05 October 2011 @ 09:30 am
Characters: Perry Cox and whoever aims for talking him from his daze? 8D;
Setting: 1) His room 2) Floor 14{If you wanna floor before that just specify~ <3}
Format: Starting action I'll follow your lead. <3
Summary: In which Cox realizes fo' sho' this is real life.
Warnings: It's an depressed Cox. It'll either end violently or some other bad way.

Poor PerPer. )
04 September 2011 @ 01:49 am
Characters: Percival Cox and whoever chooses to cry potentially...
Setting: Room 1-04 and round there
Format: Any!
Summary: A confused Perry Cox appeared!

[He'll he waking up just about now and groans, looking around and being extremely confused. One've those wonderful 'what the hell' kinds of reactions of course. Once sitting up there'll be a look around and frown, letting his eyes wander over everything there is in the room. Shortly after, those eyes narrow sharply]

... I knew being a teacher would drive me insane.

[Nowwwwwww~ He'll stand up and walk around the room for a bit before going for adventuring, finding himself not in Sacred Heart anymore. Still, he shall adventure about shaking head, seeming more confused than freaked out]

... I need some alcohol...