14 August 2013 @ 01:40 pm
Characters: Shion, Xion and you!
Setting: Dorm floors, round the tower
Format: Either
Summary: After Xion's shadow experience Shion and Xion meet up again, and then go on their daily trek to find all their friends and check up on them, whilst chasing away each others shadows
Warnings: Shadows

We fight each others demons )
Characters: Saturos ([personal profile] heatflash) and you!
Setting: His room, the cafeteria, and around the tower in general.
Format: Brackets. I can switch to prose if you prefer, however.
Summary: Another Adept has arrived in the tower and he is not happy.
Warnings: Saturos can be somewhat abrasive, violent, and antagonistic, though of course I will ask you before having him harm your character, should it come to that.

Read more... )
09 July 2013 @ 11:35 am
Characters: Rick and YOU!
Setting: In order: first floor dorms, floor twenty-six (morgue), floor ten (aquarium), floor twenty-five (meadow), floor thirty-eight (lounge). All take place on July 9th, in order of cuts.
Format: Prose to start, can match as always!
Summary: Rick is assigned cleaning duty at the morgue. He proceeds to distract himself by letting his lesser-expressed forms rampage (or sleep, same difference) on various tower floors.
Warnings: The Dinosaur is going to violently kill and eat a large fish. Also, the morgue.

Morning kitty patrol/distractions )

Cleaning has never been so unpleasant )

Dinosaur fishing )

Horsing about LOL i'm so clever )

I need a nap now )
05 July 2013 @ 03:31 pm
Characters: Lancer, the people he invited to the party, and everyone else who wants to stumble in
Setting: Floor 25, July 5, afternoon
Format: Open
Summary: Lancer throws a party for midsummer, since the Tower obviously needs a breather.
Warnings: None so far.

Read more... )
Characters: Late arrival David "Little David" Puskás and anyone and everyone!
Setting: Any Dormitory Floors and staircases leading down to Floor Ninety-One. Later, the Cafeteria.
Format: Starting with Prose, will match tagger's choice.
Summary: Some people take the news that their world has been destroyed with nonchalance. Little David ... is not one of them.
Warnings: Beware of low-flying superheroes!

The ultimate mission failure. )

Option A: Any Dormitory Floors and stairways between Floors 101 and 92

Option B: Floor 91 - CLOSED TO FIRST RESPONDER [personal profile] swordedpast
Power Suppression really, really freaking sucks. )

Option C: Cafeteria
Well ... at least it's not worse than instant oatmeal. )
08 May 2013 @ 11:42 am
Characters: Xue'Kol and you.
Setting: Floor Seventy Three
Format: Prose but I can do either.
Summary: Venturing into the comfort of the snowy floor, riding a raptor and eating a nice meal next to a cozy fire!
Warnings: None atm.

Fun run under the sun, nice meal under the stars... )

21 April 2013 @ 05:56 pm
Characters: Tahno and anybody!
Setting: Floor 90
Format: Prose to start, but I'll match you.
Summary: The Wolfbat King never thought he'd die, except maybe in a drunken coma. He can still feel the gears grinding through his entire body.
Warnings: Recounting a pretty gruesome death. Traumatized superstar athlete. Probably swearing.

The gears burned, so he froze himself... )
16 April 2013 @ 12:46 am
Characters: Shiki Tohno & open
Setting: Residential Area
Format: action brackets, I'll follow!
Summary: Worker Units malfunctioning, and well, targeting him to be put down!
Warnings: Injuries, will put more as it goes on!

As if having himself missing wasn't enough )
Characters: Anyone who signed up for the Dark World Plot! Look at tag list for more details.
Setting: The 4th and 5th of March. Located in the Cursed Floors + Ganon's Tower (Floors 6, 7, 8, 12, 62, 65, 68, 70, 73 and 79 + Floor 75).
Format: Most likely action but left at the players's discretion.
Summary: Your character somehow got trapped in the Forest Floor of the Tower-- And it looks nothing like the Forest Floor the characters remember. It's the beginning of the Dark World. Some floors look pretty different from what they did before, some nearly identical. The only way to get out is to go through the dungeons that make up this Dark World.

All characters start out in the Dark Forest, then as they go throughout the forest, they magically walk into one of the three dungeons (the one they have been assigned to). By exploring the dungeons, they will acquire one of the three Pendants that lead to the Core of the Curse, from where the cursed floors can be ended. However, Richtofen is there and happy to make sure that won't be that easy.

Mingle threads are simply for Mingle, whereas the exploration of the dungeons, puzzles, etc happens in the Exploration threads. OOC information here.

