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First Flight (Open)

Characters: Pipit and you!!
Setting: Around the tower basically anywhere you like
Format: I prefer action, but I'll follow!
Summary: Pipit wakes up and... does... everything people do when they wake up.
Warnings: BIRDS None, but I'll change it if I need a reason.

[room 2-06]

[Pipit's not really used to waking up with sleep paralysis or in a home he can legitimately breathe in, so needless to say, he does freak out a little bit when he wakes up - and once the paralysis wears off, he sits up quickly, to get a look at his surroundings.

This... sure isn't his house. It's way too clean.

Yeah, he notices all of his roomies that may or may not be in there, sure - and he'll be happy with greeting them, they all look so young! - but first what the hell is this jumpsuit he's in. Don't mind if he just gets into his tunic because seriously, he's not Ghirahim.

But once he's got everything settled - shield and sword on his back like they should be - he offers up a smile and a wave to those joining him. c:]


[Yeah; he can ask about this place once introductions are over.]

[Any floor anywhere!!]

[Pipit's going to be wandering the tower for sure, checking every nook and cranny he can get to and trying to get his bearings. And also probably fighting off monster birds on the forest floor because holy hell these things have teeth what kind of birds have teeth. Feel free to run into this Link lookalike in the golden yellow tunic! Or trip him! Or whatever, he really doesn't mind anything!]
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Meadow floor CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP

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[Just below the dormitory floors, Pipit may or may not hear a song being played over and over, sadly and slowly.

(Where are you, Link...?)

Should he follow the music, he'll come across a young woman playing an odd blue instrument while wandering the meadow, almost like she's looking for something. Approach?]
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[The music stops, she draws the Ocarina away from her lips, and quietly stares for a moment. Odd, he has the same kind of clothes Link does, but all the wrong color.

Eventually she shakes her head.]

No. This is someone I should find on my own. Thank you for the offer, however.
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Yes, that is correct.

[She offers a smile, but it's kind of really sad and tired.]

A pleasure to meet you, Sir Pipit. I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule.

[No commentary to the 'familiar' bit. She's been through it enough times by now that she knows he must be talking about someone else.]
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I do not think it is. You are not the first person to have told me such.

[She bows her head slightly in return, but then shakes it.]

Do not worry. Such formalities are not necessary, in all honesty.
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Skyloft? I am afraid I am unfamiliar with it.

[She's... trying to remain sociable and cordial, but her depressed mood is not lending her any favors.]

Ah, and... forgive me. I am not in the best of conditions for first impressions.
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[A friend of Link, and no princesses. Yeah, she thinks she knows which Link he's talking about, and the slightest bit of agitation crosses her features.]

There are certainly those who do not make it easier.

[But then she swallows her bitterness. He says he isn't going to judge her, so she must give this knight the benefit of the doubt.]

But, thank you, Sir Pipit. [A quirk of her lips.] I suppose we are even - Skyloft sounds like a creation of a dream world.
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[A headtilt.]

Yes, of course. What is it?
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[Her expression is forcibly nonchalant.]

I believe I have, yes.
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[She tenses. She does not wish to insult this man, but lying is simply something she is not capable of at the moment.]

... I am afraid my most recent experience with him was not a pleasant one.
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[... Her grip around the Ocarina tightens, and she generally looks more and more uncomfortable as Pipit goes on.]

He... He insulted a very dear friend of mine. Admittedly, I was not in the best state of mind, but...

[Don't tell her she was wrong, please. There's too much guilt as is.]
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Yes, I am fairly certain. Your clothes are far too similar, and he did not know of the Royal Family, either.

[A steeling breath.]

... I cannot talk of how, but... the one he insulted is one in the same with the person I am searching for.

[Damn it, Link, where did you go...]
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[... what.]

I... was unaware that she... did that.

[No, seriously, what.]

... I do not know what he was thinking, either, to be honest. Our meetings had been cordial until that point.
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[...Why aren't you more disturbed by this, Pipit. Seriously.]

It certainly seems like a dangerous way to bond with someone.

[But then she goes quiet. Pensive, unsure. There's no way she's giving up Link's secret, but... it makes this particular subject hard to talk about.]

... The action that prompted the insult was not one I found to be worthy of it, personally. My friend is a good and noble person, so...

[She really doesn't know.]

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