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[01] || [The Evil King Appears] || [Open]

Characters: Ganondorf and anyone
Setting: Room 2-16 // Dining Hall // Viewing Stations // Everywhere else
Format: Starting with prose, but I’ll match you
Summary: Ganondorf wakes up and goes off to explore the tower. Room 2-16 and Viewing Station will mostly be serious business, but the Dining Hall part is open to more light-hearted content. Everywhere else is your pick.
Warning: None really unless your name is Link. In that case Ganondorf may try to kill you and to steal your Triforce (no worries, he’ll fail to steal it). Albeit lesser, the risk also exists for the people named Zelda.

Here he was, lying on a bed that was not his own, paralyzed, unable to move. Most people would probably be terrorized- waking up prisoner of their own body, as if some invisible forces were restraining them. But to Ganondorf, this feeling was familiar. It was very similar to what he had felt for hundreds of years, when the Gods had sealed him alongside Hyrule- when they had destroyed their own creation to prevent him from ruling over the Kingdom. Did the Gods seal him again? If yes, that was foolish. He had broken out of their seals twice in the past; a third time would be no problem.

But soon he felt life returning to him- his body was responding to his command once again. He grinned and sat down immediately, looking at the room around him. This definitely wasn’t Hyrule’s Castle, let alone his tower. He frowned as he spotted the two letters. He took them and opened the first one-

Your world has been destroyed.

Whoever wrote the letter was either an idiot, or someone longing to have their life ended. Maybe they were both. It wasn’t a secret to anybody that his world had been destroyed, it was even quite obvious.

I saved you.

If the situation wasn’t so unrealistic and unbelievable, he’d see here a hint that whoever wrote this had good taste. At least, they could recognize worthy people. Alas, at this point this was only aggravating. Not to mention, he didn’t need saving. From anyone.

Let’s all be happy here.


What a worthless piece of trash. With that, he crumpled the paper and threw it away. He then opened the second letter and read it all. What was written in this one was even more unbelievable- even more pathetic. Was it some sort of divine prank? That was all ridiculous. If this was a trick of those damned Goddesses- It would be only half surprising. Nevertheless, he didn’t crumple this paper, and rather put it aside.

He then opened his truck and found his clothes and weapons. It was all he needed to survive really. In the absolute he didn’t even need them, but for convenience’s sake he preferred to have them.

 Room 2-16 (Dormitories)
Now wearing his traditional clothes, Ganondorf took a closer look at the room around him. The walls, the ceiling, everything in the room looked sad at best. Whoever designed this place had no taste in decoration. He would have to remedy to that, if that whole story was true and if he were to remain here, which he seriously doubted at the moment.

Upon closer inspection, he took notice of the three other beds. Were they expecting him to share his vital space with some pathetic people, strangers he’d never seen before? Whoever brought him here was delusional if they thought he would comply with such rules. He approached to see if there were people actually sleeping in those beds. If yes, they’re going to be up for a nice surprise upon awakening.

If not, he’ll just head outside of the room already and look around- Before staring in disbelief at the list of names on the screen.

 Dining Hall (1st Floor)
Ganondorf took and ate something tasty for his meal. Needless to say, he puked. So here he was, eating the only food he apparently could digest. He didn’t even need to eat to survive. He was supposed to be immortal. But after leaving his room, he felt compelled to eat. In fact, he hadn’t been that hungry in ages.

…This oatmeal was an atrocity- an affront, a nameless abomination. Where he came from, cooks were killed for less than that. He winced and ate it anyway. He was sitting in a corner and wouldn’t stay long- And the people inhabiting this tower better not bothered him.

 Viewing Stations (5th Floor)
He hadn’t believed it. He had refused to believe it. He read it, people told him- Whatever, it couldn’t be true, none of this made sense. He was pretty sure it wasn’t a dream and he knew for a fact he wasn’t dead, so this all had to be the making of those twisted Goddesses. It had to be a joke, maybe even a punishment for his actions. Some prison he would have escaped from soon enough.

Yet here he was staring at his homeworld, staring at Hyrule’s once green fields. Even under his reign, Hyrule had never looked that bad. With him on the throne, Hyrule had still been green and prosperous, even if every of the resources had been directed to his castle and to the desert. But now the once prosper land was little more than a wasteland. Nothing alive, nothing left. In fact, it was barely recognizable.

