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04. upon thyself thy beauty's legacy

Characters: England and all of the cultured people. Open!
Setting: Floor 25.
Format: Starting action, but will match!
Summary: England is having a teatime picnic. It's long overdue. Threadjacking is okay and welcomed! Join an existing thread and make it a tea party or make a new thread.
Warnings: Probably language since it's England. Also possibly threadjacking, so just say in the subject if you don't want that!

[So there is no fancy garden table and chairs or quaint little sitting room, but the innocuous spring floor is almost as nice. He's laid out a length of cloth snatched from the workshop floor to act as a makeshift blanket, and has a teaset out, with a full pot of tea, multiple cups, and sugar. No milk or honey, due to the restrictions of the Tower's kitchen, but he can deal.

And he's actually smiling a little. Do you dare risk disrupting him in this almost fugue-like state?

Of course you do, he's just a silly grump with pretty plates and big eyebrows. Come join him for tea.]

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[So, she supposes she can't spend all her time fruitlessly scouring for information in the libraries - she hasn't even been in the Tower that long and she's already becoming frustrated.

The meadow floor certainly seems safe enough for a walk, and before long Zelda comes across England and his tea set. What a lovely idea, given the stresses of this place. She can't help a little smile at the sight.]

How picturesque.
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You have chosen an excellent venue for such an activity, in that case.

[Truly, it reminds her a bit of the courtyard from her childhood, just without the stone walls and patrolling guards.

But she notices how... surprised? the man seems and, oh, did she interrupt?]

--Ah, my apologies, I did not mean to disturb you.
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[MISUNDERSTANDING CENTRAL-- oh? She blinks at the mention of Link, but nods. Right, Hylian ears are uncommon in this place.]

I am, yes. We are both from Hyrule. I take it you have met him here?
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I am not surprised. It seems to be an inextricable part of his nature to help and protect others.

[She can't help the fond little smile that tugs at her lips, but she doesn't really attempt to hide it, either. Oh, Link, never change.]

And it is a pleasure to meet you as well, Arthur, though there is no need to apologize. [She bows her head slightly.] I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule.
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[Oh Goddesses what--

For all that she throws around the Princess title, for all that she tries her best to look and sound that part, she... really doesn't quite know the etiquette. She has spent the last seven years actively removing herself from any connection to the Royal Family, and before that she was merely a child, given respect but ultimately kept away from the politics of nobility.

So when she responds, it's with a flush of pink to her cheeks and an undercurrent of uncertainty to her voice.]

Ah... such formalities are not necessary, Arthur; we are of equal standing here.

[Please stop bowing she doesn't know what she's doing--]
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[She bites her lip slightly, entire body just a little bit tense. Okay, Zelda, you... actually probably should get used to this. This may be the first time she's been treated as her title demands, but it certainly will not be the last.

When he looks up, she tries a reassuring smile, both for herself and him.]

To be quite honest, I do not mind simply being called 'Zelda', but... if you are uncomfortable with that, you may refer to me however you wish.

[Baby steps. Tiny baby steps.]
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Did you?

[Notice how her eyes light up at that? Yeah, you've got her hook, line, and sinker, England. She kneels to be at a more conversational level, a bit of a hopeful look upon her face.]

... If you would not mind, could you tell me something about them? I... [have been indisposed for seven years, have no idea what I'm doing, have to rebuild my country from scratch--] ... have not heard of royalty outside of Hyrule.
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[Quietly, she whispers the name "England" to herself, testing the word. It feels strange to say, and honestly, it sounds like a silly name for a country in her mind, but she won't say as much.

She nods, however, settling down in the most dignified manner she can manage. Back straight, feet tucked under herself, skirts smoothed...]

I do not mind at all. You have my undivided attention.

[Mentally. Taking notes.]