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ITP: Death and lots of it!

Characters: Minami and anyone who wants to get killed off by a shadow monster! Later, a battle in which Minami gets killed
Setting: Various places
Format: Starting with prose, will follow what anyone wants
Summary: Minami's collar got bumped down to orange. Her persona start going out of control and inevitably her piece of the Shadow of Death emerges
Warnings: Death, gore, violence, standard procedure for Animus.

How this will work: To keep from spamming the community, every thread is going to be separated out. The first thread will be Minami's initial loss of control of death which people are free to reply to. The second thread will be a placeholder anyone can tag to who wants their characters killed off. The final thread will go up on Wednesday or Thursday and will be closed to anyone who would like to be part of killing off Minami. We'll see how things develop as it goes on.
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/not late, nope

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[Ever since the boy's warning on the network, Zelda has been worried. Something was wrong. She just... could not believe that Minami would murder someone in cold blood! So she began looking for the girl, calling out her name every once in a while as she wanders the tower.

Eventually, finally, she finds her. The princess smiles, but it's full of worry and anxiety.]

Minami. I have been searching for you. Is... everything all right?
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Awesome. /o/

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[... Yes, something is very wrong. Where is the brave, energetic girl she knows? This one looks like she's being controlled by puppet strings.

But she shall not panic. She needs to stay calm, just like Minami did for her. In response, her own head cants to the left, her smile fading and what's left of it becoming more and more strained.]

... I heard terrible things, Minami. I am worried for you. You do not seem like yourself right now.
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[Zelda has never seen a gun, much less an evoker, in action before, so when Minami brings the pseudo-weapon up, she merely looks on in confusion until the persona appears and oh, Goddesses, fire.]

Nayru, protect me!

[Just before the fire reaches her, a magical diamond-esque shield forms around her, deflecting the flames. ... But now the floor around her is on fire, and, yeah, she's not going anywhere soon.]

Minami! This is not you - I know it is not! Something is wrong... I do not know what, but please! Listen to me!
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Please, you have to be in there, Minami! Do not lose yourself!

[Even so, Zelda keeps trying, because she sees no other option at this point. She can't fight Minami. Not after everything the other girl has done for her. It's simply not in her power to.

So she'll keep trying to talk her down, and if... if she dies in the process, well. So be it.]
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okay lets. try this again.

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[ ... He doesn't know what's going on.

Thanatos rears in his head, and it's been acting up really badly. He'd taken it as the Tower, as he had not been affected personally by the switching, but the message Ken had left he didn't even BOTHER to answer.

Instead, he armed himself and began searching the Tower.

This was fucking backwards. If anyone ought to be killing people, it should have been them, dammit. When he finally finds her, his expression sets to an icy glare as he watches her attempt to kill someone he doesn't really know.

That isn't Minami anymore. Can't be.

Whatever is going on, Thanatos is furiously clambering inside his head. (KILL) It's hard to think through the headache, but he's not about to let this happen. Putting his own Evoker to his head, he summons Thanatos, steeling his emotions and his mind and doing all he can to control it before setting off a Mabufudyne around Zelda, leaving only smoke around the flames as he runs up towards her, getting in front of her.

Now was not the time for it to do it's own thing. (THE END WILL COME. KILL THEM ALL.)

He is pissed. Whatever this place did to her... he is not happy. Minato turns to Zelda, expression serious. ]

That isn't her. Don't even bother. You'll just get yourself killed. Do yourself a favor and get the hell out of here, and do it now.