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Characters: Tetra ([personal profile] stop_calling_me_zelda) and anyone nearby
Setting: Room 1-19 and everywhere ever
Format: Anything goes
Summary: A pirate wakes up in a weird tower and then gets pissed that she can only find her dress in her trunk
Warnings: None, aside from an eleven year old that can be a little mocking? I'll change if anything happens.

[Room 1-19]

That was probably one of the most terrifying moments of her life. Legitimately terrifying. Waking up unable to move and feeling like she couldn't breath. Not knowing where she was but knowing exactly where she should be. She should be with Link. In Hyrule. Helping him kill Ganondorf.

Oh Goddesses, could he win without her using the Light Arrows to distract the Gerudo??

Tetra tried to swing herself into a comfortable position, to her arms or anything moving. When the sleep paralysis finally wear off, Tetra instinctively sucks in as much air as her lungs can hold...

And ends up throwing herself off her bed with a very loud THUMP! The jumpsuit was... Well, it was too tight and suffocating. she felt like she could hardly move it in. How was she supposed to run or jump or do anything in it? And then she spotted the letter. She tore it open without a second thought and read it over.

And read it again.

And then once more before crumpling it up with a snarl and throwing it. It was a lie! King Daphnes had wished on the Triforce to give them hope! The goddesses would never go back on a wish like that. The legends said that they had to grant the wish of whoever touched the complete Triforce. The goddesses would never destroy an entire world like that. Hyrule, yes but not their entire world. She still wasn't relaxed though, so she walked over to where the crumbled note had landed and stomped on it a couple times.

Now she felt better. Good enough to go and explore that chest of hers. She actually ended up throwing it open so fast, it almost slammed back shut on her fingers. Trying again, she looked through the top layer (ignoring the pink dress sitting pointedly on top) and tried to find her clothes... Nothing.

Dress it was then. Ew. Better than the jumpsuit though. Anything was better than the jumpsuit. Even better was the necklace that sat on top of it. A golden triangle with a piece missing out of it, an heirloom her mother had told her to guard with her life. Well... How in Din's name had that gotten there? Not that she was complaining, she felt better with the weight of it around her neck. And she felt even better when she hooked her dagger around her waist.

No, it didn't match the dress. No, she didn't care. Now she was dressed and armed, time to explore.

[Everywhere else]

Anyone passing will find a small tan child in a pink dress wandering around. She walking pretty casually, no matter how formal and gussied up she might look. She hates this dress with a passion. Thank the goddesses that she hadn't put on those stupid gloves or the tiara. Yuck.

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Workshop floor (DESCENDANT)

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[... Link isn't here, either. Damn.

Tetra may hate the dress, but now she'll be seeing it again on a teenager who is generally presenting herself much more formally. Zelda stares at the girl for a moment, surprised, then hesitantly speaks up.]

... Tetra?
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Best descendant.

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[A headtilt. Yes, seems she was right in her assumption, but such suspicion...]

... I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule. My apologies for seeming presumptuous, but... I believe Link told me a bit about you.

[Really, it's quite uncanny how she looks like a perfect blend of those two figurines he showed her.]
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Screw the Links, Zelda's bloodline is where it's at.

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[... That actually gets her to smile slightly, if a tiny bit forcibly.]

I suppose I am, from your perspective. Though I assure you that I am quite certain I am seventeen.

[She nods, a bit fond.]

Yes, I do. A boy about your age, very brave and eager to please, and wears garb similar to that of the Hero of Time.
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Time... is a strange thing, I suppose. Last I saw of Hyrule, it had not been submerged.

[Tetra's... really lucky that she's already had her little breakdown about Hyrule's fate. There is a certain sadness to her words betraying her thoughts about it, however.]

Is that so? He had not told me of that particular tradition. All the same, it suits him, I believe.
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[Blink. Blink. Yes, it's always been a bit of a forgone conclusion, but still. The thought of her having children is still kind of an odd one.]

A-ah... I suppose so, yes, if my understanding is correct.

[And then the LoZ cast family tree became even more mangled.]

I see. It sounds as though you have been with him since the early days of his journey.
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[... "Neat"? Ahaha, is this how the Links felt when they met their descendants? Sort of... strangely attached even when little has been said?

It's an odd feeling, but also a good one.]

My sympathies. I know it is difficult to lose a parent at a young age. But... if there is anything you would like to ask, I shall do my best to answer.

[Nope! Just gets mangled more.]

Bird? [A headtilt.] My apologies, but he has only told me bits and pieces of his quest proper.
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The lullaby?

[There's sort of a hopeful look in the princess' eyes now. Goddesses, if that song survived...]

I know this is a strange thing to ask, but... would you hum a few notes of it for me?

[She has to be sure.]
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[That's it. That's the song.

... Suddenly her heart feels like it might burst out of her chest.

And so she begins singing along.]
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[She just smiles, nodding and continuing to sing. Wouldn't do to interrupt, now, would it.

Finally, when the song ends, she looks to Tetra, eyes watery but the smile on her face entirely genuine.]

This is the song of the Royal Family. My caretaker sang me to sleep with it when I was a child.
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It is - very special.

[And then she's kneeling, holding her arms out and open. You look like you could use a hug, Tetra.]
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[Your secret's safe with her, descendant. She returns the hug in full, and yeah, she could get used to this 'family' thing.]
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[There's a bit of hesitation to let go, in all honesty, but she does. She clasps her hands together over her heart - a gesture that's been a habit since childhood - and smiles fondly at the pirate princess.]

As I said, if there is anything you wish to know, I will inform you to the best of my ability.
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Hyrule, in its prime, is beautiful. The fields are green and spacious, the water is cool and clear, and the breeze is always gentle. The people that make Hyrule their home are varied and diverse, and though it may have brought war in the past, the vast majority of the races get along most cordially.

[Can you hear the nostalgia just dripping off of her words yet?]

As for the castle... it was home. It was large, always busy with diplomats and servants, and the whole place seemed to be covered in guards, but it was where I lived as a child. My favorite place was a little courtyard off to the side, that had a window right into the throne room.

... It... was where I first met the Link of my time.

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