09 June 2013 @ 08:43 pm
Characters: any
Setting: all around the Tower; please specify the date and location in your subject header!
Format: any/party-style
Summary: A general mingle log for characters to encounter monsters.
Warnings: PG-13; please include any more detailed warnings in your threads if necessary.

05 May 2013 @ 01:56 am
Characters: Xion and open
Setting: Graveyard Floor (Floor 48), Sewing Floor (Floor 51), Cafeteria, Floor 20
Format: Either or!
Summary: Dealing with some event aftermath things finally. Plus some other things as well.
Warnings: Probably nothing?

======= Floor 48 (Partially open) ===========

Where we start to lose count )

======= Floor 51 =======

In which a new direction is taken )

======= Cafeteria (Dinnertime) =======

And now for something a little different )

======= Floor 20 =======

Things from the past, finally revisited )
28 March 2013 @ 01:29 pm
Characters: [OU] Riku Replica and anyone!
Setting: Dorm 2-14 (Roommates only), Option 1: Floor 3, option 2: Night, anywhere
Format: Starting in action, but I'll match you to the best of my ability.
Summary: Rep is surfacing from lying low after certain events and kind of tired of a few certain someones hounding him to get a name already.
Warnings: None currently.

What's the big deal with having something everyone has? )
20 March 2013 @ 12:42 am
Characters: Data, his cat(s) and you!
Setting: Dormitories Floors, Holodeck and the Library.
Format: Starting with action, will follow.
Summary: Data before and during the event. Data gets to see the familiar bridge of the Enterprise, needs to protect his cats from the weather and is forced to continue his duties as security officers in spite of the thunderstorm.
Warnings: None really for now. Data may get struck by lightning and deactivate during the Summer/Thunderstorm prompt, but he'll live.

Before Event - Floor 100 (Holodeck) )
Spring - Dormitories Floors )Summer - Floor 19 (Library) )
24 February 2013 @ 11:57 pm
Characters: Anyone (Animus and Destiny Strings)
Setting: All the levels, with the cafeteria, stairs and the dorms as the safe zones. You can find more about the event here. Remember the stages of insanity for the Animus characters!
Format: Any, start your open posts.
Summary: The tower appears to be overcome with a strange mist.
Warnings: general horror warnings for now

The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind. )
08 February 2013 @ 05:03 pm
Characters: anyone participating in the event
Setting: floor 56 and eventually other areas of the Tower
Format: either
Summary: Welcome to the Tower.
Warnings: horror/creepiness/potential danger/generally unfortunate things all possible

A few minutes before anything happens, Ruana's voice rings out over the Tower's intercom--it manages to be louder than anything the residents happen to be doing. "Hey, everyone, there's something exciting going on at floor fifty-six! Go make sure they don't get themselves killed!"

aperi mihi per tempus et modum in ignaro et invicti animi est )
Characters: Sayaka Maizono and YOU!
Setting: Dorms and Cafeteria first, then various floors listed below.
Format: Actionspam, will follow anything but I'm slower with prose.
Summary: The idol discovers new floors, IT'S EXPLORATION TIME. Care to join?
Warnings: Maybe some creepy mentions, but otherwise none yet.

I hold a chameleon in my heart. )
Characters: Elena, Reno, and YOU!
Setting: Meadow, Floor 25
Format: ANY
Summary: It’s the Tower’s first ever wedding and most of you are invited to watch! Come and participate in a rare event. Watch out, though, there's rumor that the Admins are attending.
Warnings: …..Ruana. 'Nuff said

Pre-Ceremony Gathering )

The Ceremony )
24 January 2013 @ 06:40 am
Characters: Arturia and you!
Setting: Media Room (Floor 14), Eldritch Aquarium (Floor 10), and the Maneating Hedgemaze (Floor 29)
Format: Prose.
Summary: In which the new resident Counter Guardian tries her hand at video games, gets lost in thought in the aquarium, and is almost eaten in the hedgemaze.
Warnings: Potentially lethal plants in the hedgemaze.

More meandering! )

For Zero Lancer )

For Shotaro Sanjo )
Characters: Everyone ever.
Setting: Floor 38- On Christmas Eve and Christmas.
Format: Action or prose, whichever format you prefer.
Summary: CHRISTMAS PARTY! Now that the Jason!Flu is finally over, all the characters can celebrate Christmas in peace (nearly?) and eat some acceptable food that was cooked by the volunteers. The 38th floor is, as usual, the floor where the party happens and has been entirely decorated for Christmas. The Christmas Party will be open for Christmas Eve and the entirety of Christmas. For characters who wouldn't check this floor, the party has been advertised on the network.

As is usual with these party logs, it's free game! Feel free to post a mingle thread for your character as they spend time in the party or an activity (singing, dancing? playing game? gift giving? anything). Add to that, you're free to start as many threads as you want, be they open or closed! Please put in the header your character's name or the activity's name. If a prompt is closed, then please make sure to write it in the header too!

Warning: Fun times?

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way )

Individual Threads [Mingling]
Links to the character individual threads.
Adachi || April || Bernkastel || Catarina || chaos || Chihiro Fujisaki || Colette || Data || Emmett Brown || Frodo Baggins || Gaignun Kukai Jr. || Gamzee [AU3] || Gandalf || Ganondorf || Haldir || Hei || Hidetoshi Hodagiri || Illya Von Einzbern || Kariya Matou || Kazumi || Ken Amada || Lancer || Legolas || Lucifer || Margulis || Naminé || Naoya || Nesir || Professor Hojo || Puru Two || Remilia Scarlet || Riku [OU] || Riku [AU] || Romeo || Saber (Alter) || Sayaka Maizono || Sephiroth || Shion Uzuki & Allen || Shiro || Solas Greine || Suzaku || Taiki || Tohko Amano || Tsubaki Kasugano || Waver Velvet || Yukiteru Amano || Yusuke Urameshi || Zelda
17 December 2012 @ 09:45 pm
Characters: Data and YOU!
Setting: Cafeteria, Your Dorm, Library, Any Floor.
Format: Starting with action, will follow.
Summary: Thankfully enough, this android has been spared the strain of flu spreading throughout the tower. So Data tries to follow the human tradition called "Christmas" and attempts to decorate the Cafeteria. Meanwhile he also investigates the terminals to find information relevant to the tower and the whole administrator business, carries out his duty as security officer and look after his cat… That may or not have ended up asleep on your bed.

