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1st dungeon

Characters: OU Link (Skyward Sword) and anyone! The thread with Ghirahim will be taking place after all the other threads and even though he is bleeding badly, he won't die in any other thread.

Setting: In hallways and rooms, doesn't really matter!
Format: I'll follow but I'm not good at tl;dring in prose.
Summary: Link is dying and wondering why nothing is helping.
Warnings: Character death and blood also possible spoilers for Skyward Sword! Tell me in the subject lines if you don't want to be spoiled and I'll do my best!

[Link was breathing very heavily by the time he made it into a hallway. He had been running non-stop while bleeding out the stomach but he wasn't prepared to stop just yet. He wasn't ready to die.

So, he makes his way into a room, someone's dormitory. Your dormitory. He doesn't care who lives there, all that matters is that there is a chair in the corner of your room and he is sitting in it.]
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Goddesses above--

[Today has been a weird day. First Demon McCreeperson in the gallery, and now someone who looks a lot like the Hero of Time but at the same time clearly isn't is in her room, bleeding to death.

Seriously, what the hell.

Nevertheless, she doesn't spare a second thought before ripping the sheets off of her bed and using them to stop the bleeding. A Link is a Link is a Link, and she is not about to let one bleed out when she can do something about it.]
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No need. Guests are to be treated with hospitality, yes?

[Seriously, bro, you're in her room. What else was she supposed to do?]

...What happened?
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[A Link without his sword? Now that's a puzzling thought.

She frowns a bit in sympathy, dabbing at the blood as gently as she can.]

I see. There is only so much I can do here... do you have any healing potions? If not, I can aid you to the infirmary.
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[Oh, that's not good.]

Truly? [Her brow furrows just a bit more.] I... do not mean to insult, but do you think you have enough strength to walk? The infirmary is rather far off...

[She's just concerned, okay.]
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[She watches him stand, the worried expression never quite leaving her features, but she nods, smiling back slightly.

And, goodness, this is a bit surreal--]

I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule.

[Commence wtf in 3... 2...]
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[And her smile disappears completely. Oh, no, she did something wrong.]

You seem disheartened.

[Her words are quiet, equally statement and question.]
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Likewise, I am happy to have met you, but my apologies all the same for the mistaken identity. 'Zelda' is... a traditional name for daughters in my family.

[Just... assuming it's another Princess Zelda he's talking about? There have been a few of them, after all.]
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SORRY FOR LATE, wanted to figure out roughly how much she'd learn from Ghirahim.

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[Well, Link, if you look at ornamental banner on her dress, you might find some symbols oddly familiar.

Either way, that statement gets a questioning look from the princess.]

Oh? [That demon... Ghirahim. Could what he said--] ... Pardon me if this is too personal a question, but... is your Zelda related to a goddess? "Hylia"?
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[And that quizzical look turns into one of concentration as she tries to puzzle this out.]

... I encountered a strange demon earlier. Much of what he said seemed like utter nonsense to me, and I do not trust him in the slightest, but... he said I was the descendant of the Zelda who was the reincarnation of Hylia.

[Then she looks back up at him, head tilted slightly.]

Could that be the case...?
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[A slow nod.]

That is what he called himself, yes.
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[Don't have to tell her twice. She nods once more.]

Believe me when I say I have no wish to ever encounter him again. He is... a terrifying person.
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[There's a short gasp, and then a frown.]

I feel I barely escaped with my life... [She shakes her head.] But that can wait; we need to get you to the infirmary.

[Making a "come along" gesture, she leads the way out of her room and into the dormitory halls. If he shows signs of needing support, she'll do so.]