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Second Flight

Characters: Good ol' one eyed Pipit and the tower!
Setting: The cafeteria/kitchen area.
Format: Action preferably?;
Summary: Pipit uses what he can find to make actually edible food!! And also puts a lot of stuff in the walk in oven and books it out of there a lot.
AKA Pipit gets an accidental work out while just trying to make sure people get their proper nutrition.
Warnings: Probably lots of really cute threads?? None that I can think of since he's just... making breakfast...
Also fairies; there are probably going to be fairies in here. Make of that what you will.

[It started as a promise, really - he helped a small girl get oatmeal in her stomach on her first day, and when she could hardly keep it down due to the taste, he promised he'd make her something that tastes like...

Well, like food.

And Pipit's not one to break promises, no sir - it's not the Pipit Way! So he's gotten what he can from the cafeteria's kitchen - oatmeal, apples, berries - and has started making good food with what he's got. When you've got little money for food, you gotta learn to use what you can, after all.

Currently, he's making baked apples filled with berries and oatmeal - which is delicious, trust me - but he'd gladly use anything else to make what you'd like! It's a little difficult since he recently lost an eye, but a challenge is easy to overcome!
Feel free to bother him as he cooks, nab some of his food and run when he isn't looking, etc. Just try not to lock him in the walk in oven, please. :c]
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[... Oh Goddesses above, that smells good. And guess who could really use some comfort food.

Peering into the kitchen curiously now. Is that...?]

Sir Pipit?
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[Maybe eying one of those apples just a bit. But she doesn't take one just yet because that would be unseemly. She thinks. Royal etiquette is hard.]

... What are they? They smell delicious.
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[Blink. Blink. Well, then. She holds onto it, examining it a bit, still unsure whether or not if she should chow down just yet. Does she need a fork, or...]

I would not know. I certainly have not had anything quite like it.

[What is cooking beyond Survivorman-esque levels. She does not know.]
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[Welp. The tools are at her disposal. Don't have much excuse for putting it off now.]

Ah... well, to good food, then.

[She raises her plate a bit as if to toast, then takes a bite.

...... Oh Goddesses it's just as good as it smells. Mmm~]
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[Omnomnomnom-- oh, he's talking.]

Perhaps you could teach me, in that case. I... am afraid I am not very adept at cooking.

[Because, yeah, seven years on the run does not exactly lend itself to learning recipes.]
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[She'll speak between small bites, then! Wouldn't do to talk with her mouth full, after all.]

Mm, I would appreciate that. It sounds as though it would be an enjoyable experience.

[Translation: Sounds like fun!]
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I look forward to it.

[So she nods, smiling, and continues nibbling on her meal until something catches her eye--]

Is that... a fairy?

[Wow, deja vu.]
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She looks like a healing fairy... How did you ever manage to keep her with you outside of the bottle? From what I know of them, they are rare and timid things that usually avoid crowded places.

[Needless to say, she's... actually quite impressed.]
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I see. Yes, that makes sense.

[Since she's fairly sure it was one of the Heroes of Time. Fairy-whisperers, the lot of them. She peers up at what she can see of the fairy, leaning slightly forward on the balls of her feet because dammit, Pipit, you're tall.]

Well, I promise I mean her no harm, though I fully understand why she would not want to show herself to others.
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[Oh! She's a bit surprised, but she smiles, waving slightly to the fairy.]

Oh? I am glad. The Link from my era is very dear friends with a fairy, so I could not dream of harming one.

[Link would have her head.]
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[Aww, well, she didn't expect much different. So her attention goes back up to Pipit.]

I am almost certain he will tell you that your thanks are not necessary. That is simply the type of person he is. Though... I think he would appreciate it, all the same.
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It is rather unfortunate, considering their penchant for aiding others--

[She blinks a bit in surprise as the fairy moves, and then her expression becomes slightly concerned.]

... I did not frighten her, did I?
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Heard something...?

[Going quiet, then, listening. Hylian ears are known for their sensitivity, after all, but...]

I wonder what. I do not hear anything unusual.