Also Data may or not be putting Mistletoe in strategic doorways throughout the tower. It's only for decorating and help the Christmas mood after all, right?
Warnings: None for now.

Cafeteria )Your Dorm )Library )Any Floor )
15 December 2012 @ 12:10 pm
Characters: Shion Uzuki and anyone who wants to brave the gym
Setting: Floor 39/Gymnasium
Format: Starting in prose, but I'll match
Summary: Shion is on a magical restaurant quest
Warnings: Physical violence!

Weight lifting is a great way to fight a flu virus. )
15 December 2012 @ 12:51 am
Character: Labrys and you!
Setting: Dormitory floor three, near room 3-07
Format: Action, but I'll match.
Summary: Kirijo-made or not, Some mechanisms just plain don't work well in extended periods of cold weather.
Warnings: None yet.
deep )
13 November 2012 @ 05:29 am
Characters: chaos and you!
Setting: All around the Tower, as chaos wanders around and learns about this place.
Format: Prose or action. I can go with either.
Summary: chaos wakes up and tries to learn about this new place.
Warnings: None that I can think of for the moment.

Dorm Room 3-06 and the surrounding floor:

chaos woke up with a yawn and rubbed his eyes. He liked to sleep, but he didn't think he'd pass out immediately after saving-chaos's train of thought was interrupted as he sat up and took in his surroundings. This was not the bottom of the Elsa. And he had an odd collar on his neck. However, he didn't panic. There had to be an explanation for this, even if it was weird that he passed out without realizing it and had a collar on his neck. He got up and noticed two letters on his nightstand. He read them both, and while one detailed the layout and some of the things in this place, the other letter had to be lying. If the Lower Domain was destroyed, than he'd be destroyed along with it. Since he was alive, this note was a lie.

Noticing a chest at the bottom of his bed, chaos opened it. Inside was a bodysuit, some gloves, a Bunnie plush, a notebook, a box of curry mix, and..Alice In Wonderland. Despite the situation, chaos smiled. It had been quite a long time since he'd seen a book. Since his dorm room was empty, chaos wandered out, wondering if he'd see the Elsa crew soon, or someone familiar. He'd also need to eat something-which he technically didn't have to eat, it was an enjoyable experience-and find out more about this place.


When chaos wandered into the cafeteria and sat down, a person wearing a red collar put a bowl of oatmeal in front of him before wandering off. chaos could tell that the person wasn't human and guessed that it was a robot or a Realian of sorts. People that were like him usually stayed and talked. While the oatmeal wasn't that tasty, chaos had eaten worse in his long lifetime. Besides, human or not, it would be a little rude to not to eat it when it was offered.

Library (Third Floor):

While chaos was a little sad to see that the history sections had been pulled, he was happy to see that there were so many books. It was a welcome sight after so long. However, as chaos looked through the shelves, he wondered who had pulled them. Who was controlling this tower? That's what chaos thought this place was, from the looks of things.
08 November 2012 @ 12:29 pm
Characters: KOS-MOS ([personal profile] kosmic_angel)and OPEN
Setting: Room 2-13, Dorm halls (ever floor), Floor 27 Lab, Floor 15 Workshop, Floor 10 Aquarium, and anywhere else you want to find her
Format: Prose to start, will switch
Summary: KOS-MOS has woken up in the tower after trying to save the Elsa von Brabant (and Shion) from burning up in Second Miltia's atmosphere. It’s not something she’s “pleased” about.
Warnings: Besides a completely GIVE NO FUCKS android, nothing. Yet.

Mission failed... )
12 October 2012 @ 11:19 am
Characters: Rei Ayanami ([personal profile] terreifying and You!)
Setting: Room 3-15, Dormitory Floors, and all throughout the Tower.
Time: October 12th-16th
Format: Anything is a go!
Summary: Rei wakes up in an unfamiliar place. Oh well, time to explore this world.
Warnings: Violations of private space, possibly

Room 3-15

Read more... )

Dormitory Area

Read more... )


Read more... )

Monsters (Whee!)

Read more... )
07 October 2012 @ 06:12 am
Characters: Roxas, and whatever poor saps walk in to the cafeteria
Setting: Early morning on October 7th, in the cafeteria
Format: Angry, bitter capslock- I mean, I'll follow you!
Summary: Roxas finally decides to retaliate after the tower got him killed again. In more ridiculous terms, Roxas vs. the Suggestion Box round four!
Warnings: Splinters, keyblades, and a keyderp smashing something other than a computer.

the stupidity will not be televised )
05 October 2012 @ 08:32 pm
Characters: Data and YOU!
Setting: Room 2-14, Dormitory Floor Two, Floor Five, Cafeteria, Anywhere Else.
Format: Starting with action, will follow.
Summary: Data is reactivated for the first time within the tower. That probably qualifies as a strange new world to explore. he comes together with his cat, Spot.
Warnings: An android and a cat. Nothing else... For now.

Room 2-14 )Dormitory Floor Two )
Cafeteria )Floor Five )Anywhere Else )