He could even see his homeland from here, the Gerudo Desert. If Hyrule was a wasteland, his birthplace was now a wreck. This was the worst thing they could have done to him. The worst. He’d like to deny it, but every fiber of his being told him he was indeed staring at Hyrule, at the Gerudo Desert. It was truly horrifying, even for him.

He stepped away from that damn machine. The Triforce faintly glowed on the back of his hand. He clenched his fists- If this was real, if Hyrule, if his entire homeworld had truly been destroyed... He knew what he had to do. There was only one way to revive this dead world.

He turned and stormed to the exit. Hopefully nobody would cross his path, or they might end up becoming his stress-reliever.

 Everywhere else
Ganondorf was now roaming around the tower. Looking left and right, exploring the floors. He was appearing and disappearing pretty quickly, not spending a lot of time at a specific location and totally ignoring the people he met unless they seemed to hold some importance.

Under normal circumstances, this was a mission he’d have given to one of his minion. But for some reason, he was unable to summon any demons or monsters, even the smallest ones. He wasn’t even sure if he could summon his shadow.
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Random hallway while he's exploring AW YEAH

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[Once again, Zelda found herself in the library, idly turning the pages of a book she knew would have no answers. There was so little she could do, so little anyone could do, but the effort, no matter how futile, at least kept her from thinking too much on what had happened in recent days. They were given no choice but to continue on, after all.

In the middle of a page-turn, however, she freezes, staring at her hand and the shining triangle that appears upon it for the briefest of moments. Odd, she thinks, the Triforce usually only glows when she's drawing upon its power, or when the three pieces are close together--

... Oh. Oh no.

Like a bolt, she's dashing out of the library as fast as her legs will carry her. She needs to find Link. She needs to find Link now. Perhaps it's the panic setting in, perhaps it's just because she's been through so much stress recently, but the whole world seems to become narrower as she runs, so focused is she on her goal. It's almost as if she's seeing in tunnel-vision.

So she doesn't notice until it's too late that the King of Evil himself is exiting a room, putting himself right in her path.

She stops short and gasps, eyes wide. No matter what the tower did, no matter what that demon lord did, absolutely nothing would ever match the amount of fear this single man could instill in her.]
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What, you mean they /aren't/ going to have a pleasant chat over tea? MY LIFE IS A LIE.

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[Instinctively, protectively, she clutches her right hand to her chest, covering it with her left.

No. This... this couldn't be real. It has to be another trick of the tower. They've gotten inside her head and are projecting her greatest fears before her - they have to be. And yet... this man seems all too real.

The oppressively evil aura he gives may be slightly different, slightly less mad with power, but it's still him. Ganondorf Dragmire. The Evil King.

And so she does what she did for so many years. She runs.]
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[Perhaps if he had awoken just a little sooner, found her in a state just a little less rational, she would have. But as it is, she's trapped, horrid flashbacks racing through her mind.

Goddesses above, protect her...

Slowly, fearfully, she turns to face him, heart pounding and breath noticeably quickened. Still clutching her hand to her chest.]

You... You will not take what I protect.

[Her words, of course, are shaky at best.]
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[... No. No, if the Goddesses were here, well, this place wouldn't be as hellish as it is.

She's alone.]

... The Goddesses entrusted me with this sacred relic, so I will protect it.

[Empty words when directed at Ganondorf, but she means every one. She can't let him have her Triforce!]
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Started to write a reply, changed my mind. Adoptive mom needs help!

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[Tetra had finally found her own clothes, thank the Goddesses, so she was wandering around to find Link and tell him he can run over to her room and grab his. She'd even trapped one of her swords on the other side of her waist, opposite her dagger. It was a little heavier than she was used to but at least it was a weapon.

Fire... Was not normal in halls, was it? Especially since it wasn't spreading--

Was that Zelda's voice?

Oh yes, that was Zelda's voice. And someone elses. Someone that Tetra did not like at all. Someone that she was hoping to never see again.

Zelda might not be daring to leap through a wall of fire, but there's a small screaming pirate that more than dares. And she's places her incredibly shorter self in front of her ancestor, drawing her dagger and looking braver than she actually felt.]
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And it's proooobably going to get jacked even more.

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[She sets her jaw when he laughs, frowning, obviously in disagreement with the Evil King's statement. The boy... Link had told her that the people were saved, and Tetra proved to her that even the smallest remnants of her past still remained.

