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Characters: Aryll and anyone!
Setting: 1-05, Cafeteria, Floor 10
Format: Action at first but I will follow c:
Summary: There is a six year old girl trapped in this tower and she's trying to figure out what's going on.
Warnings: There shouldn't be any warnings but uh maybe Ghirahim like always? There needs to be a Ghirahim warning on everyone's posts I swear.

ROOM 1-05

[Your world had been destroyed]

No... no that can't be. That would mean that Big Brother...

[She could feel the tears in her eyes as she read that note over again. Everything was.... gone? Everyone was dead? But Link and Tetra left to go make a new world, they had defeated the King of Evil. That couldn't be true...

She sets the note down and sits on her bed, hugging her knees to her chest.

If you happened to be walking by, or walking in, you will see/hear a little girl sobbing from her room.]


[She had heard about the oatmeal and how to had to eat it before anything else. Which was okay with her, her Grandma's oatmeal was delicious! But when she sat down and took a giant spoonful, she found that this oatmeal was.... not so much.]


[She puts the spoon back in the bowl and pushes it to the side, leaning her chin on the table in front of her as her stomach grumbles. No matter how hungry she was, she wasn't going to eat that slop.]

Floor ten

[If you happen to be walking on this floor, you will notice a little girl staring incredulously at the water filled with fishes. She hesitantly pokes the water and gasps as her finger goes into it. There wasn't any glass there!]


[Oh my god that was so cool]
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Room 1-05

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[Crying... is something she's become regretfully familiar with in the past few weeks. So when she hears the mournful cries of a little girl, she wastes no time peeking in to investigate.

Hm. She almost looks like that figurine... though it's a bit hard to tell with the girl curled up like that.]

... Would you like some company, little one?

[Keeping her voice quiet and sympathetic, so as not to scare her. Hopefully.]
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[Awesome. Didn't set off the stranger-danger alarm. Zelda bows her head slightly in return before entering, eventually settling a safe distance away on Aryll's bed.]

You... remind me quite a bit of someone I have heard tale of here. Would your name happen to be Aryll?
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[And she nods in return.]

I have - from your brother, Link. He spoke quite kindly of you.

[... Ignoring the "she can be annoying" parts, of course.]
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Yes, he is. Unfortunately I cannot tell you exactly where he is at this moment, but I am certain you two will find each other eventually.