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1st Shard

Characters: Lil' Link and you!
Setting: Room 1-18 and both dorm floors.
Format: Either or!
Summary: Link freaks out and then freaks out a little more.
Warnings: None I think; will change if it happens?

[Room 1-18 and probably the hallway too.]

[Of all the ways Link has woken up before, this had to be the worst. First was the sleep paralysis; that gave him a good spook, since it's definitely never happened before. Only thing that equals paralysis in his mind are those stupid Redeads - but after gaining movement again, he already checked the room for those.
Thank goodness there aren't any. Yet.

But second was realizing, hey, this definitely is not anywhere he remembers being. Definitely, definitely not. This place is too... fake feeling to be anywhere on the Great Sea. So of course, he got up to check the room out.

And that's when he noticed the third thing - that collar clamped around his neck. Oh, this ain't good, no sir; it feels like something evil, and just looking at what he can see of it gives him a little bit of the heebie jeebies. Which means it must come off, and now.

So if you pass by that room or are lucky enough to be in it, you may or may not find Link with his back to the floor, hands clasped on what he can grab of the collar, and his little legs scooting him backwards across the ground like he expects it to help. It's probably pretty dumb looking.]

[Around the dorm areas.]

[Later, of course, is time for a little exploration; he's grabbed all he can carry out of his trunk, and he's making his way around to try and find the door outta here - which in his logic means "go around and open every door you find". So feel free to notice the little nine year old hero peeking his head into your room, there.]
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[Congratulations, Link, you have stumbled upon the room of one (1) Princess Zelda. She was just resting (it's been a bit of a rough month), but she perks up when she hears her door open and finds a child peering out from behind it.

An oddly familiar looking child, at that.]

... Yes? Can I help you?
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[Of course she doesn't mind! After the third Link she's started getting used to this, really. She smiles slightly, sitting up.]

As do you, though I do not believe we have met. Have you only recently awakened here?
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[Oh, so he already knows about the timeline shenanigans. That makes things easier.]

Ah, well, if you have any questions you would like to ask, I shall do my best to answer them. This place can be disorienting at times.

[She doesn't say anything about him lurking in the doorway, but she does tilt her head a bit. Honestly, she met the Link of her time because he barreled in through her courtyard, after all.]
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If he meant here in this tower, then yes, I am.

[At least, she presumes so. She certainly hasn't seen any other Zeldas about.]
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Yes, I believe so--

[CHOKES. ON AIR. Kids say the darnedest things...]

... I - uhm. Thank you. I suppose.
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[Hey, she's been crossdressing for the past seven years. Being called pretty is new. Either way, regaining composure...]

Ah, yes! Of course you may. What do you wish to know?

[It's still a bit odd talking to a Link that doesn't know her personally, but have a seat, little Link.]
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[... asdfkljg so cute.]

I have had both feet on solid ground my entire life. My country is called Hyrule, and yes, I did live in a castle, once.
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[In contrast, she gives him one of concern. Why does she get a terrible feeling about this...]

Yes, of course I did, but what do you mean by 'flooded'?
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... W-what?

[She feels like the wind has been knocked out of her. Hyrule... is gone? Everything she did was for nothing?]

Who... who was the villain? Why was there no hero?

[Just starting to sound a little bit desperate here.]
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[Yeah, no, it is not okay. Nowhere close.]

Ganondorf? But I... we sealed him away in the Sacred Realm, how could he have...

[If Ganondorf somehow escaped, a hero would need to take hold of the Master Sword and use it to defeat him. But... there was no hero. Could it be that, by sending the Hero of Time back, she--]

... Please, tell me. Why was there no hero?
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[... She had condemned Hyrule to this fate.]

I sent him back.

[The princess just... looks to the ceiling, makes a futile attempt at keeping herself together (honestly, Zelda, you've barely even met this boy and now you're going to cry in front of him?), and then lets the tears flow.

It was all her fault.]
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[She makes no move to return the hug yet, but she also doesn't push him away. She tries, oh, she tries to keep her voice steady, to reign her emotions in, but... she just can't.]

No... no, you see, after the Hero of Time defeated Ganondorf, after we had sealed him away... I sent him back. To his own time. He had lost his childhood fighting for Hyrule, I thought... I thought I was doing the right thing, but...

[It was all for naught, it turns out.]

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