29 April 2012 @ 08:47 pm
Characters: The Anguished One, and anyone else pulled in.
Setting: Floor 38, the upper lounge, and floor 36, where the staircase crumbles.
Format: Any is fine, it's up to you guys. :|b
Summary: For all he knows, he fell during the fight with Polaris. Time to dwell on this! And then later, getting stumped by stairs.
Warning: Sorta-jittery staralien waxing poetic on his angst, followed by also jumping being a very new activity.

He can't even see the stars from here. )
Characters: Kanji and anyone else who wants to join up in the later threads / leave Naoto presents if they know her and/or want to talk with Kanji that day.
Setting: Naoto's Dorm
Format: Action but any is good
Summary: It's NAOTO'S BIRTHDAY. And this is Kanji.

Social Link Building )
25 April 2012 @ 11:34 pm
Characters: Spain ([personal profile] tomatina), open to all
Setting: Dorm; Floor 38; Floor 29
Format: Will follow accordingly.
Summary: Spain wakes up, explores, and maybe possibly freak out a little.
Warnings: TBA

what I am missing, who should I look for )
19 February 2012 @ 09:36 am
Characters: Molly et tu
Setting:  Cafeteria, Halls, Media Room
Format: Action
Summary: Molly has returned!

Molly's baaaack )
15 February 2012 @ 07:22 pm
Characters: Yuuto, and whoever wants to come bother the new arrival.
Setting: Starting in room 2-02, and then to the hallways.
Format: Either. I'm starting off with prose.
Summary: Yuuto goes exploring because like hell he's going to stay here.
Warnings: None. For now.

Come, let me tsun on you. )
01 February 2012 @ 01:00 am
As the chosen residents approach the elevator, two retrieval units will be waiting to hand out a sheet of paper to each person. These sheets of paper contain the instructions for their game, as well as a number placing them in one of four groups. The groups will be called one by one into the elevator and, after a long ride down, will be released into an empty version of the Tower identical to the one they just left, with two differences: in place of the countless dormitory rooms are just enough rooms for each group member to occupy one, and each door is made of wood. Inside each room is a candle, a knife that will cut the skin of the person wielding it and nothing else, a blank piece of paper, a book of matches, and a container of salt. Once in their rooms, they are to begin The Midnight Game.

Midnight Game Instructions )

Groups )