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[o4] ‸^‸ Fourth Song.

Characters: AU!OoT Link ([personal profile] ocariness) and whomever finds her.
Setting: Floor 11 (Daytime). Set immediately after this, which is the day after the events of Hitori Kakurenbo.
Format: Action probably I'm terrible with prose lately?
Summary: Link now thinks that her ancestor hates her. Tired and emotionally past breaking point, she found somewhere (or so she thought) to be alone and sob. She really needs a hug.
Warnings: TOWER OF SADIMUS/ANIMANGST and tl;dr. But uh, other than that? None yet!

[ Everything around her was ripped away in a whirlwind of green light and the wooshing sound of air as Link returned to the warp point she'd set on the meadow floor.

It's hard, but she manages to pick herself up and not break down there, as luckily the warp point was next to the exit, as always. She gets up, numb, expression pained, and begins slowly making her way back to her room. By the time she returns to the meadow floor, she has since fixed her clothing, rebound herself, and gotten a shower.

... There was no evidence the person sitting next to the lakeside is a girl at all. Link had seen to that not being noticed.

She might be hard to spot, wearing a blue tunic instead of her usual green one and not bothering with having her hat on, but you'll spot her sitting on a bank, head pulled to her knees. There's the sounds of quiet sobbing every so often.

She shouldn't be allowed to carry the Master Sword, the name of Link, or anything else. She simply didn't deserve any of it; she had been forced to age and she never wanted it. She'd experienced loss, and the Tower was pushing her past even her limits of bottling things inside.

Something had to give. Perhaps it was her. Perhaps her ancestor deserved this sword more than she. Or the small Hero of Winds. Why was it that he, younger than when she'd started, was not forced to age like she had been? Was she never worthy to begin with? Did they simply "make do" with her? Was she a replacement "Hero"? Link didn't know.

What she did know was that she wished she could go home. Zelda deserved better than her. ]
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... There you are.

[A gentle, fond voice calls out from behind. Hey, Link. Guess who's been searching high and low for you.

A moment later, Zelda kneels behind Link, quietly wrapping her arms around the other girl's shoulders. There is much to be said, but... that all can wait a bit longer. Right now, she just wants to hold the hero close.]
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The stiffness is... disheartening, to say the least. But she isn't going to give up that easily, so she settles in a bit more.]

... I was worried. For a while it felt like you had disappeared completely.

[She pauses then, unsure of where to go from there. So many words and not a single one wishing to be be spoken. Her voice becomes quieter, sadder, and more concerned.]

Please... do not think any less of yourself. You did nothing wrong, I promise.

[She knows... it's not going to be so easy to get the hero to believe her, but she has to start somewhere.]
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[Cringing, but she must keep on.]

What have you not done right, Link?

[It's not your fault, you can't blame yourself, please believe me, all want to tumble out at once, but... delicacy. This requires delicacy.]
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I have been wrong many times in my life, but this is one thing I shall not yield on. You have never been and shall never be a disgrace in my eyes, Link. You are brave and noble and kind and Farore did well in choosing you, despite what anyone else may think.

[No. No, she can't choke up here. It'll only make everything worse. She inhales deeply to calm the emotions longing to break free, and tightens her embrace slightly.]
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[... She goes silent, like a child who's been scolded.

Of course this was all coming to a head now. Of course. She should have expected it, really. But then again... when has she ever been right about anything important? Her plan to stop the Prince of Thieves? Led him right to what he so dearly sought. Her decision to send Link back in time, so the hero could have a chance at childhood? Directly related to the destruction of her country as she knows it.

She is such a fool.]


[There's something... really tight in her chest. Grabbing her heart and squeezing.]

I am so sorry. I wish... I wish I was good enough. For you.

[And then, slowly, she lets Link go, her arms dropping to her sides. A sigh, almost defeated sounding. She doubts this will do any good, but.]

... I met a man while searching for you. He was from the same era as your ancestor. He told me... that in their society, keeping secrets could be seen as disrespectful. That it shows you do not believe you can trust your allies.

He knows your ancestor. And... he theorized he was only upset that you felt the need to hide from him, not because of who you are.
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[A deep breath. Yes, she's considered that possibility, but... the optimism that miraculously got her through seven years of hiding is clutching onto anything but.]

... I do not know.

[Such a fool.]

For what it is worth... there is no one, in this world or any other, that I hold more dearly in my heart than you. So long as you will allow it, I shall stay by your side.

If nothing else, believe that much.
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[And she follows suit, only due to her position, her forehead ends up resting upon Link's shoulder.]

No, it is all right. I understand. I would have likely done something similar.

... I think I gave him a black eye after you left, though.
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I know.

[A sigh.]

You are right, of course. ... Is it naive of me to still hope to get through this all?

[She wants to believe, so much, but her normally steady faith has been quite shaken.]
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S'ALL GOOD. I do that all the time. orz

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[Zelda's quiet for a moment, taking in Link's words. They're... comforting, truly, given how little she can seem to trust her own judgment.

Shifting just a bit so she may rest her chin upon Link's shoulder instead of her forehead, she wraps her arms around the hero once more.]

... Then I shall hold onto hope with all I have.
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[Hello, oh-so-familiar twinge of guilt. Shoving you aside again.]

Likewise. ... As I said, so long as you will have me, I shall remain by your side. No matter what perils we must face.

[They can just... be selfish together, if for slightly different reasons.]
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The most cute. ;w;

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[She saw that smile, however brief, and she leans in a bit in an attempt to get a better look, but... alas, it's gone.

But if there is one thing Zelda can do, it's read Link like a children's book.]

Something more is troubling you.

[Her voice is gentle, quiet and concerned. She won't press if it is something Link doesn't want to talk about, but...]
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I do too. ;3; Such tragic, adorable babbies.

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[Oh, Link...]

... I cannot grant you my forgiveness, because I do not think there is anything that needs forgiving.

[She smiles, sad but reassuring, adjusting a bit so she may be the one holding Link's hands.]

You said to me that what happened was not my fault, so... I must return the favor. Last night... was a product of our sadistic captors, nothing more. You were just as much a victim as I.

[Then she leans in slightly, bringing their hands close to her heart.]

I am here now. We are here now. That is what matters.
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[... Something in her expression closes off then, and she looks down, her attention going to their hands. Turning them. Imagining a moment when a magical blue instrument would rest between them, just before...]

Yes, we have been given time.

[Now, Zelda, this is no time to get emotional. She sighs a bit, swallowing the growing lump in her throat, then looks back up at Link.]

And you are important to me as well. So... if time is our only true gift in this place, then... I shall make the most of it.

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