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Characters: Redglare and everyone
Setting: everywhere (aka anywhere your character might be, she is just wandering around)
Format: i'll match!
Summary: 1NV3ST1G4T1ON because what else does she ever do.
Warnings: possibly some language and/or violence, i'll update this if necessary

[once again the Neophyte found herself wandering the Tower. exploring new floors, exploring old ones, catching a bite to eat in the cafeteria...she might even spend a little time in her own dorm room at some point. who knows what she'll get up to or who she'll run into.]
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[On the nineteenth floor, she'll find a human (well, not quite, but definitely closer to human than troll) woman situated at one of the tables, a book open in front of her and several more stacked nearby. It would seem someone else is doing their own sort of investigation, though not in the same way as Redglare.

She is rather absorbed in her work, however, and doesn't quite notice when the Neophyte passes by.]
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[Zelda glances up from her reading and, well, her slightly surprised expression shows that she definitely has not met a troll before.

But Hyrule is a rather diverse place, and the other woman doesn't seem antagonistic, so there's no reason not to be polite.]

Ah, yes?
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[A nod.]

I am. I take it you have met another here?
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No, there are not - at least not to my knowledge. I have only encountered two others thus far.

[And they are technically the same person, so. 8|a]
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In a sense, I suppose. Legends state that the pointed ears of Hylians are so we may hear the messages of the gods, and we do have a more acute sense of hearing as well as greater penchant for magic than many of the other races in Hyrule.

But at the same time, I have not been here long enough to truly judge what sort of abilities the humans here might possess, so I can only speak of my own.

[There's a bit of a pause as she seems to mull something over. Hmm.]

...I do wonder what sort of criteria our captors use for the people they supposedly "save", however.
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Perhaps species is simply not a factor to them.

[And Zelda is just left wondering what kind of people this woman is a part of. Oh well.]

...What of the rest of the rest of your kind here? Do you think there could be a commonality between them beyond race?

[Might as well throw some ideas around. It's definitely more productive than what she was doing before.]
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There are two adults and one child among the Hylians, so age does not yet seem to be a consideration on our side, either.

And, my apologies, but... could you explain what you mean by 'hemospectrum'? I am unfamiliar with the term.

[Surely a bearer of wisdom and a servant of justice should be able to figure this place out! ...Eventually.]
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I see. No, we do not, at least not in such a formal sense. There is royalty and nobility to rule and protect the realm, but commoners are generally free to pursue what they wish.