Warning: While your character may survive fine and all, the dark world is a dangerous place with lots of monsters and puzzles to solve. Characters may get harmed or killed, but that is left to the players's discretion. Characters going through the water of temple may lose their patience and sanity.

Arrival in the Dark World )

Dark Forest -------------------------------------------- Mingle || Exploration

The Water Temple: Wisdom Dungeon ----------- Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle
The Death Mountain: Power Dungeon ----------- Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle
The Palace of Darkness: Courage Dungeon ---- Mingle || Exploration || Dark Self Battle || Boss Battle

Richtofen's Laboratory ------------------------------ Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle

Illusionary Room
Ganon's Tower
23 February 2013 @ 04:26 pm
Characters: Tahno and anyone
Setting: Third Floor. Men's bathroom, and then just outside of 03-08.
Format: Prose to start, but I'll match you!
Summary: Tahno is used to styling his own hair, but not cutting it. As it turns out, his ice bending seems to work pretty well. Maybe he could practice on help out some other people before he gets too adventurous on his own luscious locks...
Warnings: Probably swearing, but nothing other than that.

Men's Bathroom )

Later, outside of 03-08 )

21 February 2013 @ 12:09 am
Characters: characters participating in the bath game
Setting: a shower room
Format: any
Summary: bath time for the tower
Warnings: general horror/creepiness warnings



Washroom Description )
Characters: Xue'Kol and you.
Setting: Floors 10/63 for swimming. Or Floor seventy-three for the picnic.
Format: Prose but I can do either.
Summary: Xue looks to clear her thoughts with her favorite pastimes and favorite locations.
Warnings: Possible language/lack of clothing.

With everything that had been happening as of late, what with the administrators opening answering the denizens questions, for the most part anyways. The mysterious guests showing up and it being a Ruana month, Xue'Kol had lots to think about and frankly, at the moment, she really didn't want to. Instead however, she decided to take up the day for relaxing and enjoying herself while the coast seemed... moderately clear for the time being, she knew that trouble was coming soon.

Just keep swimming~ )

Picnic in a winter wonderland... )

08 January 2013 @ 03:01 pm
Characters: Sakura and YOU! And at one point Sasuke
Setting: Various places in the tower, as listed.
Format: Starting with action, but will match your preference.
Summary: Sakura's first explorations in the tower.
Warnings: None to start, will update as appropriate.

Security Center )

Infirmary )

Cafeteria )

Lab )

[Special for AU2 Sasuke] )
02 January 2013 @ 04:33 am
Characters: Sayaka Maizono, and youuuu.
Setting: Floor 14, Floor 10.
Format: Actionspam preferred, but I can match.
Summary: The idol tries her gifted microphone out, and visits the aquarium for the first time, looking for penguins.
Warnings: None, I think.

I just smile and move on. )
Characters: Jyuji and OPEN
Setting: Day 4, starting midmorning-ish in the dormitories (room 4-02 at first, moving to lower floors); other possible encounters include floor 38, floor 27, floor 14, floor 5 (which will be sometime in the afternoon due to time lapse). Feel free to hop floors after him if you want!
Format: Prose to start, but will match you.
Summary: Jyuji doesn't do cages with even a modicum of good grace.
Warnings: Language and potential lots of violence; hostile demi-zombie with superpowers.

Room 4-02 )

Dormitories, Pick a Floor! )

Floor 38 )

Floor 27 )

Floor 14 )

Floor 5 )
02 December 2012 @ 08:54 pm
Characters: Tahno and anyone! (Open~)
Setting: Dormitory Hallway, Floor 10
Format: Prose to start, but I'll match you!
Summary: This stupid collar is really stressing poor Tahno out. Luckily, all of the bendable water in the aquarium is pretty relaxing.
Warnings: None to start, but he might be a bit of a jerk to you (or hit on you), depending on who you are and what you do. Possible swearing, too.

this collar won't come off... )

But this aquarium is pretty fun. )

01 December 2012 @ 08:28 pm
Characters: Satou Kuroneko & You
Setting: Starting in room 2-19, then wandering floor Forty-five and One
Format: Starting in prose, but will match!
Summary: Satou arrives in the tower, then proceeds to explore and totally not freak out nope no way.
Warnings: Satou may swear like a sailor. Filling out her Permissions's Post for her empathy would be helpful!

No panicking happening in here nope no way )
20 October 2012 @ 09:05 pm
Characters: Blazenova and you!
Setting: Room 03-17 to start off with and then EXPLORING. 8D
Format: Prose, but can go to action.
Summary: Blazenova wakes up in the tower and is immediately suspicious because she thinks she's in Alliance territory.
Warnings: Bitchy/condescending blood elf count? Also possible violence.

Bal'a dash, malanore! )