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So Link found this chest...

Characters: SS Link and you!
Setting: Floor 10 and floor 25.
Format: I'm starting with action but I'll follow c:
Summary: Link found a chest with a red Rupee in it! But little did he know, that Rupee is actually a monster and it had taken his harp. Since it's very close to him, he stops at nothing to find it and well... needless to say, he won't be sword fighting well for a while.
Warnings: Blood and maybe Ghirahim. (Need a Ghirahim warning on all of my posts.)

[So earlier today, Link found himself a chest. And what would any green garbed hero do when they notice a chest just chilling in the open? Why, open it of course! And what a treat, he found himself a red Rupee! It's too bad he didn't have a wallet, otherwise he'd be able to ke-- did it just grow teeth? He immediately tries to put it back in the chest but he was a bit too late and before he knew it, it had bit him and disappeared, taking his harp that's usually attached to his belt with him.]

Floor Ten

[He had spent all day looking but finally, he found it in the Aquarium floor, inside the water almost all the way across. Well... he could hold his breath long enough, it wasn't that long of a swim. So if you happened to be on this floor, you will notice Link swimming back towards the middle of the room, harp in hand and a shark close behind. Just before he reaches it, the shark bites him. He opens his mouth for just a second to scream but that doesn't quite go well and he immediately closes his mouth before he's breathed in too much water. He manages to get it off by punching it in the snout and gets flail out of the water. He lays on the ground for a moment, breathing heavily. Once he's settled down, he gets on his knees and smiles, holding up his harp with his left hand.

You got your Harp back!

But it'll be kind of hard to play with only one arm...

Yeah, the shark had bitten off his right arm.]

Floor 25

[You may notice Link with his right sleeve tied at the shoulder, bloodstained and a bit ripped. You may notice more that he's practicing sword fighting using his other arm, and he's doing pretty badly at it. He swings to the right and ends up falling over onto himself. Yeah, it's going to take him a while to get used to fighting with his left arm.]
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Floor 25, in which Zelda realizes that dying twice did not get rid of her PTSD

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[Hearing the familiar sounds of a Link in combat, Zelda spends little time debating to investigate. It... doesn't sound like an actual battle, but with this place, who knows.

However, she did not expect to come across Link collapsed in on himself, tunic bloody, arm missing, other arm hidden from view...

(I've taken the liberty of leaving your little knight for you here.
He's been rather brave--

Suddenly, the world starts to spin and she feels like she's going to be sick. Link may or may not hear the sound of her falling to her knees, but if he looks, he'll find one princess looking quite frightened and holding herself as if attempting to ward away that which is haunting her.]
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Her life is so hard.

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[She flinches at his touch, but is otherwise rooted to her spot. Breathing deeply, shakily, it takes her a moment to actually articulate anything meaningful, and even when she can, her words are barely above a whisper.]

Your... Your arm...

[Please, let that explain it, please--]
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[She's quiet for a moment, before...]

... Who did it.

[Who does she need to be terrified of angry at.]
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[The tower, then. To be honest, she's not certain if that makes her feels better or worse about the whole deal. At least it wasn't Ghirahim (because she might have been sent into another panic attack if it had), but...]

I... see.

[She takes another moment. Just... breathing. Trying to recover herself.]

... My apologies. I suppose my mind... went somewhere else when I saw. I did not mean to worry you.
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[Oh, she can, and she really doesn't want to talk about it.]

... A bad memory, is all.
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I will... be fine. Eventually.

[She's still obviously uncomfortable, but her breathing has stabilized and she's not holding onto herself so tightly.]

Time heals all wounds, after all.
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No. I believe that if we wish to have one, we will have to make it ourselves.
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[She blinks, having not expected an actual answer, and looks up at him, a bit confused but mostly intrigued.]

That... actually does sound rather nice. There are still a few dorms left unoccupied, I believe. Perhaps we could use one of those for a night.
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[And... she can't really help the small smile that works its way onto her face, either. Goodness, this is all so silly and childish, but--]

I am certain they will all agree to it. Being surrounded by people one can trust will be... relaxing.
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Ah... yes. That is true. That was... unfortunate.

[Pay no heed to the way her hand almost protectively goes over her heart. She's fine, really.]

I dare to hope that this will be a far more enjoyable experience. ... Even though I am afraid I am unfamiliar of the etiquette required for such a gathering.

[what is a sleepover]
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[Oh gosh it sounds kinda pathetic when put like that. She looks down, just a tiny bit bashfully.]

Well, no... Security around the castle was always very tight, and the only people that were given permission to enter or exit were usually servants or diplomats.

... I only met the Link of my era because he managed to sneak in through one of the drains by the courtyard, for instance.

[And... let's not even get into the seven years she spent on the run.]
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[And then the mun realizes she used he instead of she in reference to OoT!Link up there WHATEVER LET'S CHALK IT UP TO HABIT]


[Blink. Wait, what is she missing, why does that garner an "oh"--]

I... see. If you say so, I suppose.
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... I will hold you to that, then. Though, somehow, I do not doubt it.

[Organized chaos waiting to happen, this is.]

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