Characters: Link (Skyward Sword) and you!
Setting: Around the Tower!
Format: I'm starting in Action!
Summary: Well guess who's back after about 6 months? He's currently wandering the new floors and looking for any of the other Links or his other friends...
Warnings: Nothing yet!

[Link woke up this morning from a nightmare. He was back at Skyloft, only the island was on the surface below. It had fallen from the sky. The familiar buildings were in ruins, hardly recognizable anymore, and it seemed that he was the only one that survived. He frantically searched for any of his fellow Skyloftians, any at all, and came up to nothing. There weren't even any monsters, or any of the locals in the forest below. He was absolutely alone.

He didn't know how long that dream had lasted, but it felt like an eternity. Even now as he was awake, he could see the destroyed world as clear as day, as if it wasn't all a dream. But it couldn't have been real, could it?

He finally sat up in his bed and looked around the room, his memories of this place surfacing again. This was that Tower he and the others were trapped in... wasn't it? He lifted his hand to his collar, to confirm that he was back. Well, that must mean the time on his destroyed world was just a dream, if he was back here. He stood up and stretched a bit before opening his trunk to change into his green clothes. That was strange though.... there were less items in his trunk than he remembered. He was missing a few of his weapons... but his Master Sword neatly lay at the bottom of his trunk under Zelda's harp, and those two items were really the only things he cared about. Now that he had equipped his sword and tied the harp around his waist, it was time to get something to eat.]

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04 September 2012 @ 03:40 am
Characters: Sleepyhead and youuuu!
Setting: Floor 10
Format: I'm writing action but you can write whatever.
Summary: He's spacing out, looking at the fish. Or is he?
Warnings: None at the mo.

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31 August 2012 @ 04:50 pm
Characters: Princess Zelda and you!
Setting: Infirmary; Day
Format: Starting in action, will switch to prose if you'd like!
Summary: After getting beaten up by Ghoul Powder'd Momotaros and subsequently rescued by SS!Link, Zelda's stuck in recovery. She's not exactly thrilled about it.
Warnings: Vague mentions of injuries, nothing too gruesome.

What is with her running into people who have lost their senses, really. )
30 August 2012 @ 01:38 am
Characters: Ryoji and OPEN
Setting: Floor Six (ruins of the forest), Floor Three (library)
Format: Either.
Summary: Ryoji is extremely conflicted right now. He's torn between fear of himself and fear of being weak. Knowledge and strength are two sides of the same coin, so he goes in search of both.
Warnings: Possible talk of death and/or body horror.

Floor Six )

Floor Three )
23 August 2012 @ 03:19 pm
Characters: Sertoria Cani and April Sinclair to start off. Others can join in, too, with their own threads!
Setting: First floor, various locations if needed.
Format: Prose to start off with, but I can always match.
Summary: Sertoria offers to train April and opens training sessions to others. This also can serve as a general training/sparring log for those who wanna use it due to an idea I had on plurk from the event.
Warnings: Violence due to sparring, but beyond that, not many.

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20 August 2012 @ 06:51 pm
Characters: Labrys and you~!
Setting: Room 3-07, floor 3
Format: Either or, depending on your preference.
Summary: What even is going on.

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13 August 2012 @ 01:01 pm
Characters: EVERYONE
Summary: The tower is shaking and something wicked this way comes...Use this log for all evacuation purposes.

[There so little time and so much to do. Now's the time to spring into action!

((OOC - Set up evacuation logs, rescue attempts, etc. If you can, make sure you mark down the time of when a specific thread is happening due to the events unfolding.


August 13, 1:40PM EST - All superhuman powers nearly nullified; technologically based powers halved in power. Monsters currently flooding upper levels, lowest levels not yet entirely infested.

August 14, 3:45AM EST - Powers return, but are unstable; they flicker in and out and the strength varies wildly. It's hard to tell if you'll get a full-strength blast or next to nothing.

