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Impostress: Wake up.

Characters: Klara and whatever stragglers I can lure in~?
Setting: Room 1-09 and nearby.
Format: Klara shines in prose, but action is cool too.
Summary: Impostress wakes up, and for once, her dream was not prophetic.
Warnings: her canon is an obscure, artsy game that would rather describe itself as an 'epidemic simulator.' confusion is an entry rite.

Klara wakes up. There's a vision of her own face bleeding out of her mind's eye, and her ears are straining to hang on to the phantom sound of her own voice - scared and mournful, afraid, but more importantly giving away her next hiding spot. Whatever this day would hold, Inquisitors, mobs, she needed to get there, and oust her -

When her body is listening enough to her for her to jolt upright, she does - and boggles at the white linen sheet that impedes her progress. The bed she'd thieved for the night was anything but the plain white of this one. Had the Bachelor gotten his results while she slept, and followed suit on the threat to drag her to the capitol...?

There's a window here, but all the good it does is for drinking away heat and providing a riveting view of inky black. It's still hours before dawn, of course, because she makes the habit of sleeping only exactly as long as she needs to. Busy schedule as she has. She attempts to slip away quietly, confiscating the notes lain near her for later perusal.
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Room 1-09; 'sup roomie. (also I am terrible at prose I am so sorry aslfk)

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[Unfortunately for Klara's attempted escape, one of the other women assigned to her room is Hylian, and thus, has quite good hearing. She stirs in her slumber, slowly blinking awake as the other girl moves about.

Quietly, sleepily, she manages to speak up just as Klara is about to leave.]

... It is dangerous out there at night. It would be best to hold off exploration until dawn.
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haha, thank you~ ;w;

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[There's a tired little smile in the darkness at that response. Whoever this girl is, she seems quite brave. A good trait to have in this wretched place.]

Is that so. Nevertheless, though they may not be new, they are still quite unpleasant.

[Then the woman tilts her head, squinting a bit to make out the girl's features.]

I presume you have just awoken here - if so, may I have your name? It would seem we are meant to reside within the same dormitory.
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[Klara. Got it.]

Dankov-- no, I have never heard of that name. It may sound strange, but there is much reason to believe that this place, this tower, is not connected our homelands at all.

[The princess frowns a bit, in thought. How to explain when actually leaving the dorms is so dangerous...]

... You should have received a few letters upon waking. Though I believe their senders are lying, they do give hints as to the nature of this place.
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[Zelda waits patiently as Klara reads the letters, thoughtful frown turning grave at the girl's question.]

In a single word? Dangerous. Our supposed "saviors" seemingly find pleasure in manipulating us, forcing us into sick and horrific games against our will.

[She sighs as the memories of those games come back to the forefront of her mind. But, no, Zelda, this is not the time for being haunted by the past. There are things to be done and said here.]

Escape attempts have been made, but thus far we have no found a route back to our homeworlds or to the outside, for that matter.
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/hops on backtag train

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I cannot say that is not a fitting analogy.

[Stuck, running around blindly for answers, escape, all while being watched by mysterious and anonymous observers...]

Rats do not often aid one another in their races, however, so I suppose that is where we differ.
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There is something to be said for strength in numbers, after all.

[Not that Zelda's particularly accustomed to not being alone, but hey, it's not like she's going to reject camaraderie.]

Our captors may be able to dictate where we must sleep and what we must eat, but how we interact with one another is solely under our own governance.
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[She can't help a small smile at that, and she shakes her head.]

If we allow ourselves to think it to be so, then it shall be. It may not be much, but a small glimmer of hope can go a long way.

[She should know. You don't get through seven years of watching your country burn with your sanity in tact without at least a bit of hope in something.]