Even... if it was her fault, for sending the Hero back in time, at least she could grasp onto that much.

But then there's a scream, and oh no--]


[No, no, no, no, no, this can't be happening.]
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Ganny picked the wrong princess to harass.

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[Smacking right into the wall and dropping to the floor. Her knife lands a couple feet away. Ugh, that hurt. That hurt a lot. Even breathing is a little hard. She pushes herself up onto her hands and knees, staring at the floor while she waits for her vision to straighten. Now she knows how Link felt when Ganon did that to him.

Better than being grabbed by the throat though. Definitely better. Oh hey, breathing doesn't hurt anymore.]

You big jerk! Pick on someone your own size!
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Nope, too stubborn and cockroach-esque.

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[She snaps.]


[She has been through too much, lost too much-- it's enough to allow anger overcome primal fear. The ground around her begins to slow brightly, and a blast of magic light shoots forth from her hands towards the Evil King.

Do not threaten her family.]
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And then in flowed the heroes

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[Speaking of blasts of magic and bursts of light - was that a certain arrow flying towards you, Ganondorf?

Because Link's pretty certain it is. He's got a scowl on his face, his bow armed and ready, as well as his sword neatly sheathed on his back.]

Leave Tetra and the princess alone, Ganondumb!
Go pick on someone else for a change!
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Yay! <333

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[Using that distraction, Tetra rolled herself out of the reach of Ganon's sword and grabbed her knife. She's putting herself in front of Zelda again. She was raised a princess after all, Tetra was raised a pirate. Much better suited to fighting. In her mind, anyway.]
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Should be used to it by now.

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[Damn. Damn. Why couldn't her magic ever do anything against this man? But then there's another shot of light following hers and-- ... Ganondumb, really? No - no, time for that. The boy's presence is both a relief and worrisome; she couldn't bear it if he got hurt attempting to protect her...

That's it.]

Nayru, protect him in your embrace!

[Link will find the world turning a lovely shade of blue for the briefest of moments, as a diamond-esque shield of magic surrounds him, protecting him.]
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He really should

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[Link had already taken out his shield on instinct, but Zelda's barrier is definitely what protected him - so now he's ready with his Master Sword out to take out Ganondorf - one last time.

Even if he's a distraction for the other two, he doesn't mind; either way, he's rushing towards Ganondorf now, blade drawn towards the other.
He's also ready to parry if need be, of course; just like old times, eh, Ganon?]
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It's like a hobby at this point

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[That's stupid, kid!

Tetra didn't take her eyes off Ganon, even as Link rushed him, and unclipped the sword that hung around her waist. And then she just holds it up towards her ancestor.]

Royalty studies swordplay too, don't they?

[Definitely not the kind of sword she would have been taught to use, if she had been, but a sword was a sword right now. Anything to put between them if he was rough on Link.]
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Best organ player.

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I can make do.

[Zelda takes up the sword, and, yeah, the weight and balance feels strange in her hand. Definitely more of a magic and/or unarmed fighter, here. Nevertheless, she brings it up in front of her.

... Just in time to get knocked back by the dark wave. She cries out, forcefully hitting the floor and getting the breath knocked out of her. Just give her a moment, she'll be back up eventually.]
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so I hope it's okay if OoT jumps in here--

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[ And it takes some time for them to get here, but the Hero of Time proper will be launching a light arrow towards your back, Ganondork, and whether it hits or not, drawing the Master Sword, but running over to Zelda to help her up before doing so as they also arm themself with the mirror shield, sheathing the bow.

Better watch out. They DO mean business. There has to be a way to get over that fire... ]

Ganondorf. Let them go.

[ They MEAN it. You had best be stepping off their little brother and brosis the Princess(es?), Ganondorf. ]
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oh I suppose that means it's my turn now

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[The Hero of Winds had been sent flying thanks to Ganondorf's kick, and he landed with a small thud; that hurt a lot more than he remembers it hurting, definitely. But he manages to stumble back onto his feet again, grabbing his own sword off of the ground nearby; wincing a little due to a new sword wound.

And then he heard his big brother's voice; and it's just cemented in his head that Ganondorf is going to get it. And bad.]
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And now it's mine 8D

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[Tetra's not as vocal about her pain as Zelda but it still hurts and she's not happy. Link can handle Ganon at least...

Well, both Link's can definitely handle him now. So Tetra and force herself to her feet and over to Zelda to check on her.


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