23 April 2013 @ 06:51 pm
Characters: Ryoji Mochizuki and you!
Setting: Dorm 4-12 and Floor 96. Various floors for B.
Format: Any, I'll match you!
Summary: Ryoji's a bit broken down after recent events, and it seems that dealing with it alone isn't working, as much as he wishes it was.
Warnings: What you'd expect from a panicky, emotional teenager. Some blood and violence, and maybe some suicidal thoughts.

I'm warning you )

don't ever do )
those crazy messed up things that you do )
Characters: Hidetoshi, and the rest of the population of the [community profile] towerofanimus .
Setting: Floors 1 and 4, the dormitory levels and anywhere else.
Format: Actionspam to begin with. Either is fine by me, but be warned that using prose equates a slower tagging time from me.
Summary: As it is the popular thing to do this week; Hidetoshi's currently dealing with the aftermath of being completely brainwashed during this month's experiment, and like his previous brilliant coping method, decides once again pretend it never happened to him personally in the first place. After he has a small breakdown.
Warnings: Post-experiment angst? Mentions of violence. Oh, and vomiting and crying too.

there is a silence where hath been no sound )

there is a silence where no sound may be )

in the cold grave, under the deep deep sea  )