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Characters: Fi [personal profile] ur_batteries_are_dying and OPEN
Setting: Room 2-13 and just about everywhere else
Format: Prose or bracket spam, I'll do both
Summary: Fi arrives, wakes up and explores
Warnings: None?

Sleep paralysis was nothing strange for Fi, who had entered into what she thought would be a permanent sleep within the Master Sword. Obviously, within the sword, Fi had no ways of moving or even know what went on outside the sword, how many years had passed or if anyone had been chosen to wield the blade again. So when she felt her body relax, felt a pillow beneath her head and felt a soft bed it was needless to say that the spirit was a bit confused.

Fi floated off the bed and looked around the room, completely devoid of life but for herself. The note caught her attention first and rather than untangle her arms, she used magic to raise the note to read it.

'Your world has been destroyed. I saved you. Let's all be happy here.

"Improbable. The death of Demise would not have let any openings for the land to be destroyed." But there was a small, wriggling doubt in her mind of course. She obviously couldn't know for sure since her consciousness had faded into the Master Sword. She couldn't know.

The trunk at the foot of her bed went largely ignored until she started to float out the door. There was something there. Something she needed. Opening it revealed the blade that her Master had tempered in Din's, Farore's and Nayru's fires, the blade that had finally killed Demise. Carrying it would be pointless but Fi had at least a small command of magic, forcing it to vanish. Gone, for now, but easily summoned. And then out the door she went.

She explored everywhere possible, looking for familiar faces. After all, why save her and not actual living people? Someone from the surface or Skyloft had to be here. Even if it was just one person, like the Knight Academy's headmaster. As large as this tower was, she was sure that once she was on the same floor as someone she knew, she'd be able to sense them.
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Floor 11?

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[Wander around long enough, Fi, and you'll begin to hear the idle melodies being played upon a likely familiar instrument. No songs that the sword spirit would recognize, of course, but the tone and timber of the harp has hardly changed.

If she follows the sound, she'll find the musician to be a regal young woman sitting underneath a tree, strumming the harp with a peaceful expression upon her face. This floor is tranquil during the day, and though she's quite fond of the Ocarina's music, nothing quite gives her peace of mind like the harp she's held onto for years.]
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[So absorbed in she in her playing that she doesn't even notice the spirit approaching until she speaks. When she does, Zelda suddenly stops, looking up, curious and a bit confused.

"Your Grace"...?]

... Yes? Are you... addressing me?
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Ah, my apologies, I... have never been addressed in such a manner before.

["Your highness", sure. But never "Your Grace". She's obviously bemused by it, and she tilts her head slightly, looking at the spirit oddly.]

... Do we know one another?

[She doubts it, but something about the way this girl looks seems strangely familiar somehow.]
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[Yeah, she's still confused, but somehow... it sounds familiar.]

I am afraid I do not know who you mean. Again, I must apologize, but... who is 'Her Grace'?
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[There's some recognition there.]

Yes, I have heard of Hylia. Only here in this tower, however, and once from a less than trustworthy source.
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[... This girl is still calling her "Your Grace"? But, the Goddess-- oh, she'll figure it out later.

She frowns a bit, the memory of her first meeting with the Demon Lord not being a pleasant one.]

A demon. He called himself Ghirahim.
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You know of him.

[Just as much a question as it is a statement.]

... I do not doubt she existed at this point, but I am unsure of what to believe about the stories I have heard.

[She goes quiet for a moment then, thinking.]

It is strange. I had never heard of her before I awoke here, and yet it seems like I am connected to her somehow.
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[Demise... Ghirahim mentioned that name as well, didn't he? When talking about his 'master'...

Zelda blinks a bit when the spirit settles down, but she seems trustworthy, and obviously against Ghirahim. She'll risk it.]

I see. Thank you, truly. Though... I suppose I should first ask you for your name. I am Zelda, but... I have a feeling you may have known that already.
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[Blink. Blink. Yeah, that... is kind of what she was curious. Nonetheless, she nods politely.]

Likewise, Fi.

[And then she goes pensive again, quiet as she thinks of how to word her questions.]

I suppose... I am most curious about how we are connected. You mentioned my bloodline? The Royal Family's line stretches far into the past, to Hyrule's founding, but... to my knowledge we are not divine.
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[The princess listens intently, brows furrowed as she attempts to make sense of it all. So far, Fi and Ghirahim's stories were... actually matching up. So could that mean--]

The Triforce?

[Instinctively, her left hand moves to hold her right, where underneath a layer of silk lies that which marks her as a bearer of that Golden Power.]

So... I am the descendant of Hylia's mortal incarnation?
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... I see.

[It's strange, having confirmation that she is, indeed, essentially descended from a goddess. She is not entirely sure what to think of it, truthfully, so she sets it aside for pondering later.]

When I encountered Ghirahim, he told me that Hylia's powers lay dormant within me. ... I had never questioned the source of my abilities before-- [It had to be the Triforce, right?] --but could that be true? Are her powers passed down through her bloodline as well?
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I am no goddess, I can assure you of that at least. My abilities are hardly on par with the divine.

[Said lightly, because no matter how much she tries to be, she is not perfect in any sense of the word. And goddesses are supposed to be perfect, right?]

... Her memories are passed down as well?
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... Wait, hold the phone--]

Impa? ... She was my attendant. But... she never mentioned any of this to me.

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