17 May 2013 @ 09:25 pm

Characters: Ara Haan and you.

Setting: Pick any floor that is reachable via Elevator. You will bump into her while she is in state of panic, and you might try to calm her down.

Format: Prose I guess; and will match you.

Summary: Ara explores around the tower, clueless, panic, worried, confused...all hectic.

Warnings: None for now.

She is not a cybaby..well, perhaps. )

15 April 2013 @ 09:54 pm
Characters: Eve, Raven, Elsword, and OPEN
Setting: Various locations during the rebellion event
Format: Prose because lol what dialogue, will change to brackets if you prefer.
Summary: Eve returns as a D-rank worker unit. Her mindless self isn't much for fascinating interactions, but when she malfunctions? Hoo boy.
Warnings: Obligatory body horror and violence.

[Various floors - Mindless]
all of us )

[Various floors - Malfunctioning]
all of you )

[Floor 70 - Closed to Raven & Elsword]
counting to the last breath we take )
12 April 2013 @ 12:02 am
Characters: Moby, Reby, a bunch of confused Nasod Scouts, and everyone but Eve herself.
Setting: Room 1-11 / Floor 15 / Various
Format: Opening with brackets, but if you feel like prosing it's no big difference to me.
Summary: Eve has been taken by the retrieval units, leaving behind a small army of extremely confused robotic servants.
Warnings: None

Room 1-11 )

Floor 15: Workshop )

Various Floors, day/night )
10 April 2013 @ 10:27 pm
Characters: Elsword and you. Yes, you over there.
Setting: Room 3-08, Floor 1, Floor 25 and any floors with monsters (nighttime).
Format: Whichever floats your boat
Summary: A not!shonen protag roams around the place.
Warnings: Idk, dorkiness with a tinge of angst?

Room 3-08 )

Floor 1 )

Floor 25 )

Nighttime )
Characters: Raven; OPEN.
Setting: Dormitory Room 1-16, Floor 25 (Meadow), Floor 48 (Graveyard), Floor 11, any floor with monsters
Format: Action to start, but I can match.
Summary: Attempts at figuring out and practicing an ability he hadn't been aware of until recently, then it's graveyard fun, talking to ghosts in what probably is an unhealthy manner, and monster killing.
Warnings: Phantoms in scenario 4, and monsters/violence in scenario 5, both of which take place through the evening/at night. Other than that... nothing but general angst, maybe?

Room 1-16 )

Floor 25 )

Floor 48 )

Floor 11 )

anywhere else )
07 April 2013 @ 09:13 am
Characters: Avenger, and the [community profile] towerofanimus
Setting: Room 03-12, and then floor twelve, floor twenty-five, and floor fourteen and floor fifteen.
Format: Beginning with action spam.
Summary: Avenger explores, ponders his next course of action, and probably gets himself into trouble along the way. 'Shirou' tries to get the gears in his head and all the new information in there as well, sorted out and organized so he can come to a rational understanding of his situation.
Warnings: The typical fare for the Tower of Animus. (Violence, mentions of death and the destruction of worlds, people being assholes, etc.)

bringing darkness from above )

many days fell away with nothing to show )

the walls kept tumbling down )

we were caught up and lost in all of our vices )

the dust settles around us )
Characters: Chung, Eve, Raven, and/or Rena AND YOU (Strings and Animus both welcome)!
Setting: Floor 15 (Workshop), Floor 1 (Cafeteria), various floors
Format: Either or, starting in brackets.
Summary: Amidst all the fuss about the newcomers, a motley congregation of collared newbies shows up in the tower and promptly proceeds to try to fix their weapons. There's always that first delicious awkward meal of oatmeal, too. And various run-ins with certain floors.
Warnings: None as of yet?

Floor 15 )

Floor 1 )

Around the Tower )