August 14, 12:20PM EST - The Tower has been completely swarmed with monsters down to the Eighteenth floor. Powers are more stable now, although there may be occasional flickering of ability.

The monsters are tearing up floor thirty-three, ruining the farmland and anything growing on it. The monsters are smashing everything in floor twenty-seven, which makes for a lot of broken glass and mixing chemicals that probably shouldn't be so carelessly combined.

August 15, 9:10PM - Powers have returned reliably, though the actual power is now a bit unstable, with the lights prone to flickering. Anyone who has died will now begin to revive in the infirmary, which is guarded by a swarm of retrieval units. This is the first time the actual returning process can be seen--one retrieval unit appears from a cramped elevator and deposits the unconscious, previously dead person on one of the beds. They revive soon after, with the appropriate amount of sleep paralysis.

The monsters have swarmed down to floor five. They are ruining everything in the workshop not bolted down and some things that are. CDs, DVDs, and televisions are being smashed in the media room.

August 18, 1:30PM - The remaining monsters have been eliminated.))]
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09 August 2012 @ 07:47 pm
Characters: Link and Fi
Setting: Exploring the depths of the tower
Format: I'm writing prose but don't mind other formats~
Summary: Despite Fi's words, Link goes in search of his Zelda within the tower.
Warnings: I calculate the chance of death in this thread to be 95%. nm nm chances for Link entering the Bucket Soccer World Cup is low but the chances of him sulking around the Tower being sulky have risen astronomically.

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08 August 2012 @ 12:32 pm
Characters: Master Shortpants and you!
Setting: Room 3-16, Floor Four
Format: I'm using prose, but you can use whatever.
Summary: Link wakes up, and proceeds to quietly commence his life in the Tower.
Warnings: none at the moment.

No matter how hard he tries, he can't convince himself that this is a dream. )
Characters: A lot - Look at the tags. I'll try to keep the list updated as it goes on.
Setting: The Tower (various floors) / The Pod Area / The Control Room. The Teams attempt to break-in will happen during the night from the 24th to the 25th. The monsters being enraged will last for the the 24th and the 25th, and will end with Ganon's death early on the 25th.
Format: Action most likely
Summary: Ganondorf's plot to take over the tower is finally happening, with various team assigned to various tasks. You can go here for more details or to ask a question. There will be mainly three things going on:

- The Control Room team, led by Ganondorf and attempting to take over the tower. This group's action will be divided in two threads, one before they reach the control room, one after. Membership for this group is CLOSED.
- The Pod Team, trying to break into the Pods, actually only serving as diversion so that the Control Room Team can reach its purpose. Like for the Control Room team, there will be two threads. Membership for this group is OPEN.
- The Monsters going berserk in the tower and attacking everyone on their way, once more to serve as a diversion. No membership required for that.

Basically, we start by tagging the Gathering thread of each team, then after a short while move on to the Pod/Control Room thread. There will also be a thread about the recruitment if you want it played out- Hence there will be a total of six threads in order to keep things organized, but don't hesitate to make your own thread if say, two or more characters have a private discussion at some point during the event or for a monster battle. More details below.

Warnings: Everyone in the Control Room will die, no escaping it. Those in the Pod Team may manage to survive if they're clever about it. Anyone encountering a monster risk to be wounded or killed.

Optional OOC Informations )

Control Room Team --- Gathering – Floor 1 /// The Control Room
Pod Team ---------------- Gathering – Dormitories /// The Pods' Area
In the Tower ------------- Jalhalla | Monsters | Ghirahim
Recruitments ------------ Tower, Anyday
08 June 2012 @ 01:34 pm
Characters: Link and anyone still in the Tower! (Second part is just for him and Ganon)
Setting: All around the Tower on the 8th
Format: I will start in action, but I'll follow!
Summary: Welp he ran into another one of those Rupee monsters and he's looking frantically for his sword. He couldn't find it anywhere obvious so he's looking through everyone's trunks. And I mean everyone's.
Warnings: SS being dumb. I'll add more if need be.

