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3rd Shard

Characters: WW Link, AU! Link, and OoT Zelda
Setting: The workshop and OoT Zelda's rooms
Format: I prefer action but whatever works for you guys!
Summary: WW Link apologizes for being a child of the corn
Warnings: cuteness and later ear piercing

[Outside of the workshop]

[Hello, big brother(??)!! Remember how you met your lil' bro? Peekin' in all cute like into the workshop - well, that's what he's doing now, arms wrapped around something. And when he notices you there, he's gonna run over with.... well, actually, not a smile at all. A very apologetic frown. But he's not gonna speak until he's got your attention.]

[Outside of Zelda's room.]

[Hey there, princess; hopefully you remember this little guy - it'd be hard not to, right? Well, he's currently sitting outside of your dorm's door, arms wrapped around something in his lap and.... soaking wet, for some reason or another. Sitting in a puddle, as if he'd swam not too long ago, and still coughing up a little bit of water. Remind him to never dive again.]
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EFF THE POLICE let's just go with "generically injured" for now

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[To say Zelda wishes she could sleep for a week is an understatement. It seems like the tower has started to settle down, and with it, so has the adrenaline that was keeping her going through this whole ordeal.

So it takes her a moment after hearing one of Link's coughing fits to realize someone is at her door, and then it takes her another to force herself out of bed (ow) and walk over to see who it is.

When she opens the door, well, she's a bit surprised, to be honest. Both by who it is and his soaking state.]

... Link?
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AWESOME and no worries, I'm probably heading to bed soon anyway sob

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[... Oh, sweetheart. She looks at the fish, then to the boy, and then she's slowly bending as much as her body allows so she may gently cup his cheek in her hand.]

Do not blame yourself. It was all a trick of the tower; you cannot hardly be held responsible for things you did when you were not of your right mind.

[She tilts his head up so he may see her small, tired, but sincere smile.]

I am simply glad to know you are safe once more.
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The tragedy of having a diurnal schedule ;~;

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["Big brother"? A-aww.

She listens to his explanation, brows furrowing just a bit because it's obvious he's still nervous about speaking with her. Sigh. He honestly doesn't need to give her anything in apology, in her mind, but if it will make him feel better...

She gingerly takes the bottle after a moment, peering at the little fish inside.]

... It is quite beautiful. [Looking back to Link.] But you did not need to go through such trouble for my forgiveness. I understand you were just as much of a victim as I was during that ordeal. You need not apologize.
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[Thankfully she hasn't been bothering with her nicer, more princessly dresses in recent days. The water won't do much damage. But all the same, returning the hug in full is out of the question, so she'll have to settle for patting the crown of his head and stroking the hair away from his face.]

Nor do I, to be quite honest. And I am certain we are not the only ones.
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[Gosh, sorry her country is landlocked, okay.

She blinks at his question, then brings the bottle back up to her eye level once more.]

I suppose I should, hm?

[Watching the little fish swim around for a moment, she thinks. The lady Ruto would not appreciate being associated with something to be kept as a pet, she believes, so that's out. Perhaps she just should go with the first name that comes to mind...]

... I think Daphnes is a suitable name. What do you think?
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[Looking back down at Link now, head tilted. Boy, she's from a hundred years in the past, what king are you talking about.]
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In which I have no idea where to put the King so he's going after Zelda. 8|b

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[That confused look is only met with a small headshake.]

I am afraid I do not. I merely thought it was a good name.

[Pausing. Hmm...]

Perhaps... he is a descendant of mine.
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[Should she take that as a compliment? Either way, she smiles softly. Yeah, Link, you are about as subtle as a freight train.]

I would be happy to. Just hold one moment.

[She disappears into her room, setting Daphnes' bottle down on her nightstand to be terrorized by Condesce and slipping on a pair of shoes before returning.]

All right. Let us be off.
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[It's all good. At least he's back to his normal, cheery self, and besides, she could use a little exercise. Just... don't go too fast, Link.]

Do you now? I am looking forward to it.
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[And sit she does, slowly, taking a moment to pause and breathe before turning her attention back to Link.

She peers at the figurine curiously, eyes flitting between it and the boy.]

I can see the resemblance! She looks like a very sweet child.
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You are very fortunate to have such a family.

[Said somewhat nostalgically. What family she had was long gone before she was brought to this tower, but still. It's difficult not to miss them sometimes.

But then Link holds up a new pair of figurines and oh, these are very interesting. The King Link spoke of may or may not be her descendant, but this girl...]

She is? ... Would you tell me more about her?

[Honestly curious! He's mentioned her a few times, but never in much detail...]
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She sounds very accomplished, and at such a young age as well.

[Assuming she's roughly Link's age, of course. Honestly, it makes her look back at her child self and feel a bit inadequate. She smiles, though, a touch of wryness to it.]

Dual identities are one thing we have in common, though.
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[Alas, no. She is a ninja princess, not a pirate princess. Nevertheless, she nods.]

During the war with Ganondorf in my time, it was necessary for me to hide so the Evil King would not gain hold of the Triforce of Wisdom. So, I created an alter ego, one that no one would associate with the Princess of Hyrule.

It was... difficult, though, hiding even from the people I cared about. I would not wish to repeat the experience, given the choice.

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