Characters: Raven, original Ion, and open.
Setting: Various; set throughout the week of the event.
Format: Brackets preferred, though this post leans heavily on the prosey side of brackets anyway.
Summary: catchall post for the week of 8/11-8/17; Raven copes poorly™ and Ion's serenity becomes very, very dissonant.
Warnings: Angst (gratuitous amounts of it in fact), Animus, Shadow Children, the usual. Possible character death in the fourth day's prompt for Raven who am I even kidding, he's gonna die

maybe no matter how much you loved them )
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they could slip through your fingers like water )
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09 July 2013 @ 04:56 pm
Characters: Everyone.
Setting: Everywhere, July 11th
Format: Whatever you want - it's a mingle log, after all.
Summary: While Naoya gets the reveal started on the network, Enoch takes care of physical copies.
Warnings: Reveal. Info. Nothing else, inherently.

Ishtar had prophecies. Dax had research. )

((ooc: Mingle log for reactions off the network! Have fun!))
09 June 2013 @ 08:43 pm
Characters: any
Setting: all around the Tower; please specify the date and location in your subject header!
Format: any/party-style
Summary: A general mingle log for characters to encounter monsters.
Warnings: PG-13; please include any more detailed warnings in your threads if necessary.

01 June 2013 @ 01:09 am
Characters: any
Setting: all around the Tower
Format: any/party-style
Summary: A general mingle log for the reaction to the beginning of the Idealism event.
Warnings: PG-13; please include any more detailed warnings in your threads if necessary
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17 May 2013 @ 07:43 pm
Characters: Tear Grants and YOU
Setting: The meadow on Floor 25
Format: Starting action, reply as you wish.
Summary: This is the first of the two days for Tear's offer of training in magic. There will be closed parts for certain people and a few open sections.
Warnings:  Magic, fighting, Luke and Asch in the same area with pointy things, possible explosions?

[Tear made her way to the meadow thirty minutes early, a book in her hand as she made that way. She looked around at the empty space and grimaced. Why she'd thought this was a good idea, she'd never know, but she was determined to see if she could get the residents of this Tower of Horror to arm themselves in light of the recent problems with the administration.]

Closed for Luke fon Fabre (OU)

There are no favorites in war. )

Closed for Asch the Bloody, Sheba and Xion
The gods will only help those whom help themselves. )

Closed for V/V, AU Link and Zelda
Arm thyself against thy foe and stand at the ready. )

Open Section for Magic Training
Blackest beyond Darkest night. Crimson as blood that flows. Buried in the stream of time is where our power grows. )

Open Section for Fighting Training
Simper Fidelius! )
10 May 2013 @ 08:34 pm
Characters: Ion; OPEN.
Setting: Room 1-14, Floor 1, Floor 13, anywhere in the Tower (mostly staircase)
Format: Starting in action spam with a preference for such, though I can do prose if you'll accept that I'll probably be slower with it.
Summary: One ill-fated Fon Master wakes up in Animus and goes exploring. This is kind of a dumb idea when you're terminally ill.
Warnings: This is not the Ion you may or may not know.

saintly happiness )

salvation of life )

bless all beings )

be realized, destruction (and rebirth) )