1, Around the Tower

{Coming into your room, you might notice Link looking through your trunk or your roomie's trunk. He's setting things aside rather messily unless it looks fragile, then he'll set it to the side carefully. But really, he doesn't care much about what's in the trunk at all unless he finds what he's looking for.]

Where is it, where is it?!

2, closed to Ganon

[After spending his time looking through a bunch of trunks and (maybe) getting yelled at/hit over the head for doing so, he's tired and Ganon's room is the closest. I hope you don't mind finding a green garbed hero sleeping in your bed, Ganon. (Also your things may be out of it's trunk and all over the floor along with the other trunks in your room.)]
17 March 2012 @ 12:09 am
Characters: Links and Zeldas. ALL OF THE LINKS AND ZELDAS.
Setting: An unoccupied dorm room, forward-dated to after collar shenanigans
Format: Action
Summary: The Zelda protags decide to have a sleepover. Hilarity ensues.
Warnings: Not Ghirahim. Sleepover shenanigans. Teenagers being teenagers and kids being kids.

Clearly this is an excellent idea. )
11 March 2012 @ 10:07 pm
Characters: Zelda (SS) and anyone she runs into!
Setting: Dormitories/Floor 25/Floor 22
Format: I'll be starting off with prose, but action is fine. I'm flexible.
Summary: Fresh meat wandering around the tower.
Warnings: Probably Ghirahim. Ghirahim's his own warning, right? There will probably be spoilers for Skyward Sword as well, but other than that, not sure. Will update as needed.

it's dangerous to go alone... )
09 March 2012 @ 07:56 am
Characters: SS Link and you!
Setting: Floor 10 and floor 25.
Format: I'm starting with action but I'll follow c:
Summary: Link found a chest with a red Rupee in it! But little did he know, that Rupee is actually a monster and it had taken his harp. Since it's very close to him, he stops at nothing to find it and well... needless to say, he won't be sword fighting well for a while.
Warnings: Blood and maybe Ghirahim. (Need a Ghirahim warning on all of my posts.)

What do you mean these Rupees aren't worth anything?! )
03 March 2012 @ 07:48 pm
Characters: Pipit and you!!
Setting: Around the tower basically anywhere you like
Format: I prefer action, but I'll follow!
Summary: Pipit wakes up and... does... everything people do when they wake up.
Warnings: BIRDS None, but I'll change it if I need a reason.

He's something of a bird expert. )
02 March 2012 @ 06:36 am
Characters: OoT!Zelda and passers-by
Setting: Room 1-09
Format: Starting in brackets
Summary: The Princess of Hyrule is resurrected and almost wishes she wasn't.
Warnings: More angst than you can shake a stick at.

February was the worst month ever, guys, no joke. )
22 February 2012 @ 06:59 pm
Characters: SS Link, and you!
Setting: The workshop!
Format: I'll follow!
Summary: Link's making things for friends!
Warnings: I fail to see any warnings being needed but Ghirahim might tag I'm not sure and he's a warning himself so I'll put down "possible Ghirahim sighting" as the warning.

There's nothing like a boy and his wood! )
14 February 2012 @ 12:22 am
Characters: Lil' Link and you!
Setting: Room 1-18 and both dorm floors.
Format: Either or!
Summary: Link freaks out and then freaks out a little more.
Warnings: None I think; will change if it happens?

And then the Links multiplied. )
07 February 2012 @ 12:54 am
Characters: OU Link (Skyward Sword) and anyone! The thread with Ghirahim will be taking place after all the other threads and even though he is bleeding badly, he won't die in any other thread.

Setting: In hallways and rooms, doesn't really matter!
Format: I'll follow but I'm not good at tl;dring in prose.
Summary: Link is dying and wondering why nothing is helping.
Warnings: Character death and blood also possible spoilers for Skyward Sword! Tell me in the subject lines if you don't want to be spoiled and I'll do my best!

Gosh this sucks )