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ITP: Queen

Characters: Minami and anyone who comes along
Setting: Media level
Format: Any kind your little heart desires, I will follow it.
Summary: Crack after all the angst Minami is a fan of Queen and decided to indulge, so she's blasting it in the media level and singing at the top of her lungs to make herself feel better. Fortunately she has no sense of shame when it comes to being caught.
Warnings: Bohemian Rhapsody, Don't Stop Me Now, bad karaoke, and crack

Minami had had enough of being depressed, of being nervous and awkward and sad. She had had enough of being the withdrawn girl she'd become since she'd first been brought into this Tower with no sense of purpose and the group of people who hated her most as the only familiar faces. She was sick of staying out of the way of said people and of trying to keep her head down while she got herself together.

So she decided to do something truly fun for once since she got here. Who cared if she'd made a huge mistake with her brother? Who cared if her world was gone? Who cared if she had no direction? Minami wanted music. Going from foster home to foster home, music had always been her escape, her outlet. When she was tired of putting on that plastic smile and trying to be good enough so that maybe, just maybe, this family would want to keep her around, she just put her headphones on, turned the volume up as high as it would go and lose herself. It didn't matter what the particular band was or the genre, though she did have a few personal favorites. As long as there was a melody to listen to she was fine.

But right now? She had something specific in mind. A band that had been near and dear to her heart since she was a child. The media level was empty at the moment and if someone had an issue she'd deal with it then. No. She wanted to sing. And dance. And make an idiot of herself.

With a random remote control acting as an impromptu microphone and 'Don't Stop Me Now' blaring through the level, Minami danced around, singing at the top of her lungs, using tables as impromptu stages, and generally making a nuisance of herself like she hadn't since she was twelve years old. Almost instantly she'd felt better than she had in a long time, a rush of adrenaline she normally only got when fighting shadows coursing through her veins as she took the time to have fun instead of live in the constant misery the tower provided for its residents.
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[... Well, that certainly isn't like any music she's ever heard.

Zelda peers in, curious, and when she finds Minami dancing away without a care in the world... she can't help but smile, just a bit. She waits until the song begins to die down, then speaks up.]

... What is this?

[Help, she's from the equivalent of the middle ages what is technology and 70's - 80's classic rock bands.]
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Rock and roll...?

[Is this music played by Gorons or something? There's certainly something quizzical in her features, but Minami's smile is infectious, all the same. After all, their encounters have not been the most pleasant thus far.]

I am afraid I do not understand. The music does not sound as if it were being played upon boulders.
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Ah. No, do not apologize. So long as I know what it is referring to.

[Not Gorons, then. Good to know.]

So this is the kind of music you have in your world?
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[Her smile turns a little fond, then, seeing her so happy.]

It is a good idea. Now, more than ever, we should do our best to keep morale up.

[And then she thinks for a moment, considering how best to answer the other girl's question.]

Music in Hyrule is... special, often intertwined with the magic of the world itself. It is difficult to explain. ... I could play a song for you, though, if you would like?
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Hm, I am afraid it may not be as spirited as what you were playing, but... this has been one of my favorite songs since I was a child.

[And so she takes out an odd, blue, flute-like instrument, brings it to her lips, and plays]
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[How would you like to learn to play the lyre, Minami. Orpheus has one, after all--

She smiles a bit after finishing, bowing her head in gratitude at the applause.]

Thank you. This song holds many memories for me, so I am glad to know I may do it justice. ... But I am curious about this "rock and roll" music! Would you mind showing me a few more songs?
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[Zelda can assist with the latter!]

'Queen'? [What an odd name. She listens for a few moment, though, before turning a slightly puzzled look towards Minami.] This one seems much more melancholy than the other one.

[Just you wait, Zelda, just you wait.]
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[She blinks a bit as the music picks up, not expecting it. THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTNING, VERY VERY FRIGHTENING--]

... I see. Much of the music from Hyrule is written to evoke a certain feeling or a memory of a place. So it is similar, I suppose.

Does this one have a message to it?
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Interesting... I suppose one can hear whatever they wish to hear, in that case. It seems... freeing, in a sense.