Characters: A [personal profile] Shiki here, a [personal profile] Shiki there, everywhere a Shiki! Also probably other people.
Setting: Floor one, the cafeteria.
Format: Quick/Action
Summary: Someone's doppelganger from the moon arrived and so they must do the dance of their people. Which apparently means fighting judging by all of the other Shiki posts.
Warnings: One of them has a nasty aura, but really a whole lot of fightan. Will warn for other stuff it comes up. Also obnoxious text because this post needed another dose of awful to it.

it's like her business, roughing up your friends as the law )
23 December 2012 @ 03:42 am
Characters: Shiki (Tohno), Shiki (Nanaya) and anyone else!
Setting: Floor 4 hallway
Format: Either's fine!
Summary: It's never too big a disaster to take a short murder break.
Warnings: Violence. Just... Yeah.

Everyone has to die, so dying here is no big deal, right? )
05 December 2012 @ 06:50 pm
Characters: Satsujinki and YOU
Setting: Room 3-14, Dormitory hallways, Floor 11
Format: Starting with action but will work with whatever.
Summary: Just the new guy probably wishing he wasn't so ~mysterious~
Warnings: None

Room 3-14 )

Dormitory hallways )

Floor 11 )