun one. She was, after a bit of a fight, promptly culled. Now shes awake and upset.
Warnings: mentions of death, possible cursing, idk!

Feferi hadn't expected to wake up from that encounter.
What was weirder was that she couldn't even move.
She laid in her bed frozen and alarmed, desperately trying to get her body up and moving. It took 10 minutes until she could finally move again, flinging herself out of her bed and clattering to the floor. She was woozy and wobbly on her feet, holding onto the bed post to steady herself, breathing heavy and erratic. 
"Oh my cod..."
She stumbled towards the door, determined to find her ancestor friends and inform them of the situation at hand. 
The Empress was here, and she wanted Feferi dead-- and had already accomplished it once. 
13 September 2011 @ 09:59 am
Characters: TAVROS AND ANYONE THAT WANTS TO JOIN IN? Mingle forever guys. Make new threads and respond to other threads as much as you want!!
Setting: The stairs.
Format: Starting with action, but I can match!
Summary: A katamari of people going down the stairs.
Warnings: ... Stairs. Lots of stairs.

11 September 2011 @ 09:20 pm
Characters: Terezi and you!
Setting: Dormitory hallways
Format: Action to start, but I'll match!
Summary: Clearly the giant, plain white walls of the tower make the best canvas.
Warnings: Nope

Read more... )
07 September 2011 @ 04:35 pm
Characters: Anyone participating in Leashes Event
Setting: Entire Tower
Format: Party Style
Summary: A general open post for finding partners in the Leashes Event.
Warnings: As a party style post, you create your own threads. If you have questionable content in your threads, please warn in the subjects.

As the tower awoke to the leashes binding them to the others, they were of course curious. And those who weren't...well perhaps the person on the other end came to find them. Knowing who you're attached to and feeling is probably for the best.

Nothing seems to be just what it seems in this place after all.

[[ We created a mingling post due to popular demand. Of course if you've already created a post you don't have to use this one! It's just for those who haven't gotten to that point quite yet.]]
05 September 2011 @ 12:16 pm
Characters: Charles Xavier and everyone ever?
Setting: Dorm level 2, around the halls.
Format: Prose, but I'll match brackets as well if anyone prefers it!
Summary: Charles has just woken up not too long ago and is confused and trying to figure things out. Stairs. Stairs defeat him.
Warnings: PG for confused telepath.

Out of all the things in the world, stairs were now his greatest enemy. )
02 September 2011 @ 10:28 pm
Characters: The Doctor, the suggestion box, and YOU!
Setting: Right by the suggestion box, in the afternoon
Format: Aaaaaaaaction!
Summary: The Doctor yells at a box that is not the TARDIS, for once.
Warnings: Nothin'

[Hey, is that The Doctor with his nose right up against the suggestion box?

What is he even--]

Roranicus Pondicus!

While I am very much aware of your rather large, and quite frankly unmissable nose, that is no excuse for you to stay in there!

Characters: Castiel and all of you.
Setting: See under the cut.
Format: Prose or brackactions, I'm okay with anything!~
Summary: Castiel explores the new floors, being socially awkward as usual.
Warnings: TBA.

Forgive me Father, for I have been very socially awkward. That and I might have sinned a little. Just a bit. )
15 August 2011 @ 10:58 am
Characters: Bart Allen/Impulse, and YOUR MAJESTIC SELF.
Setting: IN YOUR ROOM.
Format: Starting with brackets. Anything is fine.
Summary: Impulse is poking his head inside your room. What more do you need?
Warnings: None.

10 August 2011 @ 10:26 pm
Characters: A dead scientist, a deadly phantasm, and everyone else.
Setting: The infirmary.
Format: Starting with action, but whatever will be will be.
Summary: Whoops. Lloyd failed his saving roll and now something else is lording over the infirmary in his place.
Warnings: Deaaaaath.

it was an ill omen )
09 August 2011 @ 08:18 pm
Characters: Kanaya, Rose, and anyone else
Setting: Room 1-01 with Rose, Hallway with others
Format: Starting action
Summary: Kanaya and Rose were reading when the lights went out! Voices and horrorterrors to come!
Warnings: None so far

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07 August 2011 @ 02:11 pm
Characters: Castiel and Vietnam; other characters are welcome to pop by I suppose?
Setting: Fourth Floor, lounge room.
Format: Action or prose... idk, Amy?
Summary: After a pretty interesting conversation over the network, the two of them are going to put their heads together to sort everything out.
Warnings: TBA

Good things do happen. )
Characters: Loki and hopefully someone else, otherwise this log? Pretty sad.
Setting: Floor Four.
Format: I'm fine with either.
Summary: After the Q&A session, Loki is looking for things. The big one's seeing if he can spot a tree outside, but people to pepper with questions also is on the to-find list.
Warnings: Only that I like terrible puns and so if the thread ends without me finding a way to make one I'd be surprised.

He wished that one of the windows could open. )
15 June 2011 @ 11:10 am
Characters: Homura and YOU!
Setting: Fourth floor.
Format: Starting in prose, will change to whatever!
Summary: The stress gets to her.
Warnings: angst, spoilers, tl;dr

Read more... )
14 June 2011 @ 09:21 am
Characters: America and anyone.
Setting: Floor Four and Kitchen.
Format: Either.
Summary: Even heroes have to sleep!!!
Warnings: -

Sleeping beauty! Get it? )