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001 ✘ watch the world i used to love

Characters: AU Xion and you
Location: All the floors ever. You pick!
Format: I'll match you
Summary: Xion explores the floors, trying to find answers... and food.
Warnings: Angst/emo/moe/etc.

Something is destroying worlds again.

Is it the darkness? Or the Organization...? Or some other threat? The note didn't explain what happened, and she even turned it over to look on the back.

(She thinks that the reason why she couldn't move when she first woke up has everything to do with being brought from the Deep Jungle to this world, whatever it is. She doesn't know why she saw the things she thinks she saw -- because for that time, which felt like forever, she thought she was in a pod, like Sora, like when Xemnas reprogrammed her, like when she was being created, but the faces outside the pod were fuzzy and even though she tried to fight her way out or call or yell or scream for help, because she can't move or breathe help please anyone can't you hear me -- but... but. She's pushing those things to the back of her mind. There are more important things to think about right now.)

There's some kind of network, she knows... and there are a lot of people here. Which means there are a lot of worlds that have been destroyed. Her hands tighten into fists at her sides. Is this her fault? Is this happening because Sora's still asleep? Her stomach churns. No... Don't jump to any conclusions. Do reconnaissance. Find out more about what's going on first. I'm sure someone has an idea...

Her stomach growls. Wasn't it just upset a few moments ago? Maybe she's really just that hungry... But... Where is she supposed to go to eat around here?

And where is she? How does she get back to her room?


Hello, Tower of Animus. There's a Sora walking around in an Organization coat looking incredibly lost and confused. ... and hungry. What do?
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idk you pick the floor. :|b

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[Oh, she recognizes that look of confusion all too well. And another child, as well? Goddesses, it seems with every day she finds another reason to be disgusted with the maintainers of this accursed place.

But it isn't as if she can do anything about them at the moment, so she'll do what she can to ease this child's mind. She clears her throat a bit before speaking, as to alert Xion of her presence and (hopefully) not scaring her.]

Pardon me for presuming, but... have you just awoken here?
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[The problem with being in hiding and crossdressing for seven years: stares like the one she's getting are presumed to be because of continued confusion or because of the fact that long, pointed ears seem be a rarity in just about every world outside of her own.

So she just smiles, trying to be reassuring.]

Would you like some assistance? I would be happy to answer any questions you might have to the best of my ability. I know this place is very disorienting.
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Of course. Is there any thing in particular you would like to being with?

[Since, you know, aimless wandering isn't the best of ideas.]
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Ah, good. I was going to suggest that first if you had not been. The other place I would consider vitally important aside from the dorms and the cafeteria would be the infirmary. It is just a few floors away from the cafeteria.

[Injuries seem to be a certainty in this place, after all.]
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That is hardly out of the ordinary, considering you just woke up.

[She smiles lightly, beginning to make a 'come along' gesture but pausing halfway. Whoops, got ahead of herself again--]

My apologies, I have forgotten to introduce myself. I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule.
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Ah, yes, I am.

[Aaand that smile turns a touch awkward. One day she will figure out who will freak and who will be chill about that bit of information. One day.]

But you need not worry about standing on any kind of ceremony with me. I do not mind being informal.

[Prefers it, really.]